Leaving Content Creation Permanently :(

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Jon Cortez : Much love❤

Silver Slayer : Nobody and nothing is worth effecting my happiness or sense of serenity, the moment i allow that person or thing to, ive just given them power and control over me. I refuse to let someone else bring me down, especially doing something i absolutely love. FUCK THAT. Please, dont let them win.. your giving them exactly what they want.. i know its hard, trust me ive had some absolutely terrible racist/ profound shit said to me as a content creator as well but what did i do? made even MORE videos and pushed through because if i did anything besides that, then they got exactly what they wanted.. which i refuse to let happen. We cant control what happens to us, but we can control how we react and respond to it. Your a strong soul.. this will only make you stronger at the end of the day. Do what makes you happy and FUCK THE REST. - Much love.

Mortal msk : Its ok bloo do what ever feals right but know that we will miss you👋😿😭

C B : 2 years ago i just went on a new site; YT gaming. i looked in the live streams, something i was generally unfamiliar with. i saw bloocifer streaming i believe it was outlast or binding of isaac. i loved it. the moment i turned on the stream i felt this sense of community and happiness. i woke up every morning to watch some random stream i had just found. i made you laugh, and you made me laugh. i remember, i asked you "why the wig?" you were very kind and explained, and then i made a "i'm a real boy!" joke. i watched as you hit many milestones, i was there for the first stream that you hit 100 viewers ( i think that was the milestone). i came back to your channel today after being absent for a little under 2 years, and i loved it. the wig was gone, and you were doing cosplay. then i saw this video when i went to recent. i dont know what happened, but if streaming doesn't make YOU happy, it wont make any one happy. Goodbye.

Legendary Change : I quit....a year ago....for the same reason.....I know how it feels.....just keep your head up....hmu on SM maybe I can help LEGENDARYCHANGE iG and FB

Homeless Man : Ok, can someone get me up to speed on what happened?

Sapphire Fox89 : 😟😔 I’m so sorry ta hear this...I hope you heal sooner rather than later.

allaboutthegyro : This is merely the end of a period, not the end of you being someone to fight for, to honor in friendship, to celebrate life with. My heart grieves, but it also has a new hope that the next evolution of Bloo, in whatever form, will be better for you, because you deserve the best.

Marcel Botelho : Hi Bloo i dont know what is happening but i am from Brazil, and i think you are amazing, beautiful, smart and you have a big talent, i hope you be okay, i love you :)

KubbyBuh : <3

JetFire_The Wise : This Is Getting Old :( <3

VaztJose : I'm sorry you went through something like that. I hope that person that hurt you so much has remorse. please stay safe Bloo. Love you girl. hope i see you again.

Justin Williams : hold on. your quitting because of shytomb and stuff that happend on a platform you don't stream on any more. don't get me wrong but that's just nuts. if I complained about every partnered streamer that talked bad about my channel is get no where. I ignore it and push forward, you have a great following here in YouTube more so than I've seen you have on twitch. don't quit because some one caused you crap in the past , take a break if anything. you can ether run from the past or learn from it.

Quill : Why are you letting the bullies win?

Hyram Braithwaite : Who the hell is shytomb and blo why the hell are u taling shit from him/her.like bro ive been watching you science the first alien isolation stream and from there ive loved and enjoyed watching you play all sorts of games and after 3 years your just gonna quit...man im disappointed. I really belived your gonna make it to at lease 1mill. But anyways good luck

Malachi Robinson : If I could kill ShyTomb and not get caught, I would. 100% in a heartbeat, id make the bitch suffer too. I will miss your streams and maybe in the future you will reconcider being a content creator. I support you and your decision and I will support you if you ever come back. Thanks bloo for the fun times. Much love <3

Numinous : I'm going to miss you, Bloo. I'm pretty sure you're not a Christian (I think you mentioned it in stream), but I'll be praying for you. I personally have experience overcoming things people told me were utterly insurmountable. I say this to encourage you. You have to trust your gut, and if that means stepping away for now, I support that. But I pray that you completely overcome the trauma and utterly destroy its influence on you permanently. I'd love to see you here again. You were ALWAYS a bright spot in my day. Much Love, Zack

dakin : probably shouldn't be on youtube if you're mentally ill like this

KevKid FTW : It's pretty fucking sad that youre letting people you don't know "ruin" you. If you ask me, youre faking it for attention. grow up.

Very Smart Sandwich : My first live stream here was for fallout. I still remember all the jokes and the livestreams that were made after fallout, from this channel. Everyday, I remember this channel and how happy I was every time the livestreams began. My old username at the time was dreydreypalace. Still cringy for me. But I remember when Bloo would call me Drey and I actually began liking the username. No matter what, we'll be here for you bloo. It's been one hell of a ride. and a poem, Roses are red 🌹 Violets are blue 💙 Mess with bloo, And I'll fucking shank you, you son of a bitch,. Much love, Drey. 💙💙💙

KingRAB : Messaged you on skype. I really hope you can make it back to doing live streams one day.

SteveDave211 : Sorry to hear this and still miss you from Twitch and youtube gaming.I hope you come back one day and find peace<3

SPAZZ ØUT!!! : Much love to you. Ill always remember you.

ReigningRavens 1 : Hey Bloo, I know we've had our differences in the past but i'm truly saddened to see you go. You've been such an instrumental pillar to this community. As a streamer who has implemented some of your tutorials and OBS plugins, i'd like to just say that I appreciate you and all that you did for us YTG streamers. Also, thank you for hearing me out and offering suggestions during my moving transition to Las Vegas. 💙 Also, I hope twitch addresses the Twitch partner that caused all of this to happen. Bullying should not be tolerated. Ever.

Son Goku : God.

Bluesmachine100 : Do what you need to. Health comes first, so just do what makes you happy. Life is way too short. Come back if or when you can; we’ll all still be here. All the best wishes for you :)

FantasticalMoDz- : This channel is dead ever since you moved to gay ass mixer...Go back to YouTube comments.

jessie rice : glad it was popular

BecauseLuca : #WeWillNeverForgetBloo <3

Modern Retro : Holy fucking shit man.

Creativone : At the end of the day, passion is you. I'm glad to have been on the adventure. Thank you for the spark of mad passion and brilliance. We all have a little madness to smooth out the rough edges. People can't be loved by everyone or they aren't being real to themselves. I'm on your team Bloo. In thick or thin, diving in, sink or swim. Glad we made it through what we could. LOVE the REAL YOU.

Skullkrusher270 : This is the last thing i ever wanted to see from you! Damn Bloo I always found you entertaining and all ways will. I wish for you to continue someway somehow.

Andrea Sarracino : I have loved watching your streams in the past year, and I'm sad to see you go. But I respect your decision 💙💙💙

S.Lakshmi Fløra Ackerman : It will get better, Bloo. It will. I know my shitty advice won’t do anything but... I remember the times you had that cheerful lady face with elegant flowing blue hair and cute girly makeup. I loved every little thing about you, how you’re the only person on the internet who pronounced my name correct. I saw you the first time when we raided your YouTube stream from Mike and I was superbly surprised by how you’re acting yourself instead of acting in a “I’m a gamer gurl, I luv gayeming!1!” Cliche way that every other YouTuber acts. Seeing such a wonderful young lady like this honestly feels like a stab in my heart. Bloo, this world is full of assholes. All we wanted is someone who would be our side or atleast, someone who cares about you in the slightest. This shit in inevitable. Bloo, I’m sorry for everything that had happened to you. I know and felt how it feels like even the last thing which you cared about goes away from you in the dumbest way possible. But, I’ll assure you, you’ll get over this. I love you, Bloo ❤️

icki with a v : i am thankful for the time i had with you on this platform. you are such a bright light and i love ya. ❤️

Jack Wood : Never give up my friend. Good things eventually will come.

Shadowolf : I was really proud of her too... and still am. she could do something im not capable of doing atm amd thats make content bc she loved it. Its still a shame tho...but if this is her decision then we should all respect amd accept it. Bloo of you read this we will miss you. We'll spread your Bloo hearts everywhere we go 💙💙💙💙 We love you Bloo!! 😢

Prof 420 : RIP streamer it was fun while it lasted. Good luck on all your future endeavors.

M R J : I'm gonna miss you Bloo, your a special person and i wish you all the best!

Tipster Gaming : I am truly saddened to see you go and hope that some how, some way in the future you get closure. From one friend, to another I am wishing you the best and I will miss you. If you ever need to talk, you know how to reach me.

agmoore1985 : I have a lil story for you. a few months ago when you was streaming the walking dead I was at work listing to you with a single head phone in my ear...I got caught and got in trouble don't care cause you made that night better for me thank you.

Jack O : I'm sad to see you go but I'm sure you'll find something fulfilling to put your strength, drive and intelligence towards. Whatever that is will be all the richer for having you.

Dragonwulf Gaming : Bloo I am so sorry about this. I always loved you no nonsense attitude with the trolls. I've been close to the same thing many times with what I do and will be there many more times. I wish you the best and hope you do return but I understand completely your reasons for doing this. Just remember girl, you have more supporters of what you do then you know. Best wishes to you

Camyroth : take good care of yourself im so sorry for everything . youre in my heart and all .wishing you the best

VodkaNL : Hey bloo, Although i've been not actively watching you lately i've been checking on you from time to time, And i noticed you've been smiling and laughing more and more after time progressed because you were doing the thing you loved the most. Anyway i dont think its time to give up yet, there are so many people that love you and only a few that hate, Dont be blinded by the hate, Fight and spit in the face of hate as i always known you as a fighter, Take a break relax a bit and, ask yourself If it is worth it.. to give up on something that you love to do the most and are you going to let haters get the best of you? Here is a possibly inspirational story I've been born with clubfeet and had many surgeries through out my life and my legs are pretty normal now, They asked me what i wanted to be when i grow up, and i told them i wanted to do whatever i liked the most.. so after research i found out i wanted to be a metalworker/welder, My teachers told me i couldnt because leg reasons, I told them to fuck off and i signed up for it anyway and they were right.. but it didn't stop me no matter how much my legs hurts no matter what it took.. i went straight forward.. And now im on my 3rd year of university and have 4 welding certificates and my legs are doing fine. Hope this helps in a way, Your old friend. Davey, aka VodkaNL

Serendipity : There are youtube channels that post the worse trolling that goes on on twitch and twitch mods do nothing about it... You were a victim of a deranged internet troll, probably with serious mental issues, could be you or any other person the victim. Don't let ppl that hide behind the screen affect you.No organization is fair, the world is not fair, learn to accept that it isn't your fault, is just life... Youtube, twitch, or any major organization all have serious flaws.