How Do Archers Resist Firing Arrows At Everyone In The Spectator Gallery?

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DangerMouSe : Same thing happens when I drive in cities. The ppl on the sidewalk look so tempting but then I think about how long it takes to drive to that good car wash that doesn't leave any spots.

I don't deserve subs : So you're NOT supposed to aim for the spectators?

Omar Hajjar : 0:12 great picture

Sophovot : the pupils dilating killed me

Meister Kaos : It's a lot harder than you think. I once knew a guy who is legally banned from competing in professional archery tournaments in 30 different countries because he killed too many spectators.

Wreethee Faaangs : As a spectator it was an honor to have been hit by the arrows. If you run away you are not a fan of the sport and should just get out.

Megafluffysweg : I hope people know the onion is parody cx

DarkVigh : i thought this was true for few minutes i was like is it normal for me not to want to kill other people?

Master Therion : An archer takes a bow... audience applauds. or An archer takes a bow... audience runs in terror.

AnDr3W91 : This type of incident is naturally prevented by having more archers. That's why the government is taking action to prevent more accidents like this; by equipping the audience with their own bow and arrow.

tribeof mexicans : SMH fake as hell. Everyone knows you go for the fastest ones first because you have more time to take out the slow ones.

earthwolf82 : Had my first training session a few years back only hit 2 spectators and landed 8 on the board. That's almost pro!

Gothem Cloud : Wow. The scariest part about this video is seeing the comments and how many people actually have to question whether or not this is real. It makes me concerned with the direction humanity's headed where someone would think this is fake.

Beary Boy : Well. Katness couldn't resist

dan dan the testicle man : I’m glad I’m not the only person who struggles with this..

Chris Lee : the reason whe was so good at not hitting the spectators was because they were not real

Dan Williams : This is fake. There's no way anyone would be able to resist.

Axzel Godoy : No matter how much training I do there is no way I'll be able to resist doing so

King.K The Best : Lol I never knew about this.

Player 1 : I like how there are more people commenting about how many stupid people think this is real then there are actual stupid people in the comments

Here is a human : I used to be a spectator.... until I took an arrow to the knee!

TimmyPotato YT : Oh for fuck's sake... only at the end i realized that this was made by the onion

Commenting Existential Crisis Guy : How do people ressist trying to shoot themeselves with a gun everyday?

Dick Trickle : if we had sony vegas 800 years ago we could be looking at some sick archer montages on stonetube

YouTubeViewer : *insert fake laugh*

Synnerization : This is the libtard's opinion of AR-15 owners.

soulja boy : Oh so that's why im serving a life sentence

Bear ! : I've hit like 700 kids now

Toxicity 1S K3Y : Say that to Katniss

TheGuyWhoIsAustralian : Dammit, fooled by the onion again.

Sebastian Cipponeri : "Dammit!"

Lord Gronor : It's especially difficult if Frenchmen are in the audience... everybody knows bows are meant to kill Frenchmen.

Lopez Kushin : Thanks to consecutive hours playing GTA I have lost the impulse to fly cargo jets into pedestrians .

Blinko : Natural instinct: first degree murder

joao mordecai : killing is in our genes

noes noes : It was an honor losing a eye on one competition, I even have it as a trophy on my shelf

Gaming with Rocket : OMG I thought this was a random science channel, not THE ONION. I was fooled like an idiot

PokeWaffles : i'm an archer and it's true! I took out my grandma one day while demonstrating my skill at a competition

Jake Machado : I ate the onion like a month ago, and came back to watch it again realized the onion bamboozled me

benemily1 : *woooosh* wow big gust in this comment section jeez

Cheilith : I was confused at first and was thinking if humans really do do that, then I noticed it was by The Onion. ;(

TheMagicMarker1 : ive been getting killstreaks every game i play but i have to pretend that it is a game instead of just thinking about shooting the people that walk outside my house

Ryaken : I came here to read the comments of people getting trolled. I was NOT disappointed lmfao.

thisisntme : i only watch the gun competition on TV. at least with the archers i can wear protective clothing but at the gun competitions they use heat seaking armor pearcing fully automatic rounds.

Its Zombies : why does this even get disliked

Chill : i cant believe how many morons in the comments fell for it and are telling the ppl who said its fake that they also do if u always shoot at the ppl then u straight up have bloodlust....

Audrey the cat nerd : I have archer friends and this is hilarious

Joel Macis : School Shooting Masterclass for beginners

Gamer65 ForReal : Others: How do archers avoid shooting arrows at people in the spectators booth? Me: Step 1: Dont choose psycopaths as the archers Step 2: see the differences!

Kevin Johnson : Wanna know something stupid? I literally thought this was real for the first minute