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Skatepark destruction is the only thing he knows. Bryson Farrill and Dakota Olave go to Slappy's skate shop in Linda Vista, San Diego for a regular visit. There something unexpected happens. SUBSCRIBE: ABOUT US: We are THEE BOYS OFFICIAL. Dakota Olave, Bryson Farrill, Trent Heinrich, and the many skateboarders we meet across the globe, provide the BEST skateboarding you can find. We are here to show you the lives and antics of those who travel the world for skateboarding contests, events, and the adventures of a lifetime through 3 great friends who all made it out of Northern California. If you like Thrasher, fails, slams or follow action sports in any way then maybe you’ll Subscribe to keep updated! Turn on post notifications for the latest edits! If you liked this video check out TONY HAWK AND ANDY MACDONALD DONATED WHAT??? WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! SKATEBOARD GIVEAWAY FOLLOW US: Dakota Olave: Instagram- Facebook- Twitter- Bryson Farrill: Instagram- Facebook- Twitter- Trent Heinrich: Instagram- Facebook- Twitter- THEE BOYS OFFICIAL: If you enjoyed this video, remember to give us a thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE. DM our social media accounts for any questions or to plan a meet up. Business Inquiries:


Dimitar : Nice videos quys, keep doing nice thinks i subscribed! 🔥

Robert Michiels : That is great stuff my friend! That dude was stoked!

Ethan Robbins : what camera do you guys use? Whatever it is it looks pretty decent? Also interested in the lens? I'd be interested to see if it was the same camera I use for my vlogs cause yours look N I C E

Rob L : Sick skating and very cool hooking that guy up.

michael reed : Nice job guys!

Jordan titus : Editing is sick af in this video. Dkoda your heart is always in the right place!

Underhoods Ch : nice video bro!!!

BMX and more vlogs : If you didn't get my comments in my video this was only a school skatepark it wasn't a public skate park I'm from Vermont

Skateboarding The best : cool video come on my channel watch as I ride