How different Counter-Strike VR can be
CSGO in VR is wild

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What can really change if Counter Strike would be in VR, and what are the possibilities. Recorded on Pavlov, H3VR. Music from Metal Gear Survive OST: - Other Survivors - The Future’s In YOUR Hands - Their Will - Memory of Survivors


a Sheep : CSGO: kill *in console* VR CSGO: *Points gun to head and shoots*

Rayy PNW : *P T S D S I M U L A T O R*

Can We Get A Million Subs Without Any Videos? : 3:37 Out of ammo? Hate your teammates?! *Then take their ammo!!!*

Elfferich : The part you stole the mag from your opponent was so cool! I really need to play this someday.

MaximGalahad : CS:GO = No ammo? Die by Tec9 CS:VR = No ammo? Steal it from friend.. T E A M W O R K T A C T I C S

Уголок DEMOHа : 3:54 I wonder how it would look in real life

Niom : I can’t wait to see what VR will be like in the coming decade!

Jet Wave : I absolutely adore how basic weapon handling like how to reload becomes part of the skill curve.

Just a Youtuber : I can already see compilation videos of trolls stealing ammo or killing the entire enemy team with their own magazines lol

Sirinterweb : that mag stealing was so cheeky

Quadrenaro : This is the kinda game I dreamed of as a kid. I really hope that in the next decade or two, we can get the physical feel of moving around, even if it's not perfect, it'd be pretty neat. When I was a kid, I imagined virtual reality would have the player on a harness and the floor would be low friction and you move by running your feet across it with socks or something and a helmet with a 180 tv screen would project the game.

Freedom : 3:54 my favourite part of this video, and probably the game in general.

Can We Get A Million Subs Without Any Videos? : 3:28 "I need to reload! Cover me!" * Pulls out mag. * * Turns corner. * * See's enemy * "Oh fu- - Wait, this is VR!" * Plugs mag back in. * * Fires like nothing happened... *

Abbreviated Reviews : How are people going to manually spray paint porn gifs in VR?

heart989 none : 4:10 *start epic friendship moments*

jjfajen : Just imagine in 20 years. Will we look at games like this how we look at ps2 era games now?

Taltharius : Tossing grenades will be so much easier with this.

Perezza : 2012:3D game 2018:VR 2022:Real Life

RG7621 : Stealing magazines from other peoples guns!

iMuhammad Siam : 3:37 i wish stealing ammo was in the actual game

Sauce! no Ketchup : Imagine throwing a grenade Then you accidentally threw your controller

JoacoMrf : I wish i had VR

Sierra : It really annoys me how the charging handle on the MP5 and UMP in this game go back when you fire, they are closed bolt weapons so only the internal bolt goes back. Edit: that is my only complaint the rest looks really good.

AzureRathalos 97 : I'll invest in a VR system when games like this are the norm

b00ger901 : It's actually nice to see someone who knows how to hold a firearm play one of these.

The Idiot With A Mask : 1:22 - 1:24 why is that transition so smooth?

Shin Godzilla : HAHA YOUR DEAD! *Steals mag* Sh*t Now I want to do that someday.

mikel alden : 3:55 How to John Wick

Gordon Schnick : Let's not forget the most important part, you can shoot yourself.

Hikarmeme : I like how unlike CSGO, Pavlov is based on the players raw abilities, both physically, and mentally. You have to play in clever and unexpected ways that keeps both teams on their toes at all times. Everyone has their own unique way of playing which accommodates for their strengths and weaknesses. Not to mention how cheating in VR is less prevalent. In CSGO you just learn whats meta, hope to learn the arbitrary game mechanics and hope you win, every game basically plays out the same. And you always have a chance of being put in a game with a cheater. Overall, both games are their own thing. But I think Pavlov has a lot more potential than CS. It's the next evolution of the genre


Brother Nero : CS GO: who are you? PAVLOV: I'm you but better

big papi : vr could make csgo actually not complete garbage based solely around 1 pixel exposure shots and aimbot like reactions

Chillcat King : By the way for everyone who didnt read the description, everything after 5:45 isnt pavlov VR (VR Counter strike) its H3VR, a entirely different VR game

두녕이** : I don't have any Ammo! Cs:Go:swap to other gun VR:Taking our teammate's ammo

Orthodoxy Will Rise Again : 5:33 "Here, do your thing, I'm not so good with bolt actions"

Sovash Chetty : this a positive Crowbcat video?

Niom : I can imagine like gaming cafés(?)(Whatever they’re called) having rooms where you can run around and stuff playing VR in the future! Literally making you feel like you’re in the game; psychologically AND physically! I think Mythbusters had something like that on their show. But it was a little clunky. Would be awesome if someone evolved that kinda technology. Some Ready Player One type of deal! :)

atVindr : hate to say it VR will probably be the only platform pushing any sort of consumer graphics race in the future, RTX is largely just a meme and shows how little gains there are left to be made in flat panel games Even the dev for that second game H3VR has said his system which uses a ton of PhysX would be too complicated for networked multiplayer even though his robust system really should be, hands down, the standard for VR shooters

Muffy oof : 4:12 -Thanks......oops

MGMaster Gaming : 3:37 lol in case of no ammo do this hqhahaha

Chris Guzman : Taking out the dudes magazine from his gun and stab him. This might be what all the vr fps are aiming to become

Tizzy : Rushing B is gonna be a little more scary now...

Jerald PH YT : 3:39 ey who stole my rifle magazine

SimplySinify : This actually looks like the CGI trailer they showed for Global offensive

The Doomguy : How to bully people in cs VR: Steal their mags

Alexa : stealing someone's magazine is priceless XD

Adriani 268 : Hey imagine training soldiers in VR for real combat situations isntead of normal exercises over and over again

John Marston : *K U R W A. S I M U L A T O R.*