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The main inspiration for the Futurama opening theme Psych Rock by Pierre Henry

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Pierre Henry (born December 9, 1927 in Paris, France) is a French composer, considered a pioneer of the musique concrète genre of electronic music. Between 1949 and 1958, Henry worked at the Club d'Essai studio at RTF, founded by Pierre Schaeffer. During this period, he wrote the 1950 piece Symphonie pour un homme seul, in cooperation with Schaeffer; he also composed the first musique concrète to appear in a commercial film, the 1952 short film Astrologie ou le miroir de la vie. Henry has scored numerous additional films and ballets. Among Henry's best known works is the experimental 1967 album Messe pour le temps présent, one of several cooperations with choreographer Maurice Béjart featuring the popular track "Psyché Rock." In 1970 Henry collaborated with British rock band Spooky Tooth on the album Ceremony. One of Henry's best-known influences on contemporary popular culture is to the theme song of the TV series Futurama. The tune is inspired by Henry's 1967 composition "Psyché Rock


IntenceCeption : so weird how modern that looks and sounds even though its so old

CorgiWithAnOrgy : So this is the song Futurama was inspired by.

Andrew Kovnat : This is the song that started all songs... And the Futurama theme...

Forty Winks : This is truly the music from the world of tomorrow.


Nick E. : This was way ahead of it's time

kAn3 : If it wasn't for Matt Groening, I would never had ended up here. Thanks Matt

Not Right Music : Goodbye Pierre Henry :( 1927 - 2017 Innovator of Composed Sound / Pioneer of Musique Concrète / My Hero

reseef : This is the remix by Fat Boy Slim, NOT THE ORIGINAL!

La Tortue PGM : 1967 guys. Kraftwerk wasn't even a thing. O.O Oh and btw, VIVE LA FRANCE PUTAIN!!! :'D

Daniel Ibanez : Futurama

Korza510 : yo bien desde 23 Cosas que no Sabías :P

Laura Campana : Ce n'est pas l'original de 1967, mais un remix récent

saemikneu : peeps, this is not the original - it's the remix by Fatboy Slim (Norman Cook)

Shakbard : Futurama futurama c'est bien joli, mais on la troue aussi dans le film "Z" de Costa-gavras (1969).

Carle Gonzales : simplement, genial !!!! adieu Pierre Henry , et merci !!!!!

mathieuloser : This song is 48 years old!!! Quel merveilleux artiste, injustement mésestimé, inconnu. L'electro lui doit énormément. Cette composition sonne totalement moderne, pas du tout datée, rares sont les artistes ayant réussi ça!

Animated Me : i shall perform my people's native dance!

jvtvn : Salut l' Artiste, Repose En Paix.

Black Temple : Danke liebes Podcast ufo

Enrique23F : Solo oigo el tema de futurama XDD

Logic Seeker : OMG Futurama, so many songs borrowed from 60's pychedelic, pychedelics invoke creativity.

Megaroad Producciones : Yeah! tengo nueva musica para explorar y descubrir!

HughMaha : This is the Fatboy Slim remix of Psyche Rock!

waterlubber : Cyriak was around in the 70's?

Matt - Scout of Honor : Good news everyone! Without this song, the Futurama theme song would not be as awesome as it is.

rainbow : French musique!

m3ntalcollid3r : Futurama theme! Hell ya!

Beartits : I think this is actually the fatboy slim remix.

Taquitos De Pastor :v : Oie Zi Se Parece A La Cancion De La Intro Futurama :3

pradet régine : musique et clip sont en parfaite harmonie. "psyché rock" est probablement indémodable

Bern : cette musique etais la musique de fermeture des boites que je fréquentais à lyon etant jeune année soixante !! content de l'avoir retrouvée

Markus Breuss : Have the LP , the work by Henry. this here is a remix

PerseusKarvasius : nice futurama cover but it wont beat the original

roberto rodriguez : Hasta que al fin encontré esta hermosa canción👌👍👏👏👏👏👋😍💗💗💗

Cristián Rodríguez : Daplei

Piera Contiero : Questo pezzo è geniale,fantastico. Avrei accoppato volentieri quella merdina che lo ballava in Zeta l'orgia del potere!

Jori Kuikka : To be exact - this is the Malpaso Mix of Fatboy Slim's version of Psyche Rock.


HeraklesAH : So many years later, I've finally found this music that is still Wonderful Meravigliosa Maravillosa Shoen!!! Bravo Pierre HenrY!!!

Pierrot Houdu : heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Piera Contiero : impossibile stare fermi con questa musica!

Daremo Sensanome : Nice to know... now the task is to get original by the author. Thanks for the information

Theo : Well, no need of any Wiki to understand that...

carlucet : Psyche Rock by Pierre Henry : 1967 Fatboy Slim : 1995

piera contiero : I knew this song in the Costa Gavra's film Zeta,because I'm old, but not enough for saying that i love this music very much!

DJC : this is the original version but maxi single.... fat boy slim THE BASS very hard lol

GrimJR987 : I have no Idea what this is But it is now the best thing on the internet

patrick hurley : Lovely