Darth Vader Mask Fail

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Auralnauts : For those of you are inevitably going to ask about Ep. 6, I encourage you to either check out our podcast or follow us on FB or Twitter. We update our audience on the progress all the time and talk about our process. Until it's released, we'll continue to make other videos to keep our channel going. For those of you interested in the end track, we're not entirely sure about our ability to add it to our stores, but we are making it available to our patrons.

ccmaster86 : 1:30 Love that it looks like he's about to burst out laughing.

onedeadsaint : this really goes to show how great James Earl Jones' voice really is! honestly, I don't think the dialogue would work that well without it. great video!

Unicorn Workhorse : Sounds like a drunk Hayden

SanelyRed : Auralnauts, yes! Today is a good day!

LuanO7 : That "Nooo" killed me... :D It's like he misses Padme, but just a little

Mr. Gentlezombie : I think his voice would be improved if only he just used copper. Like Brett Farvraahhhhhhh.

Nøderak : Did anyone else finally break out laughing at "I find your lack of faith disturbing". RIP JEJ

Mary Ranises : Wow now I can actually believe he and Kylo and related.

Jeff : That impression is spot on. Nice job.

OldsXCool : I thought you guys got the actual Hayden to do this! That was amazing lol!

MovieCore : Eechoota!

Randypan : I was just about to kill myself, but then I got a notification that Auralnauts had just uploaded a new video, now all is right with the world again, thanks guys. Lucas probably would've ended up doing this himself if he still had control, but thanks for reminding me how much to doofus Anakin was anyway, love you guys all over.

Michael Buckelew : “Grandfather’s voice is so RAW!”

MisterDutch93 : We sure are lucky that Darth's lungs were roasted on Mustafar.

bladedesoul : Lets all take a moment and be thankful that George Lucas can't make a special edition like this.

Vega Thawne : THAT is a great sounding Anakin.

Mike S. : This is definitely Episode 2 Hayden 😂😂😂

Backstage Bum : "If you want James Earl Jones's voice, you're going to have to earn it in a loot box." - EA

Jake Smith : It does somewhat sound like hayden

McHox : just perfect

TJ / Henry Yoshi : I need a full rendition of the thriller remix it’s so good

mulkytool : Now do one with Hayden talking and Darth Vader's voice dubbed over, especially the scene where he is talking about sand

Tom Morley : Doing me a concern

StuffWeUnderstand : Can I book Christopher for my birthday party?

D B : Got me really excited for episode 6 though, was so sure this was it lol

D B : I love this hahaha!

Blu : sounds like a younger version of hal-9000

Ethan Petrashek : I give it a 6/10 Haydens. Much closer to Episode 2 Hayden than Episode 3 Hayden. Obviously leaves a lot to be desired.

Dang Itshere : lol Darth Wiseu

BluuFoxz : The "Thriller" remix at the end is pretty dope.

Darth Liquid : Damn that's a damn good Hayden impression. You guys deserve so much more attention!

Christopher Emanus : Dark Helmet?

Why youtube why : Christ it's a good thing Lucas sold his shit, you might of given the fucker some ideas for the new edition.

bladedesoul : Dude is spot on, sounds like Anakin

Hypergalactica : This is basically what it was like when they were filming.

Cameron Pearce : Now I want James Earl Jones to read young Anakin’s lines and the sand bit.

Jack Atlas : Now can you imagine Movie Anakin with Matt Lanter's voice? (The clone wars VA) that'd be amazing.

Heath McCasland : Spoiler alert at 2:28

Joshua Bellis : This is hauntingly like Hayden hahaha

Jordan Robinson : his voice would've been deeper because he was in his late 30's to early 40s

YRQRM0 : that anakin impression is spot-on!

Jason Allen : That was brilliant!

Amphibious Kilo : Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?

PrivateAckbar : The concept of this video in itself is the best criticism of the prequels I've ever seen. Better than Mr Plinket.

Jonah Kirk : I think it would've been interesting if we heard Anakin age through this, but I get what you were going for.

special21e : Impressive... most impressive

oldmancarl : Gilbert Gottfrieds voice would have made this SO much better.

John Smith : As always, fresh.

Aroject : That was a surprisingly good Hayden impression.