Slavoj Zizek - 2018-03-08 - This Week [couchtripper]

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Johan Delvare : Poor Zizek, it shocks to see him like that. Luckily he's not permanently fucked (copypasted this from /leftypol/ tbh): Most people with Bell's palsy start to regain normal facial function within 3 weeks—even those who do not receive treatment.[36] In a 1982 study, when no treatment was available, of 1,011 patients, 85% showed first signs of recovery within 3 weeks after onset. For the other 15%, recovery occurred 3–6 months later. After a follow-up of at least one year or until restoration, complete recovery had occurred in more than two-thirds (71%) of all patients. Recovery was judged moderate in 12% and poor in only 4% of patients.[37] Another study found that incomplete palsies disappear entirely, nearly always in the course of one month. The patients who regain movement within the first two weeks nearly always remit entirely. When remission does not occur until the third week or later, a significantly greater part of the patients develop sequelae.[38] A third study found a better prognosis for young patients, aged below 10 years old, while the patients over 61 years old presented a worse prognosis.[14]

A csatorna : Hope Žižek vs. Peterson will take place eventually.

Benjamin gszy : Stay alive Zizek

Simte : Stay strong Žižek!

World Citizen : Very rude interviewer. He isn't letting his guests to talk at all!

Jonah Dempcy : Relieved to see Z is sharp as ever. I don't think he had a stroke because he is still crystal clear in his thinking and full of passion and energy. I would imagine it's Bell's palsy. I just have to say, Z is such a resilient, incredible thinker and speaker, I am so happy that this health setback has seemingly not phased him. Go Slavoj!

thebeatles112 : Saddest interview I have seen of him, but not because of his illness, but because they had him on as just a "wow" factor. The host was rude to him, and he clearly didn't take him serious.

R-01 : This is why this kind of shows will die in the future. Such a constrained time for such a complex topic, forcing the discussion "to flow" without allowing the people to properly develop their ideas. Thus, the end result is a bland and sterile discussion that doesn't help anyone.

MindSet'sAThreat : Also, Sanders didnt lose. He was conspired against by the DNC

Probably Not : those muppets should shut up! so Zizek speak! Gulag to those muppets!

Probably Not : I love you Zizek hope you get well soon!!

Nixon 021 : Hope you get better soon, Zizek. We need you! interviewer is rude, and is not worthy of Slavoj.

Existenshield : He says at the beginning that "there is no organized Left" and "all we get is a protracted decay"... and also the thing with the left side of his face is noticeable, good thing he wrote a book called "Enjoy your symptom" so he probably has it all figured out at least from a psychological perspective. Also, what an idiot and imbecile show host.


Matt D : I'll pray to my statue of Stalin for comrade Zizek's speedy recovery.

Tanya : Zizek, we love you.

Gweilo : the way that lady says 'do you understand' to slavoj zizek while she attempts to outline her fucking basic political analysis

Sir David Frederick Attenborough : he does look better in the interview...

Fucker Carlson : Uh, no Liberal Elites, Bernie Sanders did not lose, he was CHEATED, RIPPED OFF, SCREWED. I get it, these are Brits so maybe they don't know the ins and outs of American Politics, but the Democratic Party rigged the primary at the behest of Hillary Clinton (who used the DNC as her own piggy bank) and they kicked Democratic Voters off the voting rolls in areas that would have gone to Sanders, siphoning all individual donations straight to Clinton and when Voters sued the DNC it admitted in open court that the DNC committing fraud is not against their own charter. The Left is rising, and the Establishment (money changers at the top) are doing everything in their power to destroy the Left.

Interpret-nation : Capitalism is destroying democracy, nothing else. Chompsky was correct, Zizie was correct, Marx was correct. The Left was completely wrong.

Jama M Jama : stay strong Žižek. much love

Shawn P : Why would you have Zizek on if you just interrupt him every time that he tries to make a point?

Rohme Giuliano : During the first segment, I was extremely saddened to see his, temporary or otherwise, facial deformity. During the discussion portion, I was happy to see the same ole Zizek who can not stop talking. He has not lost any of his implacable will!

Lean McHungry : Zizek is one passionate hombre, bravo.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart : Fuck those milquetoast interviewers, shutting a guy up while he’s giving a critical forecast, like everything is going to just be ok as long as social democracy continues along with all its milquetoast interviews.

Martín Funes : Why do you invite someone if you don't let them speak, and interrupt them the whole time? Maybe now that he's got face paralysis it's not as showy to have him on camera.

Yaxley : Andrew Neil stfu and let Zizek speak

Niek : What a fucking horrible show. A more important question than this testing who has read more newspaper columns: Is Slavoj alright? (and apparently he wants to be called by his first name now?)

Alan Hanson : I love Slavoj Zizek.

Jenny Kiss : Very cool intro

A Dove is a Glove : Why even invite him if you're not going to let him make his point? It's good to ask critical questions but let him finish! Talking to an intellectual giant like he's some kind of nobody

Henri de Feraudy : Rude interviewer, I could not watch this too long.

Duncan Rossi : hope he gets well soon

gno nimo : I've been on the dole for six years after dropping out of school at 15, and I must say, apart from Zizek the whole level of debate in this show is beneath me.

G. Petre : We all wish you a quick recovery Slavoj, great talk !

Aleksander Oliver : I dont think he is done. Needs more coke.

Kyle Larson : france is moderate? the cops act with authoritarian impunity in Paris. fraco and mussilini are becoming more openly supported as well. Brazilian democracy is failing, australia is becoming an ever more unequal corporate business haeven, democracy doesnt exist in mexico. Russia is authoritarian, Britan is xenophobic. The US is turning more rabidly corporate and waging war on the poor. South Africa is in a silent civil war. plus antartica is melting..

Wasteland Courier : i wonder who this silly lady is. She really seems completely lost

Chameleon Firestorm : Invites a superstar intellectual. Doesn't let him speak.

soruche : honestly what was the point of having zizek on if they are just going to talk amongst themselves, embarrassing from Neil

The Irrelevant : 14:07 - To end... Mah boi Žižek is becoming a Posadist is seems... COME SPACE COMRADES lel

Mohammad J. Masad : I hate this interviewer so much! he's hosted Slavoj before and he was just as rude, its infuriating!!

NestosAnm : stop interupting the guy ffs

Cinik Cynic : horrible interviewer.

edthewave : The interviewer is awful...just as Zizek gets going he cuts him off on a tangent. I hope this kind of television program format dies a fiery death and is relegated to the dustbin of media history.

Jenny Kiss : Did he have a stroke?

Salamoon Decosta : Why won't those dickheads let him end a single fookin sentence? Eh.

Özgür Taşkent : such a rude interviewer!

David Antipodes : I love Slavoj Zizek so much. Bells Palsy or not I am sure I will keep being mesmerized.

Leo Gorgone : God awful moderator