How Do Archers Resist Firing Arrows At Everyone In The Spectator Gallery?

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Master Therion : An archer takes a bow... audience applauds. or An archer takes a bow... audience runs in terror.

Happey : I used to be passionate about archery, and I really wanted to try it out. I saved up all my money to buy a bow and some arrows as well as a small target. I went into my backyard, and as I’m aiming the bow I see Billy from next door watching. Of course as it was my first time I aimed at him and got him right in the forehead. Billy’s mom saw me do this and rushed over. I got her too. I’ve been on the run ever since. I miss Billy.

Teoxtli : This has got to be fake. Nobody can resist that long.

Emporerdiakon : Yeah, im a professional myself. Hit about 300 people in my archering life. Edit: Im running from the FBI

Xavier Schroeder : I get the same thing when I take a piss in a public restroom. I always end up aiming for some guys shoes.

Beary Boy : Well. Katness couldn't resist

Der Wanderer : I just found this channel, and I am literally astounded by how many morons in the comments fell for it. It's actually the most entertaining part. Also reading the responses of people encouraging them it's real is hilarious.

Mike Werley : Wow. The scariest part about this video is seeing the comments and how many people actually have to question whether or not this is real... It makes me kind of concerned about the direction humanity is headed if there's so many stupid people out there...

DangerMouSe : Same thing happens when I drive in cities. The ppl on the sidewalk look so tempting but then I think about how long it takes to drive to that good car wash that doesn't leave any spots.

Kai Helenius : Wow. The scariest part about this video is seeing the comments and how many people actually have to question whether or not this is real. It makes me concerned with the direction humanity's headed where someone would think this is fake.

King.K The Best : Lol I never knew about this.

Sophovot : the pupils dilating killed me

Typho’s Music : HANZO MAINS

Medanel GPlus : I used to be an archer like you... but then I shot my trainer in the knee

CMcN04 Gaming : What the hell only psychos would shoot at someone in a crowd

Dick Trickle : if we had sony vegas 800 years ago we could be looking at some sick archer montages on stonetube

Tim Brody : Yeah I was banned from playing after I accidentally killed my biggest donator and the competitor

Megafluffysweg : I hope people know the onion is parody cx

Parker S : For anyone questioning the credibility of the site posting this video it is a very credible site and has earned many credibility awards

Open Oblivion : As a matter of fact, this is true. When pressure is very heavy it's hard not to shoot at those pressuring you. It's called the Murderosa Complex. Don't bother looking it up, you'll only find it in a library in either New Hampshire, Virgina, or Connecticut. But I'd definitely suggest checking out one of those states. It's actually a little known law that isn't addressed about the states. But anyway. The Murderosa Complex is the murderous urge a weapon holder feels when being pressured and cornered by unarmed peasants. It's actually what accounts for 69.666 percent of shootings everywhere. If you want to read more about it visit one of the select states. You would only find information about it on the dark web. And only if you can run anct_scrlls.exe on your computer.

PokeWaffles : i'm an archer and it's true! I took out my grandma one day while demonstrating my skill at a competition

mopishsafe gaming : THIS VIDEO IS A LIE. I've been hunting manicans in the wild now for 17 years and not once have I seen so many in one place. As a professional manican Hunter I can say this is fake

Avneesh Mehton : I'm so confused is this an actual problem?

ThatOneGriefer : “At this point the pupils dialate as the archer goes to pick of the slowest people attempting to run away” This sounds more like the archers are axe murders.

MortalBlob : the onion. you are WRONG! i'm an archer and in the first week a person explains to you that you CAN NOT shoot people. if you do you'll go in jail for the rest of your life. at first the crowd will be behind you. then the crowd will move slow but steady to your sides... that can be done in 2 WEEKS! not 1000 hours of training

Lopez Kushin : Thanks to consecutive hours playing GTA I have lost the impulse to fly cargo jets into pedestrians .

ImMoral * : Sum quality shitposting right here

the secret legends : why the fuck is it so hard not to shoot a person??i mean it isnt a skill it is just being logical

Josh Payne : I love that there are some people who didn't realize this was an Onion video

Mina R : When your humor game so strong people have to actually ask themselves if this is real or not.

Ryaken : I came here to read the comments of people getting trolled. I was NOT disappointed lmfao.

Luminite : I thought this was a joke at first.

earthwolf82 : Had my first training session a few years back only hit 2 spectators and landed 8 on the board. That's almost pro!

Cat with a knife : "It is hard to resist shooting arrows at living persons" is all archers psycopaths or do they think it is skywars?

YouTubeViewer : *insert fake laugh*

Joel Macis : School Shooting Masterclass for beginners

Chris Lee : the reason whe was so good at not hitting the spectators was because they were not real

AnDr3W91 : This type of incident is naturally prevented by having more archers. That's why the government is taking action to prevent more accidents like this; by equipping the audience with their own bow and arrow.


TrevorMcClever : This is advanced shitposting

Axzel Godoy : No matter how much training I do there is no way I'll be able to resist doing so

thisisntme : i only watch the gun competition on TV. at least with the archers i can wear protective clothing but at the gun competitions they use heat seaking armor pearcing fully automatic rounds.

Fierce Outlier : Wait i don't understand, why would anyone turn around and shoot at the audience?

Mitch Hammond : We need more bow control.

Jonathan Scott : That moment when the production value for a satirical video is so high people can't even tell that it's satire anymore.

Martin Max : What?? Why would you shoot someone? Are you mental?

Clive The Führer : Ohh it was the onion ;)

ThatOneGriefer : “At this point the pupils dialate as the archer goes to pick of the slowest people attempting to run away”

Gamer65 ForReal : Others: How do archers avoid shooting arrows at people in the spectators booth? Me: Step 1: Dont choose psycopaths as the archers Step 2: see the differences!

Dryphu : it took me five minutes to realizqe this was an onion video