Jack Black Brought To Tears After Meeting Homeless Kid

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Matt Bolt : Education and teaching them how to think, build and do science on their own is the key to ending poverty.

Tony M : that must have been the hardest thing jack had to say to that young man. I don't think I can take you home. I don't think it's allowed.

Armando Gonzalez : so the only important thing he wants to do is go to school and learn while a lot of us take education for granted. sad video, god bless him.

Jennie Sanchez : People ask why Jack Black is asking for money when he has money. I'm sure Jack Black is donating his money to this cause since he cares so much for it. He's also bringing awareness to the situation & to the children. If everyone would care as much as he does, maybe we can save one child at a time. So, if you aren't helping, please don't post negative statements. May God continue to keep YOU safe, warm & sheltered, for YOU are one of the privileged. PnL

Mitch Dupuis : I fuckin' love Jack Black. The guy is amazing

genewiev : I almost cant believe all the comments that have ignorant and shamefull hatespeech under this educating video. Shut up if you dont have anything nice or vise to say. Thank you Jack for doing this and keep on working on this project.

Isaih Morales : All these people in the comment section think he can just take this kid, but the reality is that this kid isn't a baby, he's old enough to know but yet not old enough to conserve for the US, this kid has to be approved by the US Government knowing the way things are in our country. Don't y'all think if it was that easy he would take more than just one of them? He shown greatness in his heart and don't even think that one of y'all would do the same to show awareness of Uganda... Lets just pray that Uganda gets better and lets pray that the US citizens show some humanity instead of just talking out of their ass, Jack Black at least put more money than most of these celebrities and/or billionaires that aren't doing a damn thing about this situation...

Shannon Williams : y don't we help the hungry kids in are own country first

Sanche Khan : Jack you got millions you should've gave him 1k

Samantha Lopez : I really like Jack Black. I think he had great intentions. I am sure he spent a day with Felix and when Felix made the statement about going home with him, maybe caught off guard or didn't know what to say. However, i am sure he has given it thought and wishes he could or perhaps he is looking into the matter, cut the guy some compassion. It's overwhelming there, i am sure he wishes he could help all of the children. Don't judge, help if you can, wait for an update.....

Kiwi girl Sunderland : Does anyone know how he is now?

spittyfire3 : Awesome video!! Broke my heart. What an eye opener! When Jack Black tells him he can't come home with him and you see all hope fade away from the childs face...super moving. I'm sure...like 100% sure, that even though one man can't change the world, if that one man had the means to change one childs life...he would. Can't wait to hear the update on Felix and how Mr. Black has helped him out after spending a whold day with him. Oh and hey, check out the vid about how funny it is that Jack's son wracked up a $3,000 app bill. Hahahaha! So funny!

Gary Wilson : Brilliant Acting Jack!!...why don't you get your ass back to the U.S. and help out here?! Instead of all that jet fuel & heroic hell-y wood drama.

I. Roiz : "I wanna go home with u" "I don't think u can, i don't think it's allowed." it's called adoption bro. nice acting job though.

Dina Smith : these actors make me Sick! you got millions and your putting on your tears and fake compassion asking poor people barely getting by to help. really people. wake up"!". the money donated goes straight in CEO pocket. etc. not to those who need it. all the time u see this. why don't u skip that thousand dollar meal u got planned for later. or not buy shoes that cost thousands. when u have so many already". quit asking us for money. ask your rich friends to fork some over ...If you really care

ballsofass : "i want to go with you"....."i dont think its allowed"   ....Blame the government/Regime that our western society lives in... who call these people "illegal alien immigrants" this is too much for me :(

macdaddyaj : If i had the money id adopt that little boy hate seeing kids go through things like that

Rusty Shackleford : There are homeless children in cities all over THIS nation. Help clean up your own backyard first, then go to Africa. What must a homeless vet think if he were to see this?

Jesus Oregon : It's pretty dishonest of Jack to act like the U.S. won't let him take an african child to the states...what a crock. Everyone knows celebs and even just regular people adopt african kids all the time. He'd rather just get a fat check for making a vid to get all of you to give money and open your doors to them. Jack knows better. You should too.

skeeziks05 : kids are living in extreme poverty yet jack leaves a kid hanging at 0:33

Strangerdenfiction : Jack Black has millions$$$$. Let me say this, while he obviously could not just a said "Oh yeah! Absolutely lil bro! You wanna leave with me? Well come on, you'll be catching the next flight with me out of here & to America!" He still could hve done a lot in regards to changing just that one kids life forever. And if he really wanted to take him bk, he would hve went thru all the necessary steps required & would hve because here could hve, taken him bk to the States.

ThePowerOfEquality432 : For all of you saying negative things about Jack, fuck off. How many celebrities do you see doing shit like this? Almost none. All he's trying to do is make a difference in this world. He's doing a good thing.

Marsha Malone : Jack Black can't you give a follow up on the boy. I will try to get him if somebody talks!

HMG KRL : but they just won't stop breeding. it's a sad situation.

Tron Johnson : Jack Black could just give the kid his watch...

Howie Krakk : im tired of yall talking about jack blacc pockets like bruh ; u think if he could adopted the child he would ; he basically the spokesperson for this project ; to get muhfuggas like us to click on it; if jack black wasnt doin the video im pretty sure no of yall would of cared

Nathan Griewisch : this is why everyone loves jack just a good hearted dude

Matthew Banko : maybe if these Africans or whatever they are would stop having so many fucking kids most of them have like 20 fucking kids a piece...i think after 4 kids (possibility even none) and every one of them should be sterilized...what kind of low life fuck brings that many children or even 1 child into the world KNOWING they wont be able to take care of them and setting them up for that quality of life

akz SYD : Must be too hard to see the hardship in real life

Miriam Berman : I saw in another video that this boy was adopted!

Han Starliper : For all the people saying he should just give money too him clearly doesn't get the dangers of that. That kid could be killed for that money. Who knows what would happen to him.

Stacy White : Dear god...

Good human be happy : To end poverty we must end the greed of wealthy men who exploit people in poverty.

saabturbografx : Why is he in the hills of Beverly making white middle America guilt for African overpopulation?

pammyoneto : He only has to visit towns in America, he`ll see plenty homeless kids there.

spittyfire3 : Hey Jack Black...3:42. Do something. For that one kid. YOU can. You're in a position to do something for the child this organization is using to make others aware. YOU sir, can change HIS life. Seriously...how could you not try to. I'm sorry. I'm sure you're on it! How could someone in your position not be? Am I wrong?

SuperNumberonehater : Why the fuck is a millionare movie star like Jack Black asking us for money to help this boy when this fat nigga got more money then all of us combined. How about you just help him yourself you rich piece of shit.

Amir Salomon : Please give money to poor starving African children. It helps them start families of even more poor starving african children. For every poor starving african kid you help today, you'll have twenty more to send money to in the near future. Its what Jesus whould have wanted. "More poor starving africans please," said Jesus. "Give them food so they can grow strong and fuck!"

Nancy tallgirl : I can't stop thinking about Felix. Does anyone know how he's doing now? I wish I had the money I would adopt him and bring him to the states. Why don't these rich people help/ why didn't Jack Black go through the proper channels to adopt him. He has the money. I just don't understand. My heart saddens for these children. God watch over these children and find them loving families. Amen.

queen Galaxy101 : People who bring children into this world and can't afford to take care of them should be sent to jail. Let's be honest put on a Fucking Condom. Or just don't have sex.


Matt Kole : Off camera jack prolly says im sorry ur homeless kid...but do u know where can i get sum gooood dope?? He a fake just like rest them rich fucks n I agree stop havun kids people!! And if thats love happening... to make all them kids suffer by bringing them into a shithole world. Id defiantly hate to see wat the hate brings! I agree educate n sterile the adults!! They will pay in hell im sure! that goes for the whole world all these babies gettun brought into shit they do not need go through!! If ur n adult open ur eyes if ur living in squander noo need bring ne one else to ur hell! Sorry u gotta go through it but have a heart n pull out save a child!!!

Philly Sports! : But jack black definitely could of at least paid his tuition

Eric Hardric : Seeing something like this really helps you put your own shit into perspective, doesn't it?

Plague Doc : Knowing how lifefull and nice Jack is as a person. Saying he cant take that boy home, really must've hurt him inside..you can tell from his eyes that was incredibly hard on him. So much respect for Jack.

RyanKills710 : this is liberal propaganda

Tony Music : What do you call someone who makes a lot of Dad jokes but doesn't have any kids? A faux-pa.

Foundation Palace : Let’s spread love ❤️

Will Nada : broken my heart . jack you are something else n we need more like you to do more things like this to bring this to the attention of others

Flip Flop : Dam not gonna lie. That got me