Royal Wedding Live Commentary 2018 - Danny Docile & Sir Albert Chuff MBE.

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Dildo Teabaggens : This actually made me enjoy the wedding

Random Gabe : Well I wanted to watch the Royal Wedding so I guess I'll kill two birds with one stone and just watch this all the way through

Lou Ayneux : 3:10 John Major, Prime Minister of your country (1990-1997). But hey, it's alright

Relaxing Songs : This was fantastic. Thank you for taking the time to make it!

Dear Alexander Hansen : I just figured it out, you look like my old biology teacher I’m crying lmao

Marie Beard : I have not had the chance to watch the wedding yet..this is great! "That's Princess Beatrice!"

Pretty Nicesounds : They’re definitely lizards.

TheBionic Noodle : I personally thought people gave way too much of a shit about this bullshit from 300 A.D. But once i learned that ol' Danny here was reviewing it i still hated it why do people give a shit about this so much, honestly?