The Sad Tale of William James Sidis - The Smartest Man Who Ever Lived | Random Thursday

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Train Tsar Fun : He never got a chance to be a kid. So sad for his childhood.

The Guitologist : You forgot the part where Ted Kaczynski was experimented upon while at Harvard by the CIA's MK ULTRA program. Gee, I wonder why he went rogue...

Peter Rabitt : When you possess a high enough intelligence, you necessarily realize that nothing matters and life is pointless. Don't feel bad for being "normal." It's a curse otherwise. : Social intelligence is a thing. Sidis did not have that one, but he had many other talents. The smart people actually improve the world long term, instead of over thinking current issues.

Little Cripple : Richard Feynman worked out his own methods for figuring out angles in triangles and other things as a very young child, some he said were easier than traditional methods, but others were way more complicated. He also worked out some method of calculous as a teenager plus solutions to other famous math problems. Freeman Dyson worked out the amount of atoms in the sun at the age of 5 (or around that age). I'd love to know the technics and methods their parents used for educating their children and use them for education. But then again state education is pretty dam piss poor. That's why people like Elon Musk have created their own schools.

rick9021090210 : maybe, super high IQ people simulate in their minds where are we going as a race... which is nowhere... and they lose all hope... cheers!

JavierCR25 : So much pressure on a child probably wasn’t good. While his intellect was far advanced his emotional capacity wasn’t anywhere near developed. Certain environments don’t only require intellect but rather the emotional rationale only given by experience. Just my 2 cents.

Green Man : The USA seems to have thousands of geniuses, that are content to live in their parents basement and brag on social media, how they have genius level IQs.

Locut0s : This is sadly not that usual. Well this level of intelligence may have been but the phenomenon of unrealized potential is not at all. I am no genius what so ever, trust me I’m not lol. But I am smart, and I’ve struggled most of my life with emotional difficulties that have held me back. I know I have, or had, the potential for much more but instead I’ve worked retail jobs off and on over the years, when I was able to work. Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining, my life is good, many have it much harder. I simply mention my example to throw light on the fact that it takes much more than raw intelligence to succeed in this world. Much of that has to due with the harsh realities of what this world is like. It’s not a kind world. And so many of us are emotionally fragile. Equally as important as raw intelligence is emotional stability, a caring and loving support network, financial support, and honestly pure luck. Luck that one was not born in one of the world’s thousands of slums, luck that one didn’t have abusive parents, luck that one was loved and supported. Just think of how many Einsteins we have lost to the everyday cruelties and absurdities that constitute human life :-(

Matt C : Super Wile E. Coyote.


Budget Hitman : He may have simply gotten tired of explaining shit to people.

THE GAMING SOLDIER : Not that hard to figure out why he lost it. Imagine if everyone around you was at least 100IQ points less intelligent than you. In other words, think of the dumbest people you know, and then imagine if the whole world, every single person you meet, is much dumber than that. I wouldn't last a month.

Parth v : I wonder how many of them might not have the chance to learn as well. There are 7.2 B people on Earth out of which few billion are ones who have chance to study science(or whatever they wish to learn) . Statistically you will have more innovation if everyone on Earth has chance to learn whatever they want. I hope we can provide internet to everyone in next 10 Years and then it is matter of time that someone uploads video lectures of subjects from University (It would not cost more than few millions $ ). Actually I will try do it when I have money.

mont lee : Maybe he went to brainstorm with the bogdenoff bros

VIKDR : People have such a limited view of intelligence. Too often we think that if we fill our heads with information, that makes us intelligent, or that if we are skilled at passing tests, specifically IQ tests. Information is important, and at one time I became obsessed with filling my head with as much as I could find, to the point that I had to force myself to start putting limits on what I was willing to learn. In fact I tried to force myself into information that was more functional. Then you are left with a problem. Do you understand this information, or are you just regurgitating it? There is a difference. The former has the skills of a dictionary, the latter has the potential of creating something new. IQ tests only give a snapshot of a person. If a person one person has a great day, they could test higher than they normally would, and then there are the people who just guess, and like the lottery they just happened to be the ones who got the numbers right. But what about the person who had a lack of sleep, maybe was under the weather, or had problems that distracted them at the time of the test? People that look deeper into intelligence have found that there are different types, and that IQ tests do not quantify all of them, not even most of them, and even then the people who study these things often forget to look at creativity. Sidis was definitely intelligent, yet his accomplishments were exaggerated, and his IQ was made up. (If we believe Wikipedia.) One problem with child prodigies is that their abilities don't always keep up with their growth. Just because somebody is way ahead at 8 doesn't mean they will always be that far ahead. Too often others will either catch up to them, or at least close the gap a little or a lot.

James Charbonneau : Nikola Tesla was a real genius. Using his mind to truly change the world. Not some human calculator who's life leaves little impact on this planet.

Mr Kwits : Maybe not so much going crazy "trying to keep up to the expectation of the people" rather, having to deal with a lot of (in his eyes) not so smart people. ;) Great shows Joe!

Sara Skywalker : Was Sedis a Sith?

James Biggar : Smartest person who ever lived was likely a socialist and an atheist. Who'd have thought...

Jack Daniels Ultraselvagem : You'd be amazed to know that the smartest man was Nikola Tesla.

Elizabeth Shaw : I will not even die as a footnote to history or science. My IQ is well up there and I did miraculous things. It all ended when a syndrome that has never been seen before reared its ugly head and I became so disabled that I needed to stop 4 years ago. I continue to work along with my disability check to supplement that and I followed the rules. Now I cannot even do that but I do want to know everything! I pursue knowing everything but not as a know-it-all. Elizabeth MD PhD nutrition science

Allison : His intellect was his own, he didn’t owe humanity any performance or narrative satisfaction.

William Reid : I think you gloss over Ted K's torture at the hands of MKUltra. I don't patreon you, but I'd love to see an AwJ summary of the historical record of MKUltra!

rob goulding : Worlds most intelligent man hated capitalism you say?

AcidDome : He was smart enough to see what humanity was, where it was going, and gave up on it.

mma all day : Lol @ the smartest man who ever lived. No doubt he was intelligent but IQ number means jack shit if you never do anything worthwhile. The "real" smartest men who ever lived would be Nikola Tesla, Michael Faraday, Isaac Newton, Leonardo DaVinci, etc. Why??? Because they actually accomplished things by inventing and making the world a better place instead of just having bragging rights on an IQ number. "Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality." --Nikola Tesla

Prune Juice Power : The curse of intelligence. smh The soft bigotry of low expectation doesn’t do humanity any good. Brilliant people becoming carnival side show attractions to “us” monkeys is frustrating

Christian McDaniel : A lot of misinformation here. This man was commonly known to be somewhat of a hoax. No one was arguing he wasn't smart, but it's normally understood that he was hardly a genius. He knew a couple languages, and he had rich parents that knew how to advertise.

TheDieselbutterfly : dont confuse knowledge with wisdom

13th Gaming Clan : The smartest man ever lived claimed that the worlds problems where caused by religion and Kapitalism. You do realise my ego has been boosted succesfully, I wish I could have met this guy😃

Golden Arts : When I was born I came out with a 200-page book filled with IQ problems, all of them solved. They put me in a room with other newborns and the day after when they walked in the television on the wall was gone. That they would soon forget tho because when they turned around they saw a quantum computer. A week later I spoke every single language that has ever existed on this planet. After a month I made music and directed movies, like Aliens, Terminator, Rocky and hundreds more. I had so much money I let other people take the credit for all the movies and music I made, that's how kind I am. After a year I could read minds, move things without touching them and see through walls. after 10 years I could Fly, change the personality of other human beings by connecting to them trough nano waves, and I could jerk of aswell. Today I can watch a youtube video without the need to believe everything that's being said in the video. I can also play PUBG.

Robert Oschler : What was I doing at age 6? At age 5 I successfully created the first time machine. I traveled back to the days of the Vikings and had a wonderful time with Olaf the Conqueror attacking villages and drinking tons of ale (they even made me a little battle ax and tiny armor!). Unfortunately someone mistook me for a ammunition and launched me with a catapult. I landed badly on my head (but at least I wiped out several enemy sheep). Due to that brain injury I became profoundly stupid. Fortunately, the time machine was programmed to automatically return me to the present time but due to a misplaced semi-colon in the code, self-destructed taking the design plans with it so I have no proof. I lived out the rest of my life as an ordinary computer programmer until last year when I died during a bad flamingo racing accident. Even on my last day, I still had a fond passion for pillaging.

Michael J : Certain geniuses are able to see the construction of the world around them to a depth and in a spectrum unavailable to the rank and file. It will do things to your creation of priorities, including lessening the importance of your immediate life and disarranging an establishment of worthwhile goals. The unseen layers make the everyday ones seem trivial.

Rob Gravelle : This kind of storee makes me happies that I haves a IQ of 81.  I also cants be drafted!

S Bassett : Nothing went wrong. He lived the life he wanted, realizing correctly that he was under no obligation to do anything extraordinary.

Josh Futterman : It is hard to live up to expectations when everyone tells you you're the smartest man who ever lived...But I put my pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else.

Darth Savage : My boss came up to my desk as I was watching this. He stuck around for a few minutes He says you should keep up the good work... and that I should actually start doing some work

psyekl : "Where we end up in life has very little to do with our intelligence..." I definitely agree: Some impressive intellects end up in obscurity, some less-than-impressive intellects end up in positions of wealth and influence.

Blogo Pogo : the smartest person in the world nailed capitalism & religion perfectly

JRLM : A man smarter than everybody on earth blamed societies problems on religion and capitilism... hmmm I agree then.

Stephen Pruszenski : How about Thomas Aquinas? Off the chart I.Q.

Business Outside The Lines : One problem people overlook with regard to intelligence is the loneliness... The lack of people who can stimulate you in conversation or even understand what you're thinking or talking about at the same level of consciousness. This point was touched on briefly in "Good Will Hunting" when he got angry at his instructor for not understanding that the math the instructor was so challenged by was like breathing for Will! It would also explain why he was so willing to work construction and drink with his buddies. In that situation, he could turn it off, the benign chatter wouldn't challenge him but it wouldn't frustrate him either.

jontyoldmanface : He was the exact opposite of me. When tested using a few systems at the age of 16 my I.Q. was literally immeasurable by the systems used (this was done through school, I only know one of the systems which was the Morrisby Profile). Sadly I didn't get any of the direction, support or suggestion needed and wasted it. It took me until age 34 to finally reach a career which I both excel at and enjoy doing. Had there been better supervision and advice at the young age who knows where I could be now. I'm probably the smartest idiot who's ever lived. Do something with your life people, don't waste it and if you don't know what to do or how to figure it out ASK FOR GUIDANCE!

a chicken company : Math wiz & human calculator , Cathryn Johnson , of the NASA program that sent Neil Armstrong to the moon

Vyth Riel : You don't get it man. Being this smart is tormenting and we suffer from various mental illnesses. My dad and brother are both schizophrenic my dad less so and I suffer from major depressive disorder so I spend my time on YouTube screwing around and collecting checks. Still better than being miserable dealing with other people.

Zoe Spacecake : Society is also made by average people for average people.

Imgonnagogetthepapers getthepapers : Nikola Tesla. Probably the most intelligent Non-Jesus person that ever lived.

EastofEden : O. M. G. ... you're talking about the smartest MAN on ... INTERNATION WOMENS DAY!?!?!?

OOUER : You deserve more subscribers...