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Mobzs : You guys deserve more subs.

Robert Michiels : That is great stuff my friend! That dude was stoked!

Aod Skate : nice video bro!!!

Jordan titus : Editing is sick af in this video. Dkoda your heart is always in the right place!

Dimitar : Nice videos quys, keep doing nice thinks i subscribed! 🔥

BMX and more vlogs : If you didn't get my comments in my video this was only a school skatepark it wasn't a public skate park I'm from Vermont

Rob L : Sick skating and very cool hooking that guy up.

Ethan Robbins : what camera do you guys use? Whatever it is it looks pretty decent? Also interested in the lens? I'd be interested to see if it was the same camera I use for my vlogs cause yours look N I C E

michael reed : Nice job guys!