Serenading the cattle with my trombone (Lorde - Royals)

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King kazma : Better than YouTube rewind 2018.

GamerGuitarGuy : Plays megalovania

gentlegiant6585 : Mmoooooooooooo! Love it when they got up close and mooed back at him.

Nikki Chen : go #vegan

Foxy Winky : Thank you youtube for recomending me this! 😂

Lily Hegens : I'm supposed to be getting ready for a job interview

Xxlindy cornxX : ~The yodeling kid left the chat~

William Sleight : Look at all these recent comments. How is this getting in everyones recommended?

canyon of tartar sauce : I didn’t think I needed this, _but I did_

Summer List : YouTube understands me so well 😩😩💯🤠

Pumped Up Memes : Anyone else watching in November 2018?

SpookTroop : Why is everyone getting this in their recommended?

Iron man Mk 50 : Hellyea boah

freek ie : Does not work in minecraft.

Nicole Barnett : why did i watch this

Miller Theory : Moooove over Beethoven.

Desireé Howter : I love cows, they are no food, they are wonderful creatures and this is proof of that ♡

Desireé Howter : I love this jajaj

A.Z : Look at all them big girls ❤️

smooth yoda : Me when I'm running my own goat farm in 10 years

Nurpus : "What's your favorite piece of modern art?" Me: *shows this video*

Bruna Peres : why is this so cool

Andrew N : Anyone know why they like music so much? Seen a couple videos like this

ramiro : This video is magic

Tullulah Ingles : This is some cute ye haw shit

AndWhy AreYouHere : What you don't see is the 20 bails of hay behind him.


Dremekeks : 4:08 - *_crowd moos in agreement_*

snunkus snunkus : take that, jonna jinton

Orchid the RainWing : This man reminds me of what I'll never be

Lauren Dodson : The one time youtube recommendations where meaningful.

Alexander Walker : Daisy real nailed the harmonies at 3:11

evillan - : I’m supposed to be getting ready for school

notaslay_ _queen : How can I eat cows... And then they grow up in a sort of cage their whole life until they get killed and we steal their children oh my I become a vegan

The Shadow : I heard a few cows in that herd belt out "SHhhhhhhhhhhuut up" I swear :O) So hilarious!!!

Majick Cracker : Haha I love when you can hear the cows mooing, then they come over the hill. So funny. Not sure why, but makes me emotional.

Pak : Pewdiepie calling upon everyone to defeat T-series

virginity rocks : Dear flat earthers

thumbs up : I think ik why the cow are attrarcted The sound of trom-BONE is like *_Moo, moo, moo, mooooo moo, moo_*

Jared Freedman : The pencil is successful

Chris Vo : My trombone brings all the cows to the yard

Tamera Shields : That was awesome

Tonia Taiwo : This is the purest thing

Flo Huichacura : Aaaaand, he killed them anyway

Clare Bohler : Wheres the 2k that disliked this? i just wanna talk

gofoxx : weird flex but ok.

M5 Conner : I don’t understand why this has any dislikes at all

Justin Rodriguez : Youre amazing

Chubinz : cant help but to sing along to Aluminium Foil bt Weird Al

iguess itsfine : I literally cannot right now this is too much