Hells kitchen - Wedding failure

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Sage : When he tells them to get out of his sight, his eyes look so scary!


Birew 34 : Gordon: Explain the dish Jen: That's a duck breast. *Dead silence*

Adrian Joseph : i nearly cried when i saw the duck *dead*

Jasin Kurti : Melissa looks like a crack fiend.

TheOMGsee : Ramsay: Describe the dish Chef: Duck breast with a side of air and covered in a sauce of embarrassment and failure

Hispanic! at the disco : Melissa needs to tie up her hair. For goodness sake isn't that just basic hygiene?

Oh God : It's kinda sad Gordan had to tell them to clap.

The Terrible Turophile : This is the clip that got me addicted to Hell's Kitchen.

rahul kurup : gordon: describe the dish lady: its a duck

DeeDee B : Melissa's hair looks so tangled and oily, like it needs washing. And she has to tie her hair up and back, it's unprofessional and disgusting.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds : Even when he's telling the guys they won he sounds pissed off.

svyrio : They should've been mellifluous with the duck. "This is a fresh, natural duck, pan seared with its own juices, with all natural olive oil, oven toasted, and blast fried in the finest, most luxurious kitchenware on the market, served with an extra firm backside and partially destroyed breast side."

Dnbray : why would someone want to have their wedding dinner there have they not watched hells kitchen they should know they always mess up

bontragerjones : Get. Out. My. Sight. That was delivered so well.

croco sillikicks : "Explain the dish." "That's a...duck breast...uh...with a side of oxygen...and it comes with a plate. And it's cut up into five portions."

o g : "This is a duck breast evenly cooked to perfction notice the caramel texture the natural aroma of simplicity at its best no flare and no wow factor. Its flavor is 100% fresh duck, just duck. Bon appetite.

Sevv9220 : I would have BSed it and said something like: "This is a duck breast, which has been cooked at nearly 1000 degrees to ensure it has a tough texture. It has invisible sauce to bring out that zesty flavor, and is garnished with disappearing bacon crusted asparagus."

KarlJC1411 : Melissa makes me cringe. The way she talks is disgusting.

jonh 866 : This is the kind of BOSS that pushes you to do ur best lol he's the kind tht can get the best out of u if u could stand his wrath

NJPwN : _sudden urge to watch a season of Hell's Kitchen arises_

GameCargo : I love how Gordon is the most scary when he isn't yelling but when he's talking quiet....

KaBhi18 : "open hunting season on chicks" lol wtf? Also what's with the thirsty-ass comments on every freaking Gordon Ramsay video?

DieHardNYGiantsFan : I think I've seen the wife in porn once

Bradon Hadley : "All the pressure riding on me" Then he saw the woman's dish Thinking "yep we got this

Rafael Couto : i honistly burst into laughter when i saw that duck.

Luke Piper : >raises hand "Chef before we begin I just thought you'd like to know I think our team's food is shit." Flawless strategy, princess.

buster20010 : They should start a gofundme to buy that girl a hairbrush.

dvdv7777 : It is quite well known that Ramsay often exaggerates his rage for the cameras as part of his TV persona. But here you can notice that he was seriously pissed. He doesn't shout, he doesn't stomp around. Instead, he gives them this stare of death, and his contained rage is almost palpable. THIS Gordon Ramsay is absolutely terrifying.

Amiel : 3:21. The moment Gordon knew he has the power to suppress his rage.

Vince Barry : To everyone talking about how messy Melissa's hair was, it is very obvious that she was under a shit-ton of stress from being on Hell's Kitchen and stopped giving a fuck about her appearance. Earlier in the season, she was on par with Bonnie in terms of attractiveness, but she just stopped giving a fuck and let her appearance go.

Posso : Red lost for being sitting ducks

Guilherme C. : Why do so many culinary students smoke?

inbisibleful : Imagine him trying the duck and throwing the plate saying "RUBBER RUBBER RUBBER!!!!"

Mimi : What happened tho? now I'm curious why they couldn't finish the duck.

TheForgery : 0:20 Love it how Ramsay displayed irritation that no one clapped until he did it.

UltimateHandler : That duck dish was too avant-garde for ramsay lol

Rodge Rodriguez : My jaw literally dropped to the fucking floor when she uncovered that last dish... By the way, Melissa looks like a junkie.

Internet Dinosaur : Bonnie is so attractive though.

Jormundheim Vissa : Melissa looks like that girl from the exorcist.

QJD1381 : Well, being fair, Melissa warned Ramsay multiple times, lol

Sean Robinson JR : This gotta be staged. How? Even the worse chefs in there should be a better chef then me. HOW?

Ricardo AssLips : Mellissa looks like she's been gang banged and doing blow all night......

Heyhey2910 and Awesomedudeutbe gaming : I hope Melissa got voted off


Neo polly : 5:25 "Get out my sight." [Girl pulls out a pair of glasses.]

vanthursday : This sht is not gonna work on asian weddings... This looks like serving like poor people because of lack of food..

OptisaurusPRIME : Melissa looks like that drug addicted lesbian on OITNB.

Marc Lemieux : Wouldn't it have been awkward if the girls won the first 2? I wonder if Ramsay would have let the men win by default because of the duck lol

Cat Knight : I thought that duck was bread at first. I can't believe how badly it was messed up.