Youngest Face Transplant Recipient in U.S. | National Geographic

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National Geographic : Katie Stubblefield is the youngest person to receive a face transplant in U.S. history. What aspect of her story resonates with you the most?

sourabh : And here we are with no disabilities and yet complaining about what we don't have, she is already an inspiration I will for sure appericiate myself for what I have. Hope she recovers

It’s me Itzel : Y’all stop hatting there a lot of people out there who don’t get a second chance because the committed suicide you guy don’t know what she was going through at that time 🙄💕💕💕💕

0 subscribers with no video challenge. uWu : I have a big surgery in December,Please pray for me. Edit:Wow the reply’s give me strength to go through my first surgery at 11.And also the reply’s tell there are still good people alive,Also I will tell how my surgery went...Today is the day 13/12/18 Edit 2:My surgery went well I couldn’t walk but I now can :D

Harpreet kaur : Respect to the doctors who gave their 100 percent in treating somebodys life .salute to these doctors ...........

Pizza4Party : Can we take a second to adress the fact that its even possible to take off your face and get a new one

I'M AWAKE - ARE YOU ?? : Here i am complaining about my life, things could always be worse and we all deserve a second chance. Get well soon and God Bless, Natl. Geo you're the GREATEST !! 😎

Ximena Luna : Lord forgive me if I’ve ever been ungrateful

1 Abushaneb : Respect

Clorox Bleach : 1:30 me to me: don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it me: to blow up and act like you don’t know nobody

Sofea Richie LGBT : Next week Friday i will have my heart surgery wish me luck guyss

Devin Mohrmeyer : Dude that is sad Good luck on your transplant And stay strong👍

Detsiedi : Youtube is savage af its recommendeding face transplant for me fml

sxedi’s void : that’s scary that you can just take a face off of someone and put in on another person,, it totally seems like a horror film.


Therese Mulcahy : She looks beautiful before and after❤❤❤

SkaiXMask : Is she the girl that shot her self in the face? Bless her hope she has a life full of happiness.

Keaanu Pairama : I hope she gets better

kingbryant 84 : Wow I know I'm late but hope she is doing fine right now prayers to her STAY SRONG 💪💪💪🙏🙏

Azliana Lyana : Wish Katie all the best in her new chapter. Really, big blessings to the donor too! It's not something people donate all the time, let alone willingly. Thanks for sharing National Geographic. Will read up more on this. By the way, welcome back NG uploader. Been missing your videos lately.

Rina -K : This is a tragedy no matter how you view it; so they have a innovative surgery that can help her type of tragedy, it's available to her, and she's in a position to take advantage of it. Well, that's a wonderful thing, isn't it? Not a one of us would ever want to be in her shoes, and yet if we were, we'd also jump at the chance of this new beginning, no matter how we got there. Can't people just be happy for another human being having beaten the odds to have another chance to live a normal life? Can we not just look upon this situation in that way?

Bart Verreij : And now say science is good for nothing

Joseph Curd : 1:08 I feel so sorry for her

Elizabeth Ramos : God bless all of those people with problems I have health problems and I don’t wish for anybody to go they non of that My respect 🙏

Trey Pohe : This makes me think of the movie Wonder... "If you are given the choice to choose being right, or being kind. Choose kind..."

Allison : She deserves this “second chance” she’s been through a lot that’s for sure. Congratulations Katie.

LILI SO LIT : Why did she change her face?? SHE WAS SO BEAUTIFUL🤤❤😍

ŁydiaŁPS34 : What a brave and beautiful girl! God bless her❤️

ezequiel scala : Stan Lee is Legend

Hadassah Lifee : My stages during watching this video: 😞😔😟😕🙁☹️😣😖😫😩🥺😢😭

ASD : I need a updated story!

Jodyonne Reid : I wish u all the best sweetie your beautiful no matter what

Adaeze : She did this to herself...

Mario Taormina : 1:30 to blow up and act like I don’t know NOBODAYYY

a vida é a life : And there are people trying to get plastic surgeries to "fix" something while other just want to have a face People love and respect your self's And the ones surrounding you(cause you don't know what they have been trough neither do they know what you have been trough) So.... Peace and Love

Lost Soul : I use to be so ignorant and childish mocking or finding it remarkably funny for ludicrous things like someone’s disability or physiques and it makes me cry knowing I thought a certain way about certain things. 😢 I hope you a fast recovery Katie ❤️ our prayers go to u sweetie

Nitro Mendez : God bless her

SaanviT103 : And here we are perfectly fine but wanting everything that someone doesn’t have just to feel nice... I fell ashamed of myself 😢

Omar Vlogs : She is so beautiful in anyway ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Micheal Barry : She has gone true a lot even so I don't known her why some people are not happy with the way they are even so they are beautiful

Zilda Santos : O ser humano fizeram quase tudo mas aí com a morte ninguém e um segredo do Criador Senhor Deus e seu filho Jesus Cristo.

theva 098 : The happiest thing in the world is seeing others are happy because of us 🎈🎈🎈.... Good luck dear... We all will pray for you😘

Zilda Santos : Acho até porque na parte espiritual é uma coisa que não tem explicação isso e segredo do Senhor o criador mas muitas coisas foram para o bem da humanidade Esse foi assim porque o Senhor o Pai criador quis assim.

suckit ee : valar morghulis

brian : What a beautiful story. Now that family is hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills debt because America

DafaQ Is Happening? : She committed suicide after her boyfriend broke up with her. Edit: Well she attempted, ended up surviving

That SouthMane : I feel horrible for people like this it just looks like it hurts to live for then I truly feel bad god bless them to have a good life

Cloud. xo : These doctors are everything. Katie is everything. Her friend is everything. I can’t believe how strong they all are *cri*

Alfredo Ochoa : Humans are amazing. Shout out to those surgeons

Emily Bialk : She’s such a brave sole can I get a like if you love how brave she is toooooooooo!❤️🥰