KM Shutdown

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Internet User : We need to show the world that we won't let corporations and nation-states take our resources and leave us in ruins. The fight for an autonomous Cascadia that is run from the bottom-up begins here and now. I encourage everyone to start or support any movements that build community autonomy and allow the people to control how their neighborhoods are run. I tip my hat to these brave people who are throwing a wrench in the system and fighting for their community and ecosystem.

The General STRIKE : Whoop whoop nice work. Much love and mad grace to aboriginal people.

Xavier Taylor : water is life

Luca Dhagat : Any organization, not just corporations, that wish to destroy people's homes just for their personal gain should be obliterated by the masses as soon as the people rally behind this cause.

donHooligan : we're losing the war. The Empire marches forward, DAILY.