Youngest Face Transplant Recipient in U.S. | National Geographic

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National Geographic : Katie Stubblefield is the youngest person to receive a face transplant in U.S. history. What aspect of her story resonates with you the most?

sourabh : And here we are with no disabilities and yet complaining about what we don't have, she is already an inspiration I will for sure appericiate myself for what I have. Hope she recovers

Taekook is definition of Love : And i'm here complaining about my acne

Hetti Plaiter : Face transplant is a huge accomplishment but I think there were other people more deserving of this. This girl shot herself because her boyfriend broke up with her, and I know this may sound harsh but she should live with the consequences of her actions. There are peopl who have facial deformities because of attacks and/or health reasons, yet someone who injures themselves is first in line? I hate how harsh this may seem but it's my opinion.

borninkaraj : She blow her own face with a firearm in a suicide attempt,thats no disability. Hats of to the medical staff tho.

Syed Zameer Ali : Thank god (Alhamduillah ) I hope u r alright now!

Meru Muharis Production : Cant wait for the full story

Kuruthum Hussein : I have a very big nose,i was not proud of my face but at least i have it, Alhamdulillah

Hajar :v : I am very grateful for what God give it to me Hope the best for her 👍👍

Armando Dy : I wish they could grow you a new face using your own skin, and stem cells , over some kind of scaffold in the lab, and then transplant that. So there will be zero need for anti rejection drugs.

kr4zyy : What happened to the donor? Will the donor be faceless? Props to the donor regardless

I'M AWAKE - ARE YOU ?? : Here i am complaining about my life, things could always be worse and we all deserve a second chance. Get well soon and God Bless, Natl. Geo you're the GREATEST !! 😎

J G : I didn't know the Chainsaw Massacre guy had a charitable side, selling his masks and all. Good for him. I now see him in a new light.

Be Nice Expect Nice : What is going on in this world?

VideoRocketz007 Millar : What if her body rejects the face. This is gruesome.

brain stroker : GOD Bless you.. Get well soon.. Salute to you.. Pretty face ever..😘😍

Alfredo Ochoa : Humans are amazing. Shout out to those surgeons

أغرب من الغريب : الحمدلله رب العالمين الذي عافانا مما ابتلى به غيرنا الحمدلله على الصحة والعافية 🙏

NHL Games Comparisons : I still can't wrap my face around this... Literally

Kuruthum Hussein : I have a very big nose,i was not proud of my face but at least i have it, Alhamdulillah

ملك ألاسود : الحمدلله على العافية

Azliana Lyana : Wish Katie all the best in her new chapter. Really, big blessings to the donor too! It's not something people donate all the time, let alone willingly. Thanks for sharing National Geographic. Will read up more on this. By the way, welcome back NG uploader. Been missing your videos lately.

Griselda Vazquez : Like si hablas ESPAÑOL 👍👏💖💓

SusO Adidas : May god bless you 😇 Get well son Love and pray from Nepal 🇳🇵..

NAME : Having another persons face... That is messed up in my book but im pretty sure she needed it so

Honey Glow : She was beautiful the way she was no lie😀😀

Fanny Ayuniar : I will never complain anything about my face again.

Kerolla D : This is unbelievable

لبيك يا حسين : ما كو عرب😞😞😞😟 بس اني

نورالعرب|NourAlArab : يا ساتر الحمدلله الذي شفانا بعد ما ابتلي به غيرنا الهم أعوذ بك من زوال نعمتك وتحول عافيتك وفوجاء نقمتك وجميع سخطك ربي لا تذرني فردا وانت خير الوارثين

Cyndie-Anjell Vernet : I wish Katie well & hope that her new found love/respect for life continues to flourish🌹

hazel eyes noona : After read her story, i will never complain about my health and relationship condition anymore. Forgive me Lord for so much complaining even asking for died. Stay gratefull everyone, life is a gift.

Kein Jake Anquillano : Thanks God for giving mercy to this lady.


Eu, a Rainha e 3 princesas. : This is crazy!!!!

Joggtfv Gffg : Who else is thinking about the Texas chainsaw massacre

Luiza H. C. Braga : I stopped everything I was doing and went to know the story of Kate and the donor. What an extraordinary thing these doctors did. How much courage this girl had. The human being is amazing in all senses. I hope this story encourages people to be givers. Best wishes, to Katie and doctors, from Brazil. P.S.- Sorry, the autocorretor corrected it wrong. My cell phone is set up in another language. I meant, "How much force did this mother have."(by donating her daughter's body to help another person.) I did not realize it.

Bodo tube : हिन्दुस्थानी bhaiyo ...मेरे सैनेल को भी एक बार जर्रूर visit करके चैनेल को सबस्क्राइब करके अपने भाइ पर तोरा‌ सा मेहेरबान करदो यार ।

Tevakhi Santhana : oh so pity😭😭😭😭😭

shirisha ammulu : Hatsoff

روحي حماس ومهجتي القسام : الحمدلله الذي عافانا فيما ابتلى فيه كثيرا من عباده 🌺

maryan filibiin : Subhannalah

Abdallahداليا Elwanداليا : ربنا يشفيكي ويشفي كل مريض يارب العالمين


انت عافيتي : اللهم شافهم واعف عنهم انت وليهم ونصيرهم

Jazz Island : Wat is dis

Fortx GFX : العربي لااااااااايك 😘 سبحان الله وبحمد سبحان الله العظيم الله واكبر لا الاه الا الله

mahmmod jbo : الي عربي لايك🤗🤗🤗

Tania Robinson : She is soo brave.

Gerald Joshua : I will start from today to be thankful of everything God has given me in this life. I don't wanna compare myself to other people anymore. I just wanna see where God will lead me. All the best for her future life.