How Do Archers Resist Firing Arrows At Everyone In The Spectator Gallery?

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Master Therion : An archer takes a bow... audience applauds. or An archer takes a bow... audience runs in terror.

Joel Macis : School Shooting Masterclass for beginners

Dick Trickle : if we had sony vegas 800 years ago we could be looking at some sick archer montages on stonetube

Lopez Kushin : Thanks to consecutive hours playing GTA I have lost the impulse to fly cargo jets into pedestrians .

Mark Cidade : Even Katniss Everdeen couldn't resist turning her aim to the new president of Panem.

Rio Jones : honesty this is the best onion video I've seen in a long time

That One Dude : Adam _Fletcher_ i get it

CassesVultus : How many spectators does the typical Olympic archer kill before they develop the ability to focus more on the target than the crowd?

heargote : As an amateur archer, I have to strongly object the characterization of archers as psychopaths. I am offended and enrage by this video. We only shoot went the spectator make bird-like sounds or are wearing apparel with bird motifs. :)

PandaPlays 141 : My first archery class I had I shot the instructor 7 times, but he said I did well coz most people shoot him 8 times on there first go

perkypokey : I was a spectator once, and then the archer turned and shot me in the head and now I can't remember anything past one minute. Also, I was a spectator once, and then the archer turned and shot me in the head and now I can't remember anything past one minute.

Rigo R.M : I was so confused until I saw this was by the Onion

Roberto Pires : It is actually a lot harder than it looks. I was a Olympic athlete competing in Archery representing the Kingdom of Wakanda. I managed to score 3 straight bull's eye and landed one on the blue, on my fifth shot my hips gave up and I accidentally shot a official in the left ass cheek. After everyone stopped laughing, I was arrested and found guilty of attempted murder. I was also hoped up on magic dust. so I'm now in a supermax prison using a phone that I smuggled in my prison wallet. The wifi here is pretty good.

Jonathan Scott : That moment when the production value for a satirical video is so high people can't even tell that it's satire anymore.

moderateatberkeley : I'm sure this would have been enjoyable if the archer in the video didn't have such terrible form...

Infinite Scratch : I remember this one time my girlfriend took up archery. I played my part cheering for her from the front row and she played her game hitting a bullseye every time. on her last shot she quickly lost focus and shot me in the heart, she tried to make excuses but she was to blame, she gave our love a bad name.

Archaean : "The pupils dilate as the archer picks off the slowest people running away"? What the hell? LOL That sounds so psychotic lmao.

Sasha Gurieva : is this real or is this a joke?

Swag Potato : I can’t tell if this video is being serious or not

cat luva : when I was in school I thought I would make it in archery until the first time I was in front of people. I shot the principals kid with every arrow and was expelled😔

Happyjuice : Why is this even an olympic sport??? Anybody can resist shooting somebody with an arrow. I'm not even good at archery and I could shoot hundreds of arrows and never even think about shooting the crowd.

Lafu : *We just don't, it's called common sense*

Mike Canion : So, it's like an instinct?

Dood Bro : Was about to make a comment about how stupid this was but then I heard him say the onion news and. I felt stupid

MONTIZON : Not the onion!

Christian Ovesson : Still better news than CNN.

Pantokrator : She's a psycho and shouldn't be allowed to carry arms. It would be best if they were cut off.

Un5t0pPa8l:3 LU : thinking about it, what keep people at the range shooting at their targets?

AnimalStomper : Americans fail at satire

Vanessa Costilla : This is unrealistic because I was in a tournament I have no urges to shoot anyone in the stands

UserName117 : the way she avoids shooting people is by not forgetting to take her crazy women medicine. You see women are insane and have tendencies to lash out at those around them. Especially during the time of the month in which they are bleeding out their snatch. Thats gods why of telling them he hates them. (After Eve ruined it for Adam we can ALL understand why men hate women) Anyways she has a timer set to go over at certain intervoles each day to remind her to take her crazy pills to calm her ass down and keep her in line. Just like how they do it for the crazys in the loony bin asylum. And now you know. BECAUSE KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

williwonti : This is why some people want to ban weapons. They really have this impulse and assume everyone does.

alex7071 : Some dumbasses will take this video seriously.

Sully K : This is stupid smnnews been training for the 2020 Olympics for 8 years now this video is complete BS I've never wanted to shoot spectators

K.C. Bose : this NEEDS to go viral, interwebs!!!

J Borg : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!1!!!!1!!!! The horse was dead 10 seconds in but you KEPT BEATING IT!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!1!11!!!!

Renagade Rothman : I watched half of this before I realized it was the onion....

Melted SFM : So Archers have an impulse to pick off the slowest people trying to run for their lives?

Nathan B : OH I JUST REALIZED THIS IS THE ONION. Bamboozled again

cole slocum : Omg im crying this is great

New Channel : This is a parody btw XD

liltonyabc : Adam FLETCHER lol

ORCA : ty 4 ur consideration

Sunny Bristowe : Going through these comments and wondering how people with no sense of humor or understanding of satire ended up here lolol then seeing them get triggered about it is appalling, hate to be at a party with them hahahaha

Arthur Giles : Can the commentator please stop making utterly daft assumptions.   I've shot (not fired, another commentator error) at many public events and have never felt that urge and have never once heard of anyone else feeling the daft need to shoot at anything but the target.The term most applicable is "Kite flying", the speaker makes a ridiculous remark in the hope of drawing notice to him/her self because they crave attention.

Ellis Royal : why would anyone have the urge to shoot someone?!?!?

Mineav : It takes WAY more will power than I could ever wish to have.

S R : Can't believe I watched this until 1:46 and thought it was real. Sheesh. Got me good The Onion!

Rev_dude : Why is this so hard, don't point at people...

Ryan Campins : Wait its the oniom