How different Counter-Strike VR can be

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Javin M : Ultra first person

Alexa : stealing someone's magazine is priceless XD

i am balck : Crowbcats next video is probably big if it's taking like 3 months

Tunde : After that EA press conference you're sure to have tons of rich content for this year's Supercut...

WiP FPV : 3:36 top kek

Maxime Lebled : Stealing the magazine from the enemies hands is hilarious

RoachDoggJr : Re-upload the dark souls video! I just beat Remembered and other than the fact it glitched out my Gold Pine Resin chest at the start it worked flawlessly.

Neoetto : waiting for you to drop E3 2018 video, bb

Leandro1311 : 3:54 xD

Ben Damon : e3 2018, do it :o

overshot grunt : 3:53 - 4:00 OMFG THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You could piss so many people off with that

Gamex996 : E3 2018 NOW SUPERCUT

Madmax500 : Can’t wait for E3 supercut 2018

Steven sanchez : All I can think about all E3 is Crowbcat!

Last Panda : Crowbcat: alright guys finally here's a new video 10 minutes later: eh nvm

James Mayonnaise : E3 vid soon?

Yan Carlos : waiting E3 2018

Darkamp_48 : E3 SUPER CUT 2018

Tam Minh : Still wait for that E3 2018 recap

TheVindictusFive : This sold me on VR.

Looping Doom : Im ready for your E3 2018 supercut

Neptune's Beard : E3???.

Nathan News : Waiting for that E3 2018 supercut

A Kelp Shake : imagine how kickass of an e-sport this would be.

RG7621 : Stealing magazines from other peoples guns!

Ben Dover : I might die waiting on your E3 2018 Supercut. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luis Arturo Velásquez Menéndez : We need you E3 cringey compilation crowbcat

Guilherme Figueira : Just waiting for E3 2018 compilation

MegaVinylshaker : im looking forward to the e3 video

Bronze : Looks like fun.

Sakuma : Waiting for the E3 video

The MalWare : WHERE IS E3 2018 SUPERCUT

chino raiku : Legend says hes still workin on E3 2018 video

ApolloVictoria44 : Can't wait for this year's E3 Supercut

O miserável : I'm waiting for that E3 2018 cringe compilation and something about Bf v .

MakeTheInternet GreatAgain : waiting for your e3 video

Ayozz zz : We need E3 2018 cringe moments!!

Fun Fact : RIP dark souls vid

Smiley the Smile : Angry Birds VR. And you play as the birds.

kismet8010 : where the hell is the E3 2018 supercut

sumerian88 : E3 VIDEO SUMMON!!!!!!!!!

Bromander-in-Chief : 3:55 Top jej

Pharaoh XCIV : I’m just here waiting for the E3 2018 video

Renzk : Awesome editing and soundtrack, amazing video!

Leviathan : Just waiting for your E3 2018 video

Nuka cola Lover : Where is the e3 vid?😂

Perseus One : Crowbat we need you

vRooy : Wheres your E3 2018 version?

oipeee : this convinced me to buy the game, great video.

PatrickITA : E3 2018 supercut when? <3