How This Woman Rides 20,000 Miles a Year on Her Bike | WIRED

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WIRED : Read more about Lael at WIRED:

P4GAM3R : Wow great ❤️💝😍

Ibno Zizou : Holy shi*#! WHAT A *BEAST*

Keith Hepworth : I’d ask what her resting heart rate is but apparently she never rests.

Aquatic Logic : What are the psycho/social costs of riding a bike this much?

Karlen Bell : Her legs must be crazy strong.

luke gretton : "I like a strong, salt of the Earth, self-possessed woman at the top of her field." Ron Swanson

bigstanley : Doesn’t take shower but floss her teeth 🤔

TheRandomGaming123 : Metric system metric system...........

Krishnapriya R : She gives off an Ellen vibe

RBastien : With all that time on the bike, she probably doesn't have any time to exercise.

kolomo : 20,000 Miles = 32186.88 KM

anton : She looks like a young Ellen DeGeneres

Mububban23 : Hardcoooooooore. I’ve never ridden more than 130km in a day and I was knackered 😄 Ultra endurance athletes are mind blowing. Like those men and women that run ultra marathons through the dessert. Crazy stuff!

Edward Saywell : does she have a job?

Pandalius : I'm always curious how people pay and manage hobbies like this. They seem to be all consuming, yet it seems like she still has a house and all

Tha Rnr : what a woman, great story , great lady! thx wired

Syni DmC : The women version of Forest. She is great !

Cirlex : She rides a lot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

schizzlschnitzl : Why would i be interested in "how" she does it?

Applied Jackass : Hey WIRED, did you ignore the part about how she's financed? Who can afford to take off 17 days to do anything? Is she a trust fund baby? That would have been a compelling piece of information.

RC Lover san : I don't think this mileage is so extraordinary. I've been riding my bike for the last 16 years, covering more than 7,000 km a year (on average). I basically went 3 times around the world.

Kevin Perez : She's pretty and a beast at her profession. Happy to see she's found her calling

Eddy Tjhia : dang thats crazy, just doing 200 km on bike is already tiring afff

Murmaxy : She just rides, lma0

sravan kumar : How? She must be Hella single.

I have no brakes, and I must stop : no sleep is so dangerous. much respect.

seccat : She doesn’t need a shower after 17 days. She needs a hose-down. I would have expected an industrial container of body glide, consider how much chafing is going on

Tyres and Trainers : She's amazing!! 😍

Hussein Nour : what a champion

s3cr3tpassword : That's the definition of obsession.

Daniel Payne : Good for her, although I cycled 16,000 miles in 2016 while holding a full-time job. Only did 13,000 miles in 2017. On track for 11,440 miles in 2018. No sponsor, no YouTube videos, just a guy in Oregon that likes to stay fit and ride fast, but no gravel.

Tyler_Vizi _ : Road bikers arnt real bikers Mountain bikers rule

ralienpp : Wow, that is very light, she carries almost no gear at all, and just a single multitool for all the bike problems she might encounter? I'd like to know more about how she manages the technical side of things.

Patrick Bateman : Nice legs.

toogle1234 : Must be nice to be rich.

SURENITY ! : Absolutely Epic!!

MrSotko CryptoCurrency : Riding a bike this much crushes your nerves and blood flow to your genitals. She doesnt feel a thing.

* * : 0:53 she needs an easier gear. she's going to tear up her knees...

Lawrence Chen : Evidence seems to demonstrate that as endurance events becomes ultra-endurance events, the gender gap closes - think AT thru-hike speed records, pan-continental foot/bike races, cross-ocean rowing attempts

Robert Lucas : When I was 10 I rode 1,378 miles in 3 years and I thought that was monumental.

Romi C : Her butt must get very sore.

pato0114 : I used to do this. Do ultra long rides. Some upto 320 mile a day (racing) then one day my heart said , no more cannot remember much just the drs saying my heart is just exhausted. Resting heart kept falling so low during sleep I just kept fitting and passing out in my sleep. I used to go to the toilet, next thing I was back in resus in hospital. Frightening time. Now got a device in my chest basically keeping me alive. So just be very cautious about long distance events. Just saying what can and does happen.

mekinis : Forest Gump is better

Daz Phillips : New chain, cassette and service every few weeks.

Kimathi Kevin : Her perseverance and vitality are insane but 17 days without a shower that's beyond insanity. Wet wipes maybe?

NallePu83 : More than 30 000 km

The Unprofessionals : wow 😍😍😍😍😘 i literally fell in love with her. i would love to have an adventurous life

xLastxKillxHD : manlegs

CP Walsh : I wonder how she'd do in a UCI road race of less distance, like 120 km, for example. Ultra endurance 'racing' seems more a test of mental fortitude and extremism than what we know as conventional racing.