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Jack Black Brought To Tears After Meeting Homeless Kid

Jack Black Brought To Tears After Meeting Homeless Kid

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Matt Bolt : Education and teaching them how to think, build and do science on their own is the key to ending poverty.

SuperNumberonehater : Why the fuck isĀ a millionare movie star like Jack BlackĀ asking us for money to help this boy when this fat nigga got more money then all of us combined. How about you just help him yourself you rich piece of shit.

Kiwi girl Sunderland : Does anyone know how he is now?

Andrew Sabado : i need more money to help stuff like this. im really sorry i cant help you i really wish i could i tearer me apart know i could do more for this world before i die. i hope others see me pain

Eric Hardric : Seeing something like this really helps you put your own shit into perspective, doesn't it?

TOON/Anime Revolutions : Take the kid fuckn home jack cmon wat does it cost to save a life

Bodhi : Jack Black has always been a good man. I hope he continues this, rather than being a one off.

Tendergopher : non digetic music too loud in my opinion

simonriddick : Net worth of $30 million. Sorry kid can't take you back with me lol!. whaaa whaaa whaaa! :P.

Drk Mercenary : I mean, it's sad sure. But maaaaaaaybe this is nature's way of fixing overpopulation. Why donate to fix the symptom when they haven't figured out how to fix the cause?

Robust Enigma : Holy fuck, this was way too heavy for 4am.

oceanic deviant : More like Jack BLACKED hahaha amirite fellow redditors? Upvotes to the left if you agree!

BossMadOne : There is over 3 million homeless children in the United States of America, how about you do a video about that.

Nick Bell : No. No. Jack, you want to help Felix? You want to help the kids like him? The dont need food or school. They need bullets. Their governments created the conditions he is in now and are doing everything in their power to keep him there. A box of 7.62x39 is very cheap.

View all 45 replies : he has so much money he could easily buy him a home and give him money for education and leaving, would be nothing for him at this country

baron : This is going to bring me to tears man wtf :/ I need a joint while i sit hear a comfy as possible with nothing to worry about fml. I want to give felix a life man wtf :/

Twiztidguy : pffffff.... or you COULD GET A CAR!.

Starogre : i wonder if they have safe spaces in Uganda

ChefBrianPMurphy : Felix: "I want to go home with you." Jack: "ehhhhhh that's not allowed." That kid is seen as nothing, the Ugandan government would allow his adoption instantaneously, especially to a multi-millionaire celebrity. JB is a hypocrite and shill.

TurPPu : He just happens to speak english?

Bogdan : Stop having kids, countries like Uganda probably have higher population under 18 than over.

tornado001p : lol kids here hate school. these kids wanna learn

Dao Yang : Jack's heart broke when he said "I can't, it's not allowed" That blank stare and the watery eyes gave it away. Comedy and music is life but we still have a heart. Maybe someday the kid will grow up to be a vocalist like Jack and blow people's mind with his vocals.

Tony M : that must have been the hardest thing jack had to say to that young man. I don't think I can take you home. I don't think it's allowed.

Amir Salomon : Please give money to poor starving African children. It helps them start families of even more poor starving african children. For every poor starving african kid you help today, you'll have twenty more to send money to in the near future. Its what Jesus whould have wanted. "More poor starving africans please," said Jesus. "Give them food so they can grow strong and fuck!"

Tony Music : What do you call someone who makes a lot of Dad jokes but doesn't have any kids? A faux-pa.

Good human be happy : To end poverty we must end the greed of wealthy men who exploit people in poverty.

Camiel Vanpoele : God bless those kids I cryed to please lord save them

patrick garcia : Jack black you can take him home You can pull some strings

Zajaka : #notmyproblem

JIMBOTHY : My heart hurts :(

ToesterWaffles : No whipits?

Jessie Roden : God cast doan ur blessings on him an help him n the way only u can Jesus the man who can an will save him please lord


Vee Zee : I truly hope he finds a good life.

Drunken Tiger J : good for Kung Fu Panda šŸ‘

John Doe : Narration. DING!

robert johnson : jake has enough money of his own to end poverty over there

bigearedmouse17 : Could of done the same film in Detroit. (and saved some money)

Aviation Nut : Cracker pretending he cares and pockets the donations.

Killer Cade Gaming : black of the jack listen to me my son.... it has been for told by the scrolls... the mc rib is on its way!!! hunger will be no more!

Manated : Though this is sad to watch always remember to help your countrymen first. Once those needs have been met in ones own country then we can worry about others.

Dew Lee : I watch these not a lot but every once when I run across them and I see these actors slash movie stars and they ask the common people the people who are not in that situation may be above that situation and you should be grateful for it but I always wonder if those actors how much they are given how much they have contributed. Not just their time in their acting skills and be in there but how much money being millionaires some being multi-millionaires how much did they give I think it'll always be a a good thing 4 them to start out that way to to show what they have given

pastuleo79 : I'm Bono...Yeah Yeah Yeah!!

hannimanni41 : And the SJW's complain about their pronouns.....

Antonio Higgins : And fucking liberals complain about living in America....

Craig O neill : How could ya say no to taking him home with ya must of broke his heart

Captian Chaoz : Stop fucking , very simple. Send condoms, or Doctors to cut balls off.

Angie Whittington : update please if possible i want to hear that this boy is doing better and in school and happy

ShadowBane100 : who ever the fuck disliked the video is fucking heartless...