Man films Tornado coming directly at him

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Mrs.Nickadeemus : The ceiling fan was still going after the tornado hit thinking "I came here to do a job goddamnit, and no tornado is going to stop me from doing just that"

Benson : The Dad was really objective and stayed on point despite the devastation. He did the right thing to get them out of the house.

Z3NTR0 : Honestly this is one of the scariest videos I've seen in a long time.

Avonlea Montague : Why is everyone telling her to be quiet? She can say whatever she needs to! This isn't a movie with a script; their house was destroyed. I don't even know them but I'm thankful they're alive, that's what is most important.

Nicholas Wagner : People who are insensitive especially after watching a video like this, evident in some of the comments on here, are small minded people, they are incapable of empathy. People who demonstrate things like empathy and compassion are highly intelligent because they understand that there are consequences to everything in the world and can imagine their selves in other peoples shoes. Empathy and compassion are great gifts that unfortunately not every human has.

Steve H. : They still have the most important thing. Their lives. That is why you carry home owner's insurance for catastrophic events like this.

C. Watson : Time to go loot the neighborhood. 

Tiddler : "Were gonna get some shit here honey" I laughed yeah.. But this was a really serious video like holy shit

DarkLight753 : When you hear surfer dude type storm chasers cheering and yelling 'coz they got it on camera' they should really watch this...the reality of being in the middle of the things they love the most...puts things in perspective. These people were genuinely frightened and I don't blame them. I know some storm chasers help by tracking and calling info in....but there are others who only care about subscribers on YT or thumbs up on those I can only say time you and your buddies are out jollying it up coz you can break speed limits to get your good a little decency to the ones who have no choice but to hold tight and prey they make it through.

carmelo1966 : His main concern was his neighbors, humanity at its best.

Simi Snipe : That man was chill I would've been like that girl.

Jeff Broxton : Being able to see the entire neighborhood intact at 0:10 only to see everything gone including trees at 3:00 is crazy.


LadyGwen88 : I've had a tornado form over our house and jump over our house in a different storm. That creaking and moaning of the house before it finally broke is the same noise my house made both times. But neither destroyed the house. But that sound...I'll never forget it...

Mortimer Post : "Josie, twisters really turn me on! Take off your clothes NOW, babe!"

Kenneth Knutsen : The restraint this guy shows is admirable. MY footage from the event would've been unfit to air on the news. All you'd hear is one long censor beep, covering me going "FUUUUUUUCK!!!"

Rachel Paquet : The moment Josie started wailing....that hit home. I dare someone to call this video fake. You can't fake pain like that. You just can't. The crying...oh man, that almost made ME cry. That's how I would react if that ever happened to my home. I'd be utterly devastated.

Marcus Bws : at least the tv is there

Natopower : At 2:24 The tornado sirens are so.. creepy.. 

DawkinsFan : Females = cry and scream during catastrophic natural events Males = Keep the females from dying during those events

Anun Kash : yo that tvs good tho

Robert White : For 40 years I've heard how strong women are.  But they ALWAYS go to pieces in any danger situation.  Always.

BlazeTheGryphon7x7 : I feel very sorry for them. I will pray for them…

godzilla691138MW3 : Jesus christ, you guys are really lucky. That tornado literally cleared out all those trees and houses in the beginning of the video into an open field junk yard with piles of wreckage all over the place. Your house is really messed up, but you guys are lucky to be alive. That type of crisis is truly blood rushing, with the sirens going off, everything destroyed, it's like the end of the world happening.

nukem : At 00:30 his wife was so scared she farted.

Spudskie : Josie needs to calm down. I get it, your house is gone but you are still alive.

BootsOwen : 2:30 Hey at least the fan still works.

Jesus Christ : start at the beginning, and skip to 3:04, before and after... god damn...

Sebastian T : those american houses are like cardboard houses..... start using rock instead of wood fellas :)

Crystal Rutherford : There soo lucky there alive there house was just oh my god

Fatrick Stare : Him emerging...must have been like the beginning of Fallout 4...seeing the wasteland. I can't even imagine the emotions whipping them around.

HaseosAtoli : Those sirens as they're exiting the house are eerie...

Tony Mitchel : I understand her being scared. Not everyone is fearless. Yall cant just talk about her for being scared. Its a part of life.

Randomizer95 : nature you are scary!!

SvddenDeth : LMAO this is a randy marsh commentary

Jake Barbee : So sad. The irony is they had to get inside where it was safe then they had to get out where it was safe so the house didn't cave in on them.

Abigail Brizendine : If he stayed outside, he might have just died.

texasgem1 : When he walks outside and you see houses leveled it is an eerie feeling..You are lucky to be alive.

NalaKiara : You sir, are a brave man.

xX IsaacPlaysGames Xx : And the tv is there like sup brah

Arianna Carbone : They should be grateful that they survived

Jon Sorensen : Only Problem i have with this is th sirens never sound until the tornado has already hit them! Somebody wasnt doing there job

Aaron Jones : dude how about putting the camera down and comforting your daughter who is obviously in distress cos shes never been in a tornado before, and instead of giving her a hug you'd rather film and scream "holy shit" at everything making her feel even worse...

Chrnan6710 : Guy: Our house is freaking destroyed Josie! Josie: noohooohoohooooooooo

Mortimer Post : APOLOGIES to anyone offended by my jokes and quips, especially one person who threatens to "report" me for exercising my free speech rights. Obviously don't know anything about any of you, or if you might have been endangered by a tornado at some point in your lives. Don't know anything about the family in the video, and all kidding aside--hope they're OK. If you view my humor as being in "bad taste," that's your right. Don't take it personally. I know nothing about any of you, and it's none of my business anyhow. Again, if some "over the top" humor bugs you, I get it. No need to respond to me, as I'm done commenting on the video and the folks in the house, etc. Best regards to all. Have a nice day and a good life.

Emily Vela : @smf333 Yes their family and them selfs all were fine and they did rebuild their house. Thank you very much for their concern.

kemorine101 : The tornado sounds like a chainsaw.

im0rtalstev3 : Good to see that one of his first intentions was to help other people and get his wife to safety instead of just hang around and check the house, I hope they are ok.

Lilly _____ : If I saw that beast I would be on another planet after 2 seconds like holy Popsicle

57aflo : Nature is such a cruel, unfeeling force! Whoever coined the phrase 'mother nature' was insane! If she's our 'mother' she should be charged with child abuse.