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the overseer : Wow strawberry fields forever sounds amazing here

William Francis : Yeah if you’re gonna post the name of a god damn Beatles song get the title correct.

Mayno McCrtney : This is not "Help" . This song is "I want to hold your hand"

Joe Stewart : Man this is a really weird version of Help

DazReht : Wait. But isn’t this the song, Bohemian Rhapsody on the album, Intergalactic from the band, Smash Mouth?

Art Hunter : I Want To Hold Your Hand: The Beatles...

Jaapweetraad : My god!!!! this is amazing..even a jewish Guy gives money (0:49) Thats not something you see everyday.

Stefan L : 0:30 that guy can't believe they're black

Brittberrycrush : The Beatles are alive! Haha I’m a huge fan you guys are awesome! I’d hold your hand anytime!

garciamike3000 : The White guy that walked behind them was like what the hell is that the Beatles

James C : great harmonies

gelar27 : Help! This uploader need help!

bill collagan : HELP???

lennon beatle : I want to HELP your hand


Tickle Mypickel : That’s “I wanna hold your hand” not “help” smh. I would love to hear their cover though.

Daniel 22811 : I got the same bass guitar

Subash Lama : They are so good and the criwd just dont care😢😢

Mike McGregor : that wasn't help

JSRecords : Wrong title dude

Count Von D : ??? Help??

auxmike : I always wondered what happened to millie vanilli !

Gabriel Duran : Wow 8 days a week sounds good maybe they should let me hold their hands

Kristin Paige : PERFECT !

The Beast of the Land : I never thought i'd see two hispanics singing dream on in a retro fitness,but here we are..

rkaos1987 : Just edit the title to the correct song. And these guys are so good, complete songs please. A few vids so far get cut off....

InfinityGamer10 : Holy shit, Jesus Christ. Get the damn name of the song correct. That song did not mention the word “help” once, now did it? See, the song presented is called “I Want To Hold your Hand”

Stephen Kater : That's not Help !!!

diane petersen : Yes its I wannan hold your hand that being said 100 times you guys sound great! sorry for all the trolls that have nothing better to do than go on about the title of the song!

dylan scott : does anyone know what brand and model of acoustic guitar that man is playing?

John Ozed : Best version of Revolution 9 ever!

oo131193oo : Help what help.. yeah help them grow big on youtube

Daniel Huff : Great cover for I want to hold your hand, if only the recorder and poster weren’t ignorant idiots

Nicolas Garcia : They did an amazing job of your gonna lose that girl.

red hot beatle : help i need somebody help! not just... oooh wait...

Christian Austin : It’s I want to hold your hand not help boi

Danny Osborne : This is a great cover of Imagine

Garrett Dalley : 0:47 they're so good that they got a jew to give them money

Dej Rémi : Boys that's so good!

ajlogan1998 : Great job... But that's not help

caitlyn aliano : They sing this very well

Ryan 1 : How tf did you not even put the correcr Beatles song title

John Menyhard : Great job guys. Iam proud of you guys

Big Bruno : Outstanding

arkantos020986 : that's a great obla di obla da cover

Ethan Andrews : What William Francis said


Frank DeGulis : Great guys!

Lana Fox : These guys are amazing!!!

Gustavo Nunes : Pretty