How Do Archers Resist Firing Arrows At Everyone In The Spectator Gallery?

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I don't deserve subs : So you're NOT supposed to aim for the spectators?

Meister Kaos : It's a lot harder than you think. I once knew a guy who is legally banned from competing in professional archery tournaments in 30 different countries because he killed too many spectators.

holy guacamole : *Shoots someone in the face* "Damnit"

tribeof mexicans : SMH fake as hell. Everyone knows you go for the fastest ones first because you have more time to take out the slow ones.

DangerMouSe : Same thing happens when I drive in cities. The ppl on the sidewalk look so tempting but then I think about how long it takes to drive to that good car wash that doesn't leave any spots.

Buzzed Dong : As a spectator it was an honor to have been hit by the arrows. If you run away you are not a fan of the sport and should just get out.

Omar Hajjar : 0:12 great picture

Dan Williams : This is fake. There's no way anyone would be able to resist.

Isavirs : But how do wrestlers resist punching everyone in the crowd?

Master Therion : An archer takes a bow... audience applauds. or An archer takes a bow... audience runs in terror.

Here is a human : I used to be a spectator.... until I took an arrow to the knee!

Gothem Cloud : Wow. The scariest part about this video is seeing the comments and how many people actually have to question whether or not this is real. It makes me concerned with the direction humanity's headed where someone would think this is fake.

Imperial Watch : This is basically like trying to drive like a normal person in GTA 5.

DarkVigh : i thought this was true for few minutes i was like is it normal for me not to want to kill other people?

Dick Trickle : if we had sony vegas 800 years ago we could be looking at some sick archer montages on stonetube

Lord Gronor : It's especially difficult if Frenchmen are in the audience... everybody knows bows are meant to kill Frenchmen.

Flynn : Natural instinct: first degree murder

Cool Burrito : Very interesting! I've always wondered how they do it! I tried archery once, but wound up murdering about a dozen innocent people. I'm amazed that they can focus on the target that well.

Commenting Existential Crisis Guy : How do people ressist trying to shoot themeselves with a gun everyday?

Joel Macis : School Shooting Masterclass for beginners

Player 1 : I like how there are more people commenting about how many stupid people think this is real then there are actual stupid people in the comments

Gallium Games : For anyone curious why this doesn't happen with guns is that archery is over 6,000 years old (the age of Earth.). Due to this, archery is apart of the precoded lore and has been around since lyfe version 1.00. On the other hand, guns are only a few hundred years old and the devs were too lazy to update the behaviour.

Cool Guy : Oh so that's why im serving a life sentence

TheGuyWhoIsAustralian : Dammit, fooled by the onion again.

Beary Boy : Well. Katness couldn't resist

noes noes : It was an honor losing a eye on one competition, I even have it as a trophy on my shelf

Niko : "Dammit!"

Vrendan Dela Cruz : I used to be a spectator like you, till i took an arrow to the knee.

Jesse Reale : This comment section is r/woosh gold.

La Li Lu Le Lo : are _not_ supposed to aim at the audience?

Politicalandtheologicalstudy : As an archer, I can confirm

Seize the Memes of Production : Whenever I find someone on crutches, I get the sudden urge to kick them out from under them

Gaming with Rocket : OMG I thought this was a random science channel, not THE ONION. I was fooled like an idiot

Captain Qwaz Caz : Even harder to resist if their blac- actually, nvm, jk.

Deadchannel : The more you know.

Connor Jennings : Up to 300 mph?! I'm starting a rally to ban bows because that is just too dangerous for citizens to have.

Mikeology : After the national archery association made the rule of 3 maximum murders allowed, I knew I would be disqualified very quickly if I competed.

Shadow Killer : It’s our primal instinct to hunt and pick off the weak and easiest prey.

Ninjaheim : ah so thats what I have been doing wrong

Toxicity 1S K3Y : Say that to Katniss

Ben Streu : I remember writing an angry comment about how stupid this was not realizing that it was satire, it just seemed too professional

Union Boy : I actuslly believed this until I saw what channel it was

FalconGamer 58 : Relatable, once I was cutting paper with my scissors while resisting the urge to cut the teacher in front of me, but it was a perfect straight line across the paper because I was cutting it towards the teacher

NivX : This is stupid, archers wont do that and its common sense. Like a normal human being. Oh and Onions are my favourite.

Non French Sylvain : Well..To be fair... Shooting spectators is pretty fun...

Teoxtli : This has got to be fake. Nobody can resist that long.

Mi llamo Jose : I ALWAYS wonder that...

Almano Tolrado : X,D why these people running? Everyone knows the true competition is to see who wusses out last XD

Ryan B : They have a YouTube channel?! hoho this is gonna be some binging

Cheilith : I was confused at first and was thinking if humans really do do that, then I noticed it was by The Onion. ;(