Youngest Face Transplant Recipient in U.S. | National Geographic
Youngest Face Transplant Recipient in US National Geographic

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Follow one family's journey through the agony of waiting for a donor, a 31-hour surgery, and the prospect of a long road to recovery. ➡ Watch the full documentary here: #NationalGeographic #KatieStubblefield #FaceTransplant About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: To learn more, please read on here: Youngest Face Transplant Recipient in U.S. | National Geographic National Geographic


Yee Yee : Lord forgive me if I’ve ever been ungrateful

yeet Yeet : I have a big surgery in December,Please pray for me. Edit:Wow the reply’s give me strength to go through my first surgery at 11.And also the reply’s tell there are still good people alive,Also I will tell how my surgery went...Today is the day 13/12/18 Edit 2:My surgery went well I couldn’t walk but I now can :D

Harpreet kaur : Respect to the doctors who gave their 100 percent in treating somebodys life .salute to these doctors ...........

oils xd : Can we take a second to adress the fact that its even possible to take off your face and get a new one

Clorox Bleach : 1:30 me to me: don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it me: to blow up and act like you don’t know nobody

Itzel Fuerte : Y’all stop hatting there a lot of people out there who don’t get a second chance because the committed suicide you guy don’t know what she was going through at that time 🙄💕💕💕💕

Sofea Richie LGBTQ : Next week Friday i will have my heart surgery wish me luck guyss

Devin Mohrmeyer : Dude that is sad Good luck on your transplant And stay strong👍

sxedi’s void : that’s scary that you can just take a face off of someone and put in on another person,, it totally seems like a horror film.

1 Abushaneb : Respect

Detsiedi : Youtube is savage af its recommendeding face transplant for me fml

a vida é a life : And there are people trying to get plastic surgeries to "fix" something while other just want to have a face People love and respect your self's And the ones surrounding you(cause you don't know what they have been trough neither do they know what you have been trough) So.... Peace and Love


Keaanu Pairama : I hope she gets better

kingbryant 84 : Wow I know I'm late but hope she is doing fine right now prayers to her STAY SRONG 💪💪💪🙏🙏

IᑕE : Thank you god for this miracle, let Katie live her life the way she wants to. I love you lord amen 🙏

Bart Verreij : And now say science is good for nothing

Therese Mulcahy : She looks beautiful before and after❤❤❤

Jesus Suresh : God bless you new life is there good too you Jesus saves

Trey Pohe : This makes me think of the movie Wonder... "If you are given the choice to choose being right, or being kind. Choose kind..."

sourabh : And here we are with no disabilities and yet complaining about what we don't have, she is already an inspiration I will for sure appericiate myself for what I have. Hope she recovers

SkaiXMask : Is she the girl that shot her self in the face? Bless her hope she has a life full of happiness.

Joseph Curd : 1:08 I feel so sorry for her

Tea : What a brave and beautiful girl! God bless her❤️

Elizabeth Ramos : God bless all of those people with problems I have health problems and I don’t wish for anybody to go they non of that My respect 🙏

Fanny Ayuniar : I will never complain anything about my face again.

Karina -O : This is a tragedy no matter how you view it; so they have a innovative surgery that can help her type of tragedy, it's available to her, and she's in a position to take advantage of it. Well, that's a wonderful thing, isn't it? Not a one of us would ever want to be in her shoes, and yet if we were, we'd also jump at the chance of this new beginning, no matter how we got there. Can't people just be happy for another human being having beaten the odds to have another chance to live a normal life? Can we not just look upon this situation in that way?

Itssaanvi13 : And here we are perfectly fine but wanting everything that someone doesn’t have just to feel nice... I fell ashamed of myself 😢

mareyy estoque : God bless her. But uhmm one question. Where on earth did you find the donor for the transplant?

semo /semo : الحمدالله الذي عافانا مما ابتلاهم ربي يشفيها ويعافينا ويديم علينا نعمتو بما اكملنا به والحمدالله والشر اللهم لاتبتلينا واحفظنا يارب . سبحان من عطاهم قوة القلب🤲🏻❤

Alfredo Ochoa : Humans are amazing. Shout out to those surgeons

Allison : She deserves this “second chance” she’s been through a lot that’s for sure. Congratulations Katie.

MR. TOPPER COUNTDOWN : Hey! Hang on up a sec. I'm going to reccomend my friend for this 😎

jaay ray : I wish u all the best sweetie your beautiful no matter what

nuxges : These doctors are everything. Katie is everything. Her friend is everything. I can’t believe how strong they all are *cri*

hazel eyes noona : After read her story, i will never complain about my health and relationship condition anymore. Forgive me Lord for so much complaining even asking for died. Stay gratefull everyone, life is a gift.

Micheal Barry : She has gone true a lot even so I don't known her why some people are not happy with the way they are even so they are beautiful

Bella Moore : May good bless you And keep you May goods goodness shine on you May you see gods face and live in his own peace Amen

Mytashai Crafton : Amen she is beautiful the way she is in every shape good bless🙏

YoYoMA _ : May GOD BLESS all your souls for ETERNITY!

AmarNathan : Wow science and technology is at an incredible high level. These doctors are at another dimension of human capabilities that an average person cant fathom.

Suoh_xXx_Arvin Plays : I salute (correct me if im wrong) you, may god bless you and enjoy ur life XD

theva 098 : The happiest thing in the world is seeing others are happy because of us 🎈🎈🎈.... Good luck dear... We all will pray for you😘

Sacrum : Face off (movie) Also, is she wearing a dead persons face?

Chris George : She’s already beautiful❤️ she just didn’t realize how valuable she was from the start!😭

Mypphurts : We need to start appreciating what we have


Brooke H. : Cliffhanger.....???!?!! Why Nat Geo why???

MEIYAppan SELVAm : Heart touching, it's wonderful to see a person getting another chance!