McDonalds Throws Out Homeless Man for EATING

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Tommy : "I am the law." I bet she wanted to say that line for a long time.

niki tommo : Jesus.. this poor man. 💔

Son Goku : I am The Law.... I didn't Know law was a shitty Person

nguyen dactuan : The police is a disgrace like if u agree

Evill01 : this is america

diana : Poor man... he just wanted some food and thank god for this guy for standing up for him

Get snagged : Bruh let the man eat in peace

James Foster : One time my school went on a field trip and we ended up eating at a burger king so there was a homeless guy eating and so I asked the teacher if I could give him my change so when I did he thanked me and my other teacher was like "you shouldn't of did that you could have got stabbed" then some random guy comes up and shakes my hand I felt so proud even tho I was crying cause I got blessed out by my teacher

ZeRoFTW : Bitch

Kiichi Miyazawa宮沢熹 : Tbh I'd bang that cop

Sam Fisher : Life is crazy...we don't know what made him homeless. Poor guy

David Sanchez : Im the law". Stupid police .

Dave Ramsarran : Another reason for eating burger King instead of this piece of crap establishment

The left overs 123 : I hope that McDonald's goes out of business

dat boi : Cop:i am the law Me:I AM THE SOVIET UNION

Benedikt Bergeron : Ur a legend to give him food I like that u care about people and u are really nice. U should be the law. She is nothing

Rayman : Assholes these days

Johnson Martell : WTF is wrong with these people

Dominick The Disappointment : McDonalds is so trash, kicking out a homeless elderly man

Vallhalla Hendgeburgen : He’s Trynna live and he fights for he’s life and what they do is just..... like you don’t want him to keep fighting for he’s life just giving up.. that’s not right..

Raja Gombal : thats not a police WTF , she really need to get punish

Vallhalla Hendgeburgen : That’s so Rude and evil that’s like SO RUDE

OriginalDarkMew : Imagine if every one there just stood up and left togeather when he told them all he was getting kicked out for giving a homeless guy food. THAT would have been one hell of a statement

The_Soviet_Doge : Some cops really dont deserve their jobs...

SmallMatt : This homeless man is hungry, he lives on the street, he starves everyday and on this day a kind man takes this homeless man to McDonald's and they kick him? All he wanted is some food and it is wrong in everyway to kick him out

Dead Remix : I rather eat burgerking foot lettuce than to go to McDonald's

idiot gamer : hot officer dawg 😍✌

I am The challenge : Fouk them

Παναγιώτης Σαξιώνης : God bless this guy who gave food to that homeless guy and that cop is not the law is just a bitch. By the way A.C.A.B. 😉

King Cooks : #FeedTheHungry

Keesha Leard : Funny how people say they would always help the homeless…

YNFAH : that cop can get it

The Bender : She doesn't look like a police she looks like a hooker

Ari_panda cutie : He didnt do anything😭 he just wanted to eat😤😭😩 Poor guy #prayforhomeless

No U : This officer is hella hot but damn !


TickTickBoom vL : I would smash her to death

Andika Rido : Just because he cop he can do anything,no you false cop Poor homeless :(

Wyatterp Coulson : Wow people are ass holes it's a fast food place at least that guy was trying to help the home less guy 😡

Clutched Gaming : McDonald's is a public fast food restaurant how could he be trespassing

J Vocals : Damn let my mans enjoy himself !!

Melinda Nop : Bruh he paid for the food for the homeless man to eat like wtf he didn’t did anything wrong and how is that trespassing if the police come to my house isn’t that trespassing

EditGaMeR : Feels bad man

CombativeJohnny Playz : This is basically what’s going through their minds: McDonalds employs: OH Sheet I see a homeless man. Since we are wealth and he is homeless we can pick on him. LETS CALL THE POLICE! Police officer: Arrives at mc donalds Police officer: Sir I need you to leave because I’m a douchebag and I want to make your life miserable Yeah that’s what I think was going on.

Kory W 200 : That cop needs to get fiered because she doesnt know how to do her job

Jiggaboo Hunter : Homeless discrimination

CookieSpirit I love cookies : Cop mean

Rakib Mannan : Boi I have 3 words to say: GET THE STRAP.

DOPE YOUTUBERS : Yeah man you did great.. 👏

Breakingkrab 7 : they discust me 😫