Kyle Bennett Jr. Knows How To Move | Season 15 Ep. 3 | SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE

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VoiceoftheBoa2 : Nice to see so many familiar faces from last year. I'm still glad Fik-Shun chose Dassy over him but we'll have to see how he does. He and Dustin are amazing!

DPAYNE 7 : 💯📐🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🏾🙏🏾

Brandan Albritton : Best hip hop dance I've ever seen

Ginjabredman : well hes just a straight tutter, pretty good but definitely are crazier tutters out there. And that doesn't mean he'll be able to dance anything else.

Christian Saad : Is it too early to pick favorites? Cuz this guy is my favorite this season so far... BY FAR! ♥

Jointed Savage : Anyone else noticed his shirts on backwards 😂😂😂😂

Dilsy Bueno : This needs to go viral!! Can't stop watching this video

Zac Morris : how is this dance?

Mom Cat22 : Almost knocked my monitor over w that shoe i threw.

yung shane : The homie Kyle

rnsmma : I hope he is practicing more animation waving and contemporary styles too. He's amazing but there's always room for improvement

Jeff How : Sick audition. Best for musicality and creativity! His movement fit the music like a puzzle piece.

Alex Ambila : Homie CHEWED this audition! Good stuff my g, I'll bee rooting for you!

Tilen Vrčon : Whast the song name ?

Nini Campos : Dios nos habla por medio de gente talentosa como éste muchacho. Qué talento!! No puedo dejar de ver el video de tanta emoción. Felicidades y que Dios te bendiga en éste reto de la vida

Brandan Albritton : You remind me of fixshun

Luh Daye Foes : Does anybody knows where he got the instrumental from? Please tell me

Jessica Dippolito : Wow . well that's different.👍👍

Brandan Albritton : I hope you win so you think you can dance

Brandan Albritton : I hope you win so you think you can dance

Gnarly Flies : Stuty stuff!

MUSIC LOVER : Human Tetris:-) AWESOME!

None Ya : This stuff gets boring real quick.

InvictuZ : Creativity was off the roof man! The shapes you made satisfied my OCD big time! One of my favourite performances.

Frankie Michaels : Oh man, that made me tear up a little. So much said without saying anything at all. The choreography on this was amazing. I'm glad you made it through. Keep pushing forward!

Jacob Hoang : What was the soundtrack that he was dancing to?

hmrhuang : Some sick tutting for sure!

Fredo On TV : Good to see the homie working on stage