Serenading the cattle with my trombone (Lorde - Royals)

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Xavier Ancarno : Cowachella was lit this year

steelavocado : This proves the earth is round

Liana Gao : Part 2: Serenading Cows with a Brass Quintet

Lydia Rose : Me: Why is this in my recommend? Me, 4 minutes and 14 seconds later: Why wasn’t this in my recommended months ago?!?!?!

MDmattix : Best behaved audience I've ever seen.

3itch Lasagna : I have 3 essays due and I'm over here watching a man playing to some cows.

Funky Chicken : *Welcome back to another episode of 'Why was this in my recommended but I'm not complaining'*

Nameless Nick97 : When a title and thumbnail isn’t clickbait

Bleech 4 life : This was staged, those cows are paid actors. Edit: wow, 468 likes!

Cattie Marine : i guess you could say he played til the cows came home

Eddie Pacer : 3:09 Man : and we’ll never be roooyals Cows : roooyaals

no further west : is it just me or are they singing along?

Victoria Desilva : this is the most yeehaw thing ever

nameless Manuel : *_H O L Y C O W_*


Lily Hegens : I'm supposed to be getting ready for a job interview

Iwoomohmynation YT : show this to those flat earthers out there

AuCièl TM : this is the cutest shit i have EVER seen

Merchant Ivory : I tried an open Africa... Im dead

ReD JTD : red dead redemption 3 is looking great!!

It’s Zell : Actual video footage of me and my friends at a Lorde concert

christie grey : this guy has his priorities right.


Damneet Thiara : 0:47 the first cow HAS EMERGED

Dushdjtoe Dushdjtoe : I like how during the second song they respond to his call

BBLettuce : no one main should have all this power

Kaylee B : This video is the reason humanity evolved. we can now all die knowing society fulfilled its role.

LemmeLix : Watching cows appearing from horizon and running to the sound is very cute >\\\<

Audrey : And baby I'll moo I'll moo I'll moo I'LL MOOOOO

Katie Weinhold : _truly amazed that like 3 years later I’ve been looped back into being recommended this_

—rose : look how they’re slowly creeping in like how my depression does-

Ann : 4:08 *cows say WOWWW*

mansi xavier : why do I come back to this video every year??? Am I a royal cow??

swimgood : My face hurts from smiling so much

SwitchUp : This...this made everything ok.

oh yeah yeah : he played his trombone until the cows came home

Mady- lynn : Were driving *cattle*-acs in our dreams

HF Mon : they coming to feel the vibes..nature is based on vibes ..we are vibes...all the universe keep moving thanks the vibes....sadly the most of human beings ignoring this basic principle

burnt muffin3 : This is the quality content that I want

ghostie7790 : Don’t know why this was recommended but I’m not questioning it. This is my dream life.

Loser : This made me cry happy tears idek why

settimana : This is one of the actual good things you can find in your recommended videos

Frida Reyes : They're so happy omg thank u for doing this

Jocelyn Rabinowitz : Nobody: YouTube recommendations: "yea why not"

Natalie Alfera : Omg jr high concert band made me forget trombones could sound good

Wolf6irl : I should be doing my Spanish homework but instead I'm watching a man serenading his cows.

Courtney Michelle : very mooving.

sophie linfitt : This is so wholesome

NapiurPictures : Elon Musk looks kinda out of it

The Mad Hatter : Why is this in my recommended and why can’t I stop watching