While My Guitar (Ukulele) Gently Weeps-Jake Shimabukuro

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Andy Arciga : Never get tired of hearing this. Bravo,Jake.

scionofgrace : That was FANTASTIC. Absolutely gorgeous! Considering how much Harrison loved the ukulele, I imagine he would have loved this.

alex mccrea : If he fingered a girl she would DIE...

Andreas König : Love the sweetness of this instrument. Just bought myself one and am completely in love with it. The sounds are like fresh morning dew for the ear...

SnipsyStripes : brb ordering an ukulele from amazon

Elena : The reason I bought a ukulele years ago. 

AlanSturgess : Lots of Jake's music now available on CD, including live performances. His playing definitely stomps on the opinions of anyone who dismisses the ukulele as a mere toy. Amazing playing.

Claire Allen : Mind, exploded.

MrOzgood : George Harrison would be proud.

Rsspecial1 : i found this vid absolutly years ago, and right now im vaping some lovely ganja listening to this, its bliss. peace

Edith Moore : I play your song all the time. You are a genius.

Melvyn Davies : Such passion Brilliant

Steven Lees : I watch this in school all the time oh yeah I love listening to this and it's inspire me to buy a ukulele it does inspire me though

Valerie Fields : Jake is a master on the Ukulele, so happy I found him many many years ago!  Love this.

MatthewJ8 : Very inspiring. So much good energy from this video

LtCdr Flygirl : Wow, simply AMAZING!!

Lord Nelson : amazing

Shang Tsung : How could this have 22 dislikes? That has to be accidental.

Shang Tsung : Did they take this off or something? I thought this had like 20 million views.

Reny Ramos : Watched this a thousand times in the last 10 years. Inspired every time.

Tania Narvaes : Jake Shimabukuro, wish him so much success!!!  The highest point an instrumental musician can reach. I'm nor his mom, nor his friend, just feel the World deserves him!

Kyriin Dalton : Clearly a wizard, cyborg or alien of some description. Bravo!

François Sad' : Makes me wanna play Zelda Wind Waker

Mateo Zorraquin : shungajung played the same version 5 years later, suspicious

Nopsajalka : God bless his girlfriend..

Jasper : Incredible

Ella KH : Incredible music!!!!

Anaben11 : I like the small guitar.

1Tawhiao : Fukin mind blowing

Smyrna Türkiye : Amazing!

Edith Moore : Genius.

Tom Pabin : woooooooooo

Michael Kowalski : That's a tenor ukulele, right?

perry blackman : Ironically, George Harrison was a fan of the ukelele.

Ninja Stig : Hey did they take like 20 million views and give it to taylor swift?

gregthegoldenegg : where did all the views for this vid go?  The last time I watched this he was in the millions- Says 179,541 now.  Did he just break the counter or something and they had to start counting over again?

Kevin Liu : Amazing

Elise Murray : All I ever seem to hear being played on a ukulele anymore is "Hey, Soul Sister" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" with a dash of She & Him every so often. This is so very refreshing...

makana kaopio : the ending where he picks all 4 string continuously is amazing!

Anthony Alonzo : Truly inspiring. That was the sweetest playing I have ever heard. Props to you man. Play on.

bhagyashree Tambe : He is beautiful ...as a person and he is extremely talented ..hatzz off

labothegreat21 : What kind of ukelele is this?

R1GGLER : yeah that's pretty much not fair...at all.

JRC 71 : Did they call him the Jimmy Hendrix of ukelele for nothing. He's a bad ass too bad i miss his performance here in Modesto last year. I was in New York, my boys went and had a blast.

FuriousOlm : They're on the upload five months before this one: v=puSkP3uym5k

Aegis Fang : @3:00, his ukulele isn't gently weeping.. it outright bawlin'.

Roby Geroca : watching PBS tonight, just happen to catch Jake, never heard of him until now..where have I've been...he's a amazing, home boy!

Anthea calhoun-bey : i found out about him on PBS he's so talented lol

Rob Hernandez : He is an amazing artist.

Rob Hernandez : Well i guess it was worth it uh? since you stayed up so late.. Best regards