Serenading the cattle with my trombone (Lorde - Royals)
Man Serenading cattle with him trombone

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Alli Ammons : Me: Wow it’s getting late I should probably go to sleep Youtube: Serenading the cattle with my trombone

Geena Towns : The one man who is truly at peace

pmeepy : Every couple months this video comes back and it’s like being awoken from an artificially induced coma

Luke Rosetti : Says "shh" Proceeds to play loud instrument

BLAIRE : I love how the cows just listen instead of recording the whole thing with their phones.

Nora Prodanoff : Me holding wheat and playing on the jukebox on minecraft.

Hyperactive Snowflake : Cow on left at 3:48: eh this is boring Ima leave Trombone guy: *starts playing* Cow: oh shi 🐄

Angelina : Someone: Why are you vegetarian? Me:

Emalya Edwards : This is the exact opposite of click bait

I V A N : woah I love cochella

Chantoya 81 : The video abruptly stopped because: 1) Several cows held up lighters & began singing along. or 2) The trombone player started plugging merch & tossing free demo cd's into the herd.

Gloria Wang : cows? moo click? clack queen? bee royals? lorde farmer? icon serenading? cattle hotel? *trivago*

Mase Swoo : YouTube Recommends: “Man plays song from 5 years ago that’s better than the original song” Me: yeah ok.

six*impossible*things : I like how they start mooing along!! 🐄🐮🎺

Alexandra Marberry : I once walked out in a field and started mooing, and a bunch of trombone players walked over the hill and gathered around me. It was magical.

Linkmon99 : WTH! Is this how he calls them for food or do they actually like the music 😱

a whole reee : The 2.5K people who disliked this are the most miserable people I’ll ever know.

Ashley River : Best video that YouTube has put on my recommended so far.

Fozzy Bear : Man this was uploaded 5 years ago? Where has this been all my life?

oh yeah yeah : trombone: *plays music* cows: *allow us to introduce ourselves*

Denise Hedberg66 : They came running! They even answer back to the music! How awesome is that??!!! Wow. I guess a trombone is a hit with cows!!

DiRusso : This video is my safe place. When I have a bad day and I need to feel calm and relaxed I put this on and experience it. I don't watch it. I experience it. Thank you cow man.

Zoe : I was secretly hoping he’d start playing Old McDonald had a farm

saara : I dont know why or how but YouTube has really been killing it with these recommendations lately

Jenna Heisser : The moment when they first started to appear in the distance was truly something spectacular

nessa preciado : Not a phone in sight, just everyone living in the moment. I wish we could go back.

Kaiya Diestler : This is legitimately the most terrifying video I have seen today. One man should not have this much power

Joseph Anderson : I've seen this before, luckily YouTube is weird and now I get to see the amazing video once more.

Punjabi Bass Boosted : Nobody: YouTube: Hey wanna see man serenading cows with trombone

80 Slim Shady's : They're just like big doggos, look at them wagging their tails, just big goofy lookin doggos

Ava Bianchi : who tf had the audacity to dislike this

Liz Cox : *This man* : Living his best life and blessing us with art *Some ahole* : Let me jus pop a fat dislike

GoodNight Hawk : what is actually happening why are they drawn to the tumboner?

Cs Seguin : I love how all the cows stop at around 2:42 and are like "Guys is this too close? Will we scare him away if we get too close?" And that last cow moo that sounded like he screamed "Yeah!" At the end of the show

Funky Chicken : *Welcome back to another episode of 'Why was this in my recommended but I'm not complaining'* *Edit:* Cow poo that’s a lot of likes!

Speccy SquareGoLike : Country roads, Take me home, Where papa play, Big tromboneeeee!!!!

Sydney P : Ending with a classic pep tune 😂😂

Sophia, Addie, & Angelina’s Life : We’re driving “cattle”lacs in our dreams

a u s t i n · e n g l a n d : Now I can finally put down my iPad and get to sleep.

Mrthenarutotran33 : This is what concerts in Texas is like.

Cee Cee B. : "And i'm not proud of my addresssss..." ((Cows nod solemnly))

McKell Groves : I am SO happy this showed up on my recommended.


InsaneFanta : Finally, the YouTube recommendations are working correctly again!

King kazma : Better than YouTube rewind 2018.

Ingrid Anderson : Nobody: YouTube's algorithm:"seRaNaDing tHe CAttLe WiTh mY tRomBoNE"

FanfareT.Loudest : Cow: MOO! Other cow: Moo... (Translation: Shut up, I'm trying to listen!)

Heather M : No one: YouTube: watch this 4 year old video of a man playing a trombone to a bunch of cows...

FBI : I don't know you, but that's the most beautiful video I've seen.