How different Counter-Strike VR can be

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Crowbcat : E3 supercuts editor is currently unable to work and needs time to recover. 2018 version will be very late.

Javin M : Ultra first person

TheVindictusFive : This sold me on VR.

ray gammer : 3:38 , that was pure laughing

J. Musheno : You came for 3:55 don't deny it.

Sir Dopy Cube : 3:54 fav part

Tunde : After that EA press conference you're sure to have tons of rich content for this year's Supercut...

WiP FPV : 3:36 top kek

SrL1nk : *R.I.P Bot Jon* 1:02

Maxime Lebled : Stealing the magazine from the enemies hands is hilarious

suicide LemonShity : 3:54 the only reason i would play

MyName AChef : now imagine if there was a way to simulate the weight of different guns

Azfar90 - A2ZGames - : Just found out that Crowbcat has deleted another of his video..

Ğāmêŕŝ Płaýš Ćĥãłłęñģę : 3:53 Ninja mode enabled

overshot grunt : 3:53 - 4:00 OMFG THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You could piss so many people off with that

Jagdish Pawar : if you rage in cointer strike VR you can directly show a middle finger to someone

hairypancake : I expected to see a broken buggy mess like Crowbcat usually shows off, this was actually really impressive and it seems like it works fairly well. Makes me hopeful for the future of VR implementation.

Neoetto : waiting for you to drop E3 2018 video, bb

surajdavis : E3 2018 waiting room

Sovash Chetty : this a positive Crowbcat video?

cuhleef : You think they'd actually do this since Valve owns HTC Vive.

Ben Damon : e3 2018, do it :o

Madmax500 : Can’t wait for E3 supercut 2018

aLi Resistant : 3:54 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

RG7621 : Stealing magazines from other peoples guns!

Steven sanchez : All I can think about all E3 is Crowbcat!

Polyblank : Valve should make Half Life 3 in VR. Like if you agree.

Gamex996 : E3 2018 NOW SUPERCUT

A Gamer : Imagine BF1 in VR like this, PTSD here I come.

Bronzewarrior : Looks like fun.

Memorial Flyer42 : 2:33 damn thats some action movie shit right there

Yan Carlos : waiting E3 2018

Tam Minh : Still wait for that E3 2018 recap

u wot : 3:36 Shit outta gas! *grabs Magazine from enimies gun* Thank You!

Smiley the Smile : Angry Birds VR. And you play as the birds.

Looping Doom : Im ready for your E3 2018 supercut

Malaboi : This should be the trailer for vr in general

Darkamp_48 : E3 SUPER CUT 2018

James Mayonnaise : E3 vid soon?

Renzk : Awesome editing and soundtrack, amazing video!

Guilherme Figueira : Just waiting for E3 2018 compilation

Neptune's Beard : E3???.

MegaVinylshaker : im looking forward to the e3 video

Nathan News : Waiting for that E3 2018 supercut

oipeee : this convinced me to buy the game, great video.

Silent Wolf : 3:54 XD greatest thing to ever exist!

Ben Dover : I might die waiting on your E3 2018 Supercut. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sakuma : Waiting for the E3 video

ApolloVictoria44 : Can't wait for this year's E3 Supercut

Meaty Jesus : This looks like so much fun. All the interactivity that is normally impossible with a regular videogame control scheme is honestly mind-blowing. Not to mention the practically infinite skill ceiling with some of these games. I'm honestly tempted.