How different Counter-Strike VR can be

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Nano852 : but im poor

i am balck : Crowbcats next video is probably big if it's taking like 3 months

Niom : I can’t wait to see what VR will be like in the coming decade!

Уголок DEMOHа : 3:54 I wonder how it would look in real life

NovaThief : I want to run around the game stealing magazines out of people's guns

Abbreviated Reviews : How are people going to manually spray paint porn gifs in VR?

Elfferich : The part you stole the mag from your opponent was so cool! I really need to play this someday.

A Kelp Shake : imagine how kickass of an e-sport this would be.

Herbix : I dont need it. I DONT need it. I dont need it. *IIII NEEEED IIIIIIIIIIIIT*

Doge This! : 2:42 'Eeeh guys what was the code again?'

RG7621 : Stealing magazines from other peoples guns!

Rayy PNW : *P T S D S I M U L A T O R*

iMuhammad Siam : 3:37 i wish stealing ammo was in the actual game

Jojishio X. : That...was absolutely...SICK. Like Holy Shit, this has got to be one of the coolest things I've seen in a while, and I don't even play CS. Regarding Virtual Reality guns, sure I've seen a lot that's really in depth but I've yet to see it in a fast paced setting like C.S.. And not only the guns interest me, I like the fact that you can actually use and trust cover and I really like the basic survival, "grab as you go" system where as long as you can find a weapon and figure out how to load it, you should be fine. (Unless you try to one-hand an AWP) Also I gotta say I like the idea of being able to supply allies with guns and maybe ammo or just grabbing enemy magazines and leaving their main weapon useless. All in all, of course with V.R. there's gonna be bugs and flaws here and there, but honestly, no game's perfect, so I'd gladly buy a V.R. headset and shell out at least $50 for this. (Although with my experience I'd suck, but meh, I'll still have a hell of a lot of fun.)

big papi : vr could make csgo actually not complete garbage based solely around 1 pixel exposure shots and aimbot like reactions

Sovash Chetty : this a positive Crowbcat video?

chino raiku : Legend says hes still workin on E3 2018 video

Just a Youtuber : I can already see compilation videos of trolls stealing ammo or killing the entire enemy team with their own magazines lol

WorldsWorstBoy : Re-upload the dark souls video! I just beat Remembered and other than the fact it glitched out my Gold Pine Resin chest at the start it worked flawlessly.

Taltharius : Tossing grenades will be so much easier with this.

Revo Clockwork : The variations on reloading makes me imagine a competitive VR shooter, where the smallest of elements are refined to a tee, with the best players learning the fastest reloads, weapon swaps, etc. Only problem is that VR tires people out very quickly, so I'm not sure how it'd lend itself to a competitive structure.

Last Panda : Crowbcat: alright guys finally here's a new video 10 minutes later: eh nvm

JoacoMrf : I wish i had VR


MGC 996 : So I guess he took down the Dark Souls video. The hour long one

NeoCranium : Please don't do what you all did last time and make Crowbcat remove this video because he's a fan of something, guys. It's really cunty and sad.

#IHaveAHashtagInMyNameSoItGetsHighlighted : Imagine trying to toss a grenade... wouldn’t you just accidentally throw your controller from muscle memory???

lintlickerben : 3 months now, man. Any video?

Bruvhammad Ali : Where have you been? :(

Joker : I really want CSGO in VR now...

minecraftintheschooltoilets : other advantages: using a spinbot would make you throw up :))

Connor Xitco : No e3 2018 super cut ?

BromanderInChief : 3:55 Top jej

The MalWare : WHERE IS E3 2018 SUPERCUT

ディアスジェレミー : Counter Strike: VR is next gen Counter Strike confirmed ... *_Top ten major anime plots_*

oipeee : this convinced me to buy the game, great video.

ALEXIS ONFIRE : Bro I am waiting for your E3 2018 Cringe video

Bill Cypher : where the hell is the E3 2018 supercut

Sheev Palpatine : Crowbcat where art thou.


Smiley the Smile : Angry Birds VR. And you play as the birds.

kurt2552 : Rip crowbcat

The Noob Gamer : Are u alive

Bob Bushcat : E3 2018 isnt happening

kismet8010 : where the hell is the E3 2018 supercut

overshot grunt : 3:53 - 4:00 OMFG THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You could piss so many people off with that

Sullivan : Isn’t the belt game called Pavlov?

Luis Arturo Velásquez Menéndez : We need you E3 cringey compilation crowbcat

HAGAN : I was in the middle of watching the DarkSouls thing ;-;

MightyBoot : I Find it cool how VR is becoming Less and Less of a Gimmick these days.