MADtv Sopranos on PAX TV

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Gran's Stuff : Mad tv had so much gold


VatiWah : Who was that dancer stripper? :p

Jean DeLisle : This show was so much more funny than SNL.

MsAngelaSunshine : Will Saso did a good job

MrWillpower88 : who else was just watching an episode of the Sopranos and had to watch this after? Lol

Jim joe Kelly : Pax was a Christian channel that makes it so funny

Kelly Higgins : This was 2 weeks after 9-11. All regular TV had been suspended, the country was in a state of shock and all that was on TV was news coverage and reruns. MadTV was the first comedy show to resume normal programming and they gave us this gem. The whole episode was wonderful. Everybody needed a laugh so badly.

Elrique Suave : LOL Tony:"Where's da gabagool??" Carmella: FUC-!!!" lol Tony just randomly brings up the gabagool again after the argument

Jay H : And no one is going to give the Lorraine Bracco impression a nod?

Nataly RAW : *YACKIN BOUT MY MOTHA F*-cya nex week

meso horny : RIP Mr. Gandolfini.

Kevin M : Will Sasso was one of the best!


Benjamin Jack Kata Finau : one of the greatest sketches of all time

peKadoDeDioZ : ironic how the censoring makes this skit even more perfect

Greg Atkenson : I hated that f-itch

DudeWithThePoop : it's like 4Kids editing One Piece

Jake Mitchell : Why was Mad TV cancelled and SNL is still on the air? Mad TV was gold.

Niko S : Tell you what, why don't you stop breaking my bal--?

Diablerie Tandino : I still laugh every time I see this skit, Sasso just nails this impersonation lol

schmeltingaccident : *slams hand on table* PUS-

John C : Take em out big pu

Esotereccentric : It's hilarious when they guys start howling when the "little hooer" comes in, but all of a sudden get quiet at the 1:53 mark, then they seem to go "Wait--what happened???".

M R : Him yelling out the window at the end gets me every time.

David Gava : Joey Diaz aka mad flavor in the house!

5keeper7ful : Is “Gobble Goo” a real Italian dish??

BildSlash : I love how Will Sasso even makes fun of Tony's habit of clicking the plate with fork while eating.

COCONUTHEAD : Will Sasso so so talented

Behelit- 89 : This parody had a better ending than the actual series.

cisco path : Never knew if it was intentional but they're almost singing at the end. Fuh, fuh, fuh, fuh Fuh, fuh, fuh, come on, what the fuh

skudzer1985 : SNL wouldn't get past the first scene without a bush or trump joke. Their writers are trash compared to MadTV.

4640jds : See you next week from nine to 9:03.

Robert Braun : You want some gabagool? Why don't you get it from one of ya little Russian whoo--! Lmao!

Bitchtheman : still hilarious after all these years!

Lydia Lilli : OMG - Close your eyes and Will Sasso sounds so much like Tony Soprano! Great job! He could have played Tony's brother in the series. And this show was 100 times better than crappy "SNL".

Nay : lmfao!!! all the editing has me cracking up! man they did these skits good. i never saw these b4

alan Tony : 40 people have better things to do than yack about their motherfu-

Blue4LifeSW6 : This is flawless.

elvis Fan : 1:12 why don't you explore this!

Red Skull50 : The part when tony screams at the window gets me every time

superman8 : brilliant and hilarious

Mvader 71 : The back and forth between T and Puss, timeless.....

Daniel M. Pitta : Who ate all the gobbagoo

DollaTwo : those joey diaz coke days JACK!

Elrique Suave : LoL "I hated that fu-itch!!!"

Queen Bee : Omfg they've gotta bring back madTV cos SNL fkn sucks

McK : Funniest part for me. "I didn't have anger AT her, I HATED THAT B-!"

gnaw dog : That last out the window " muther fu--- lol classic.

Todd Howard Phillips Lovecraft : The BEST James Gandolfini impression ever.