Hells kitchen - Wedding failure

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Red team fails with wedding dinner at season 3. Gordon Lackar Ur As Hell

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Paul Ziolo : Why doesn’t Melissa tie her hair back? I thought that was a basic rule of kitchen hygiene...

Shoibal sami mustafa : Melissa dont need Ramsay, she needs an exorcist.

MrsMistahM : I cannot stand her hair 🤢

Ashanti : I find this hilarious because usually they describe their food in depth, but all she could say was, "It's a duck breast."

Shadow Hedgehog : 3:50 parenting at public 5:06 parenting at home

Carlos Gallego : Lmao. Gordon was so pissed that he was still angry when telling the men their reward

Ralad : "Uhh...right. Okay. Um..." -Gordon Ramsay 2007

Phira N : "Describe your dish." "That's a dried turd."

Aydin Biber : "Melissa gets stressed out when she's in the kitchen". Aren't they competing to become chef's?

MostlyVanilla : ‘Chef, I don’t think we should serve them our food.’ *MELISSA YOU’VE GOT HUGE BALLS TO FREAKING SAY THAT*

StrixHendrix : Why's there a meth addict on the show

SimpleVillain : This is like showing up on presentation day at school and having only 1 slide complete in your powerpoint

Peppon : That little sound effect when Gordon throws the napkin on the plate at 4:23 killed me 😂😂

Jeff Hsu : i thought it was a piece of bread lol

Elevating Dreams : I laughed so hard when Gordon tells her to describe the dish! Lol😂

Ghosty 8 : 5:06 you 4 hell's betchess 🤣🤣😂😂

Ruby is always sleepy : I know we're all talking about Melissa's messy hair, but that bride to be is so adorable, especially when she smiles!

Goldie : You can tell how pissed Gordon actually was, he didn't even smile when telling the guys their reward. Probably went and ripped the ladies asses straight after.

Hunter m : That one girl looks like she ain’t showered in a month

magic everywhere in this bitch : As if I'd eat anything cooked by Melissa. I'd yak out a hairball.

Wassabi Chopstick69 : She needs to take care of that hair because it looks like an undiscovered rainforest

lurch321 : "Rock's ribeye easily beats the women's lame duck."--I see what you did there, Mr. Announcer!  *dies laughing*

Aaron Arshad : Gordons face as he tells them to clap!😂😂😂

Arely Pena : Clearly melissa has never heard of a brush.

Wulfman317 : Good lord that duck. Rock could have served a half sucked Jolly Rancher on a bed of toenail clippings and the men still would have won.

FeedingFrenzy91 : When Ramsey said reward it sounded almost like he was "should I even give a reward when they basically gave it to u?) God bless everyone.


Clarence Aaron Jones : For Melissa's defiance, chef Ramsey should have taken her jacket and kicked her out right then and there.

Caleb Adair : Bonnie: "Mr ramasy, I don't feel so good"

Dr. Buttcheeks : She should tie back that hair, don't want anything to get in the food.

Kalrav Srivastava : Well, with all due respect, the bride was really cute!

Possible Paraplegic : “Alright Hells Bitches.”

Stoic Wolf : Melissa looks like a cave woman....

Edwin diaz : 3:37 Thanos: your wish is granted *snaps fingers*

Hispanic! at the disco : Melissa needs to tie up her hair. For goodness sake isn't that just basic hygiene?

Gabriel Gittens : She should learn to wash her hair before learning how to cook but she still has not got hand of either

jkrfan7 : I feel so bad for the other ladies. If it hadn’t been for Melissa, the dish probably would’ve had a chance

steffen r : Ramsay getting them to clap. Seemed like a dad lol

phychonaut ready for launch! : Gordon doesn't even have to add the "of" to "get out of my sight"

Caitlin Pearson : Melissa when she first came to Hell’s Kitchen: “people always judge me when I walk in the kitchen by my looks.” John Cena meme: “are sure about that?”

Tomatron the One : 5:26 that was powerful.

I'm just some Canadian guy and I say : Love the duck reveal music. 😄

Edward Henderson : I thought the duck was a piece of dried testicle😂

dvdv7777 : It is quite well known that Ramsay often exaggerates his rage for the cameras as part of his TV persona. But here you can notice that he was seriously pissed. He doesn't shout, he doesn't stomp around. Instead, he gives them this stare of death, and his contained rage is almost palpable. THIS Gordon Ramsay is absolutely terrifying.

Emilio Sean De Olim : Four hells bitches hahaha

Christian Gutierrez : 0:22 Gordon was like "CLAP YOU BIMBOS!!!"

Justin Speaks. : "Chef I don't think that we should serve them our food" "*WHAT* !?!?"

thedarkness97 : Meth labs shouldn't let their experiments like Melissa escape! Embarrassing!!