McDonalds Throws Out Homeless Man for EATING

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Big Boss : 3:53 Im the "law" She forgot to tell : Im kicking innocent guys out who needs urgent help because they are about to starve. Great job miss "law"

Sweet Berry : Regardless of his homelessness, this old man should be treated with dignity. What happened to the humanity in humans?

Carla Portocarrero : Just remember what you give, you receive. And these people are going to receive what they are giving. I'm sorry for them, because they don't know why are they getting some harsh things. Give love and receive love. Give hate and receive hate. It's the law of the Universe.

Barzi 7777 : 100% peoples will quit McDonald and go to burger king

Mariyam Chowdhury : Things like this honestly just makes me cry how can ppl be so CRUEL?!😭😓 the man just wants to eat what’s the problem?? Ppl like that man behind that camera just puts my faith back in humanity wish more ppl were like that in this world💖

Jimin Park : Damn, he didn't do anything wrong but want to enjoy his meal in peace. Some people are so mean. God bless the guy behind the camera.

aman barejiya : I'm Muslim.. But I pray for this 2 guys they will go to paradise

rushed : i have to say only one thing (FUCK THE POLICE)

Oceanstar the nightwing/seawing/rainwing hybrid : It is the most disgraceful service from mcdonalds. Esoecially from a black man. Knowing in the 50s black men werent allowed to eat at resturant. The police would just arrest them for "disturbing the peace". Its just an excuse to be prejudice against anyone that is different. He was no better then those men in the 50s. The poor man us starving. If i was a cops and know alit petsonally as family and friends and dated. I know for a fact the police would have done what the manager asked but bought 1 and 2 more meals for the guy and offer to take him anywhere. She is not the law but represents the law. Thise who say im the law act above the law and no one is above the law. That homeless gentalman had more class than those who choose to judge him. What if he was an angel or jesus. Just goes to show we are living in the end times.

SUPER BEKFAST MP short film industries : What the hell is wrong with people

Entertainment inc. : A homeless man got kicked out of a restaurant, 70% of comments are about how the officer looks like a whole snack. My generation is screwed.

cairoglassbear : she is NOT the law- ego crazy woman officer

rodrigo san roman : which mc Donald was it??? Lets blow up their phone

GaboGaba64 : If they did this in Turkey the workers would got blood on them selfs

Tréy Ivey : Miss officer.. have you ever starved?? Have you ever been without?? It doesnt look like it. But one day you may have to.. and youll remember this very clearly. Sometimes you have to have a heart no matter what.. and ther wasnt a law broke.. it was biggidy selfish people that cared bout how they felt.

vanHool 5 : you ZUCC

Yol Rivers : Shame on McDonalds for calling the cops while his meal was paid for.

Jesus Olguin : It's fucking McDonald's it a fast food restaurant it not a fancy luxury place. There shouldn't be a problem with a homeless man or woman it bull shit especially the officer and the manager that don't know how much exposure there putting their self's in now many people would be looking at them differently

FadedVye Gaming : God, if i were there, i would've burn the place down...

Alondra Guzman : Bruh i mean he's a homeless man ya so mean I luv McDonald's but since I saw this i barely luv it

Bandit : If I would that guy I would sue them 100%

Aiden Banana : God bless this man

Evan Devin : Wow, in the US u get thrown out for not eating, but in Canada, u get thrown out for eating......

Indian Tech Support Scammer : This is why I prefer burger king

Sozixl : She's not the law She's not social But She's one, DuMA**MoFag**

Alexander Khan : They are being mean to a homeless man it is making me cry 😢 freak the police

UpbeatTacky IMTHEBEST : It doesn’t matter if people are homeless they can eat where ever they want to

tattooeddragon8 : Where is the public outrage! Oh he is the wrong skin color for that.

Luis Cardona : I fell bad for that poor guy he just wanted to eat his meal in peace that’s all man fuck mc Donald’s 🤬😡

Ayumo 77 : I hope that officer goes through the same thing the homeless man just did, then she will feel how much of a dck she was

Matthew Fuller : That's f***ed up.They don't think about how that man could have been without food for days

Nirjal Ghimire : i am the '"law" hahahahahahahaha

ChaoticLion : I dont get why you give the officer shit, she is doing her job, and she needs to kick the homeless guy out since, mcdonalds is private property, and if they ask someone to leave they have to, so the officer could not say no to kicking him out

Leon Kennedy : Everyone on the Internet. Try to find this officer and get her fired. Then make a video that the people are the law.


·左TheUltimateZkiller : Hopefully this will get viral and please try to denounce them.

Evan Devin : I guess not everyone is lovin’ McDonald’s eh

michael r : she said i am the law LMAO

TheBattleFigherPlayz- games : I have a bad feeling about McDonald's there food was always good but bad at the same time but yeah he's just a homeless man who needs food cut him a break all these law the world is truly broken...

minecraftprankgonewronginthehood : never eating this shit again.

Nevaeha’s World : im feel bad for homeless guy

Isaiah Tyler : Wow... wow... wow... really

Moongo156 : I think that man needs $1 million for getting kicked out no reason.

Sozixl : Human beeing ....

DAN TOMEING : it just a food OMG tell the polie to get out

Ashlegh Scott : That poor homeless man was crying at the end that breaks my heart that makes me want to cry now😢💔

Dasthemaxico1999 : Sue them

FortnitePro 96 : F**k McDonald’s

cairoglassbear : close down this McDnalds- the NEW America

Dkwit GT : Im glad u helped that homeless man