McDonalds Throws Out Homeless Man for EATING

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A kind-hearted guy invited a homeless man into McDonald's for food. He bought his food. McDonald's did not like the fact a homeless man was in their restaurant. They called the police and had both men removed with a "no trespass" put in order. McDonald's would not even refund the guys money. This took place in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Ronald McDonald House would be proud.

Comments from Youtube

Julia chan据立案 : I hope the homeless man gets rich like if you agree

Tavoi Aiono : "I AM THE LAW." But you should be a HUMAN first.

Joshua Quirk : Losing a customer?? Thats fine with me??? I will boycott every McDonald's from now on

Lee Ferrigon : The police officer was wrong and didn’t have any right to use the law to do what she did. She isn’t The Law she represents the law!

Olivia : To the man who recorded this video. God Bless you!

TheOfficial RiotYT : The police is a disgrace like if u agree

Sniff my Ass CNN : call the corporate office and let them know what manager did and let TV news center know what happened. Watch them apologize the next day. They will offer homeless free food for a year.

Tma RL : The police officer and the manager should be put in prison

M MP : "I am the law!" stated the power hungry police. You are corrupt and serve your own ego!

Kaustubh Divekar : I hope manager and this witch get fired for that 😠😠

Goku Black : Homeless lives matter like if you agree


ali qamar : I feel so sorry for homeless man.It is Food He wants.He IS not a DESEASE

Lim Ai Bee : Oh come on Mc D, don't treat the homeless man that way.....he's not stealing food and what serious problem he brings to Mc D ???

Clare Love : Not sure how They work in USA but here each McDonald's is run by franchise and the manager is mainly his/her own boss. So the prick manager is at fault here. And when he asked cops to remove a "trespasser", cops gotta do it. The cop could think the manager is an absolute count but still has to do it. Mind you, this cop is just as much of a prick as that manager. I hope y'all organised a protest outside this McDonald's.

Alox M : I think its funny how mcdonalds asks people to donate to ronald mcdonald houses which help homeless people, and then they kick a homeless guy out for eating

Linda W : Unbelievable, why they didn't leave this poor Man alone and let him eat his meal. This McDonald's Manager should be fired. But Respect to the Man who made this Video. You have a good heart. God bless you.

Gizan Man : All about American law...😂 You are my Hero man..

Team_Braxic CenisGo1203 : The homeless man did nothing and you did the right thing! ♥️♥️♥️

Gerges Al-Chikhani : This is not good everyone should be treated equally no matter what

Mike Brown : The poor hungry man was eating food that had been purchased there. The manager should be fired.

Nashila -Andyel Andyel : That is heart breaking poor man and God blessed🙏🏼 the guy👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 that's helping him he need more people like him and less like that cop and the other ones

Collin Maynard : I would fight the manager

Adriana : Wow the manager that handed the receipt was hella rude and full of attitude. “It was on your tray all along”

Alex L. : Label 13 can you set up a go fund me for this guy he seems realy nice and he doasent diserve this

Sezgin Ilitli : One like. pray for homeless

Alisha Damba : 😔😔😔😔people r so cruel... May god bless the guy who got food for the homeless man

kai prince : I feel so bad am never going there again he just needing food bless his heart

Watch IT : what a kind human god blss u bro

George Mason : If you like what McDonalds did then buy your food from there or do the same like me and never buy from McDonalds

diana : Poor man... he just wanted some food and thank god for this guy for standing up for him

Vision : I only clicked because that police officer was hot

Tonyell Eleara Somerville : Good for you!! God bless you for caring about another human being regardless of his social status. I'm scheduled for Myrtle Beach on the 8th of April. I will make sure that particular restaurant does not get any money from me and my team.

shreyas mohite : next day home less man buy whole macdonald ... #best_revange_ever.

Raghav Khandelwal : CEO Steve Easterbrook sham on you! What is going on here! Have a bit shame Steve. If you didn't took any good and peaceful action. If i didn't see a good news about poor man & maker of this video, I am refusing to go to McDonald in India. I am sharing this video to whole of my contacts. Police woman and management both are disgusting, both must be fired-out for what they did.

markoyasou : homeless or not.he is human.not alien ...Jesus

David Barodofsky : Omg....the cop must be new AI......THE UGLY DOG VERSION!

Santhosh Dev : What Happened next?????? what mc Donald's do after this happened???? Please reply me..

John Coppola : The manager is a scumbag and so is the cop

lemonteddy : Thanks for your kindness God bless you man

Mr Memes : What the hell is wrong these people homeless people are humans too

Andrew Jason : Boycott the place. And bless the downtrodden and the good man.

HKM MegaPoPuLrYT : Im angry for treating homeless man like this >:(

STUDIO B : Micky Mouse cop: I AM the LAW🤣🤣🤣

RITA HOPKINS : Well, thank you for filming. I wont be eating there in the future! People who have no compassion does not deserve my business.

Tommy : "I am the law." I bet she wanted to say that line for a long time.

GAB LAGMAN : I wish all the managera money is given to that homeless so that manager is treated the same way

Hosny Shakur : That stupid manager never wanted the guy to speak for his mind , so he tried to make him feel guilty . But the guy insisted on his point and kept speaking with a lot of emotion in his voice . I admire that

Daniel Eugieger : "You know what your doing is wrong deep inside you know that" I felt what he said imagine how the cop felt. she knew it was wrong.