Young Ocelot Loves the Trail Camera, Catches a Snake and plays with a Friend

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I realized that the Trail Camera was crooked...I didn't know why until I checked out the video. A trail camera catches video footage of an Ocelot cat and his mom had come by. She went on...he stayed behind and had quite an adventure. Sure...he washed his face... and he also caught a snake and probably ate it too. Ocelots sometimes eat snake He was ready for his close up and got several before leaving at dawn. He returned for another rub on the wildlife camera at 3pm and was scolded by endangered monkeys. We have never had an ocelot or any other animal hang around a camera this much before. This was pretty cool! That night a friend came with him and they put on quite show! #TrailCameraAnimals #Ocelot #CostaRicaWildlife #TrailCameraVideos #Snake #CostaRica #cuteanimals #TrailCameraPickup #Wildcats #Wildlife #Snakes #EatingSnakes