How different Counter-Strike VR can be

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Nano852 : but im poor

Young Royalty : "Got ur nose" "Got ur ammo" "no frick u"

Demirramon : I thought it was pretty cool, but I was wrong, THAT'S NOT COOL THAT'S AMAZING

Sesses : Half Life 3 confirmed

Griffin1171 : One of my least favorite things about CS:GO is how most player just use snipers, s oI loved how unwieldy the sniper looked to use.

Piero Minaya Rojas : Now I would like Max Payne on VR...

Ralph Raven : 3:36 top ten anime betrayels

Unplayable : What’s awesome about this new generation of VR gaming is that it’s all based on actual, physical skill. You need to have enough coordination and know how and reflexes to pull the trigger or reload on your own instead of pressing a button to do it. Makes me happy that I can reload at my own speed.

E2 - N4 : I want THIS to be E-sports. Not the chair bullcrap 😂

Javin M : Ultra first person

Dr. Royal : Didn't realise you could use your M4A1 as a cricket bat. Lol

CptDeath : Stealing the bomb from the other team and plant it on their spawn would be nice.

Mário Ďuráč : Don't let anyone tell you otherwise - VR is where it's at. When it comes to realism and immersion, gaming can hardly get any better. It might still be in it's infancy, and yet we already have some pretty damn cool stuff - imagine the possibilies! Polygon 3D graphics were also clunky at first and it took time to perfect them, and look at where we are now! VR is not just a fad - it's a revolution in gaming.

Under Light : I wonder what will hackers be like

RG7621 : Stealing magazines from other peoples guns!

Willrick : 3:55 hahahaha

dark crusher1221 : You forgot about all the dry vomiting becouse VR can be disorienting.

Baby Mushroom : 3:56 the classic angry cs:go player

J. Musheno : You came for 3:55 don't deny it.

mcskewl : other advantages: using a spinbot would make you throw up :))

SrL1nk : *R.I.P Bot Jon* 1:02

Nekros Prime : Your ammo thief

Tronicle 12 : Best way to kill the enemy is to steal his ammo then just knife him

Random Person : Now Many People Uses CS VR Machine Guns Because you could make your reload faster

Smiley the Smile : Angry Birds VR. And you play as the birds.

voidfalse : Very nice video. Playing in VR is so much more immersive and authentic compared to flat games played on regular screen. Could you make a video about ONWARD? You've got the skill. Almost all the videos about Onward on youtube are extremely annoying because people are laughing like crazy drug addicts and doing shit.

Goose Goose : 3:36 hahaha

suicide LemonShity : 3:54 the only reason i would play

Sir Dopy Cube : 3:54 fav part

Bronzewarrior : Looks like fun.

SEER29RUS : Поржал, как можно магазины пиздить xD.

Titan : Well why plant the bomb when you could just throw it !!

Tigerfin : KennyS with awp + with a teammate pulling the bolt back for him = UNLIMITED POWAA

ray gammer : 3:38 , that was pure laughing

oipeee : this convinced me to buy the game, great video.

Jeraldy DP : What vr gear is crowbat using tho

Jesus That Is Fish : Honestly if VR is the future, I hope it's gonna be this amazing always

Helix Plays Challenge : 3:53 Ninja mode enabled

Azfar90 - A2ZGames - : Just found out that Crowbcat has deleted another of his video..

Maxime Lebled : Stealing the magazine from the enemies hands is hilarious

AzrielJale : Just imagine. Zombie Escape maps. Or surf maps. Mmmmmmm want.

Katsuki Gaming : Vr is cool

cuhleef : You think they'd actually do this since Valve owns HTC Vive.

Slimix Caporal de la résistance : future of gaming

overshot grunt : 3:53 - 4:00 OMFG THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You could piss so many people off with that

adi sswar : Last day on earth back sound. And that why i like it and sub you :)

VarientGalaxy : 3:54

nAEM CZ : Imagine spinbot in vr

Polyblank : Valve should make Half Life 3 in VR. Like if you agree.

Sovash Chetty : this a positive Crowbcat video?