THE BEST TRIP OF MY LIFE! | Dubai | Vlog 13

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Aidin Robbins : Thank you so much for that shoutout! Absolutely honored, that's insane 🙏 and this vlog was incredible! You got some crazy footage and I can't even begin to imagine how long this took to edit 😨 Love all of the subtle effects and details :)

Yes Theory : This was just MENTAL. Andreas you're on a whole other level, would love to come to Norway to shoot some crazy stuff with you

Alan Walker : Oh no, I’m late!! I was not expecting a vlog on a tuesday!!

Marc Shanghie : This was beyond amazing

Oliver the Joyboy : This isn't a vlog this is a legit MOVIE!!

Mathias Pettersen : Du er enormt dyktig as! Jeg er imponert!!:)

Daan Van lierop : Those shots are Unreal!🔥🔥

Rhalaine Cimafranca : This vlog can be use as a Tourism Add Campaign for Dubai..this is way beyond amazing vlog to watch and deserves to have a millions views.,Great job Andreas!!!

Akeeb : Yeah Andreas, the UAE is so dope, I am privileged to say I have been twice xD Dubai and Abu Dhabi are both awesome, glad to hear you enjoyed it. Insane camerawork too bro

That Medic : That must’ve been such an expensive trip!!! Next time bring me

B Awake : sick editing andreas! how much time did you spent on editing this one?? 0_o

Jochem F : You have crushed this movie

Ken Princesa : The content is so good that I just keep smiling in amazement all throughout watching 👌🏽

MojoOnPC : I love your content so much. I genuinely get inspired after watching you, keep it up!

Rob Sevilla : UAE Tourism Board should use this vlog...😉 Production on another level👍

Janne H : This is how a Vlog need to be! so awesome, love you content bro!

Joe HaTTab : Amazinggg, definitely subscribed✨

Borja Llorens : Endless creativity, once again congrats bro

Adam Saleh : Hello from Dubai💙

amxoso : Wow! Incredible cinematography and post production work. Amazing work. Congratulations.

Attila Morvai : Wow, i just love the google earth transition! Soooo cool!!!

Adam Saleh : Man there were no fireworks when you came byt nice effect💙💚

Tin Majetić : I never seen this good filming and editing in my entire life!


Laaetri : "30 hits of LSD"

Daniel Bjørkman : This is the most epic thing I´ve ever seen on youtube. Casey, Jon Olson, Peter McKinnon, Sam Kolder, Devin Graham, Hell - the f*cking BBC - TAKE A BOW!!

SpookySquad : This is probably the sickest vlog I have ever seen : Outro song - Ganja - Henrik Olsson

Justlife : 8:12 nice

Benjamin Desso : Best video I’ve seen on YouTube so far

Nico Vila : That spiderman effect is so crazy!! You are sooooo good doing vids. Congrats bro!

Jonas Aden : <33

Twenty Øne Pandas : This looks like a movie. Amazing.

Victor Girbu : I don't know how I got that video playing, but your content deserve more views

joka619 : dude travel companies should get u to make their ads, people would flock to wherever you shoot, u have mad skills :D great stuff, keep it up!! :)

Stian Reinhartsen : WOW!


Tommy Halfter : how can u even think about to dislike that? whats wrong with guys like u?:D

Paulius : I never comment on videos on Youtube. But this video is beyond everything! The montage and video quality is unbelievable. We need to show some respect for this guy for his hard work!

Sebastian Velasquez : I just came from the YES Theory Channel and this video alone gave me a new and completely different perspective of the world and inspires me to be successful in life to have the chance to travel across the world as you do just from watching this video you have inspired me to go into editing or graphic designing which I have never done and watching this video makes me want to learn you are the best editor I have ever seen on my 5 years on YouTube and I’m saying that from watching just this video imagine what more content you’ve created in the past the editing is RIDICULES and if you may tell me what editing software you use?

Žiga Štular : This time Alan Walker is late!

Adam Saleh : What is the name of the music?

Alex Kanastab : It goes without saying that you’re an amazing film maker, but this sound design is seriously next level! You can really tell how much effort went into it! Great work mate

A EL : dude honestly i thought im just gonna watch some couple minutes of the vlog and then move on to something else but that intro just blew my fkn mind!! now im literally gonna watch the whole thing and also check all the other vlogs you've maid! pure talent, kudos to you

Gurpreet singh : Your editing skills makes dubai more beautiful

Live Travel Repeat : bra video. Jeg skal til Dubai neste uke. håper på den samme opplevelsen. sjekk ut kanalen min

Nitesh bro : Bro u r just amazing roadies salute to u bro

MPT : Your editing skills are insane man

Meirbek Kakpenov : АГОООООООООННННЬЬ!11!!!!!11!!!!!

Norbert Jámbor : Hope you will get millions of views. Amazing content.