Hells kitchen - Wedding failure

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MrsMistahM : I cannot stand her hair 🤢


Small Moustache Man : Wtf Melissa looks like a homeless person Why doesn’t she have her hair tied up.

Paul Ziolo : Why doesn’t Melissa tie her hair back? I thought that was a basic rule of kitchen hygiene...

Ralad : "Uhh...right. Okay. Um..." -Gordon Ramsay 2007

晓莎那 : "Describe your dish." "That's a dried turd."

nerdherd72 : serious question: what couple has a tasting for their wedding reception less than 24 hours before the event?? That sounds beyond risky and a little staged tbh

Kitagawa Yuki : gordon: um right..okay uh..*SELF DESTRUCT BUTTON NOT WORKING*

Sage The Poet : When he tells them to get out of his sight, his eyes look so scary!

Elevating Dreams : I laughed so hard when Gordon tells her to describe the dish! Lol😂

Aydin Biber : "Melissa gets stressed out when she's in the kitchen". Aren't they competing to become chef's?


Anubis : I love how after the duck has been served gordon just keeps glancing over to the ladies side just to emphasis how fucked they are XD

dvdv7777 : It is quite well known that Ramsay often exaggerates his rage for the cameras as part of his TV persona. But here you can notice that he was seriously pissed. He doesn't shout, he doesn't stomp around. Instead, he gives them this stare of death, and his contained rage is almost palpable. THIS Gordon Ramsay is absolutely terrifying.

Manoli S. : I love how Gordon's trying to keep his composure for the guests while Melissa's bullshitting lol

Shoibal sami mustafa : Melissa dont need Ramsay, she needs an exorcist.

Peppon : That little sound effect when Gordon throws the napkin on the plate at 4:23 killed me 😂😂

Ashanti : I find this hilarious because usually they describe their food in depth, but all she could say was, "It's a duck breast."

Hispanic! at the disco : Melissa needs to tie up her hair. For goodness sake isn't that just basic hygiene?

magic everywhere in this bitch : As if I'd eat anything cooked by Melissa. I'd yak out a hairball.

Wassabi Chopstick69 : She needs to take care of that hair because it looks like an undiscovered rainforest

Ruby is always sleepy : I know we're all talking about Melissa's messy hair, but that bride to be is so adorable, especially when she smiles!

Jeff Hsu : i thought it was a piece of bread lol

DatGuyWithNoName : I thought the Duck was bread at first.

MostlyVanilla : ‘Chef, I don’t think we should serve them our food.’ MELISSA YOU’VE GOT HUGE BALLS TO SAY THAT TO FREAKING GORDON RAMSAY-

David Han : First of all, I'm deeply embarrassed.

StrixHendrix : Why's there a meth addict on the show

Hunter m : That one girl looks like she ain’t showered in a month

Oh God : It's kinda sad Gordan had to tell them to clap.

Caleb Adair : Bonnie: "Mr ramasy, I don't feel so good"

Du_ hast mich : the stoner looks like a cheap Lana del rey rip off...

Yee Boi : For everyone asking why they had to clap it's because it's a good thing to do in the food industry and in general when an engage couple comes in. You have to treat every guess like they're welcome but if someone comes in your restaurant engage or getting married (seen it happened before) then you have to clap to show respect and manners. Some people actually get fired for not showing any respect at all to them because it's something special in their life and for someone to ruin it sometimes...well you'll be surprised lol but I've seen it happened a lot in the food industry

Crippling Depression Itself : So did they divorce?

TheForgery : 0:20 Love it how Ramsay displayed irritation that no one clapped until he did it.

Dr. Buttcheeks : She should tie back that hair, don't want anything to get in the food.

lurch321 : "Rock's ribeye easily beats the women's lame duck."--I see what you did there, Mr. Announcer!  *dies laughing*

Kalrav Srivastava : Well, with all due respect, the bride was really cute!

thedarkness97 : Meth labs shouldn't let their experiments like Melissa escape! Embarrassing!!

Ghosty 8 : 5:06 you 4 hell's betchess 🤣🤣😂😂

Edwin diaz : 3:37 Thanos: your wish is granted *snaps fingers*

Carlos Gallego : Lmao. Gordon was so pissed that he was still angry when telling the men their reward

Vaun N : I feel so bad for Jen, they thought she cooked it :(

Gabriel Gittens : She should learn to wash her hair before learning how to cook but she still has not got hand of either


Clarence Aaron Jones : For Melissa's defiance, chef Ramsey should have taken her jacket and kicked her out right then and there.

I'm just some Canadian guy and I say : Love the duck reveal music. 😄

Jasin Kurti : Melissa looks like a crack fiend.

Stoic Wolf : Melissa looks like a cave woman....

Cristian Ortiz : Girls: Students when there is a subsitute Chef rasmsy: My teacher the next day

Aaron Arshad : Gordons face as he tells them to clap!😂😂😂