John watches Se7en

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TJ Hastie : John always got bad vibes from Kevin Spacey. Now he knows why.

Chubachus : How could you not like Kevin Spacey?

Fabulous Kunt : Guys who commented "how can you not like Kevin Spacey". BEHOLD

kaozbender : Not as bad a watching a vertical video.

Master Epps : Show some God damn respect to this masterpiece

wintzyy : this comment section didn't age well

BradTheProducer : So John was right all along...

s10dlka : The top comments from 2 years ago should be left as they are as a historical monument to how the world's opinion of a man can change so much so quickly.

Bernado Garay : He was right. We were all wrong.

Good Guy Gary : redditor here. This is how I react whenever I see Donald Trump on tv. As a redditor, I firmly endorse Bernie Sanders. With Bernie we will all get free college, free health care, and free weed. Good Guy Gary, Reddit administrator

Super Kids : He doesn't like Kevin Spacey beacuse he once passed out at a house party and woke up to Kevin Spacey blowing him.

G : Bet John feels vindicated now.

Hatt Hanz : Man, he must feel incredibly validated with these sexual abuse accusations

klopapierforever √ : Er ist ein richtiger Kevin und er hat es verdient :D

Jeremy Wellman : Same thing as a kid saying "I hate tomato!" then you sneak some tomato into the burger and when he loves it, you spring the news.

MrJay6889 : Did he lose a girlfriend to Kevin Spacey? What's this dude's problem?

Psycho3418 : One year later...

Merry Murphy : I love Frank Underwood.

RUEZ69 : Just watch the movie and stfu.

Duke Silver : This comment section didn't age well

someone : fake nobody doesnt like kevin spacey.

jlira01 : How are you gonna not like Kevin Spacey?

TheFreezeChill : Vertical video syndrome diagnosed...

Laommi : Well then

chunkymonkey : Did he finish the movie?

THGhost2013 : I wonder how he feels about him now? 😋

anonymousSWE : Atleast there is one more person out there who has understood that Kevin Spacey is not as good an actor as half the world and Kevin Spacey himself seem to think. I salute you John!

Nadia Pulgar : That is exactly how I feel about Will Ferrell. I hope the Spacey sees this and plays the ultimate prank on this dude.

katsupoi : I don't get it

Papa Powerbomb : So how's John doing nowadays?

beanboyo : I didn't realise people still said cocksucker

xgoldenbonesx : I really can't stand k space either

joshua wall : RIP Kevin Spacey's career

Kriss Kross : At least he Kevin Spacey's character harmed no children in the movie

Leon Djurik : It is all fun and games, but how can you not like Kevin Spacey?

bananaramainpajams : Spaceyaphobia

EmilyW : So looks like Kevin was right after all and you guys are just blind idolizers

Steven Welch : This is as fake and gay as Kevin Spacey is!

Suck An Egg : John must've known Kevin when he was younger...

Valentin Anastase : What's your least favorite actor? xD

Tim Rausch : I was there this was an incredible moment

Daniel Siekris : YOU WERE ALL READY!

KumaPaws376 : A twist within a twist

Yahwehs Blue boy : no, Kevin Spacey is a cocksucker

Cindy KNOWS : He's been triggered

catothewiser : Spacey is too smug.

113414947311647387684 : But if he hates Kevin Spacey, then this is totally the movie for him

Bartholomewl Mexidankus : i dont know what is worse: someone who doesn't like kevin spacey, or someone who records vertically....

I’m already Sans Undertale : Nice.

Gloze Effect : I doubt you'll see this but I have to ask if you went to ECSU cause that dorm room is the exact copy of my dorm that I live in