Man films Tornado coming directly at him

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Mrs.Nickadeemus : The ceiling fan was still going after the tornado hit thinking "I came here to do a job goddamnit, and no tornado is going to stop me from doing just that"

LordYoloYT : 2:55 a dog????

thebigbigbomb : I cried during this vid

cragus2004 : Dont you make houses out of brick / mortar / concrete in America?

Danny Branderson : I would just be grateful to be alive, they act like it was the end of the world.

Almandite : Why are people telling her to be quite?? It's a fucking tornado! GOING THROUGH THEIR HOUSE. If you where in that house, you would be screaming, so don't tell he to shut up!

Raptor Morty : *Remember!* if the tornado doesn't look like it's moving it's either moving towards you or away from you!

Nick Martinez_50 : what's that noise it sounds like a chainsaw

宁宁桑 : creepy tornado siren...

jdogWasupppp : omg

ололо : One of the most terrifying videos I ever seen. The contrast between "before" and in a minutes "after" is just crazy.

Noble Sir Knight : You did possibly THE WORST JOB of calming your spouses nerves and providing reasurance.

Vincent Akers : They have the tv

Tony Orozco : The hell with the house, you're ALIVE and well.

Ryan Sullivan : Reminds me of Randy Marsh on South park filming the giant guinea pigs lol

No Town : Where did they hide while their house was being destroyed?

Megan Marie Banda : Thank God my parents have insurance on our house to where if it gets destroyed by a tornado, they can rebuild the house the exact same again. (Our house is also an old craftsman one from the 1930s)

Tc : That is just shocking, i really underestimated tornadoes until i saw this. I'm sorry for your house..

Jenne Wallace : And the t.v. is still standing!

Infernus666 : That tornado got him rid of his wife , Lucky Bastard

LunaGaming K : Who is autumn

savage emoji : they only survied omg

TheCharbeeClub : OMG I would feel so heartbroken. Heck I feel heartbroken watching this!

G&M&M : He's such a DICK

Bob Kerbs : Sounds like it took out a bees nest or some big azz hornets.

Terri Silo : I'm not trying to be funny but that's why I'm staying in flordia

Ricky Taylor Jr : You know shit done hit the fan when the "Holy moly's " start to drop. 😂

Nathan Lester : i was like Yea!! when he said "alright i gotta go" i feel for them, hope things are better now.

Tara Reed : out of all the tornado videos, this one feels so real, everytime I've seen it, it remains the most eerie.

KC SNOTREAL : WOW!! crazy shit ! i guess you can say god gave you the finger that day!

Kaylee : Camera man: Where's Autumn? Me: who tf is Autumn....

coc0s : They sound like B-movie actors.

Ryan Todd : I'm am surprise the ceiling fan,TV and the widows weren't broken

MR. electric199 : That is why I am not going to live in tornado alley.

josephine : My name is Josie

Alphonse Duponey : Josie: the most important off-camera character, ever...

Biggest fan of Bianca Ryan : Who's crying 😭

sunset tech : What a crappy day that was!

Jake Penny II : I always have dreams of shit like this.

gchsbus : I cried.... Thats just tough

Nikki McKenzie : Omfg omfg omfg omfg omfg omfg omfg omg omg omg omg

Allison Searles : come on now, and watch the nails

Noble Sir Knight : I hope her pussy cats where ok!

Mystic_Vaporeon : Did they have an Xbox ? If they did I hope it survived :( but thank god they are ok:)

EmoPie : god bless those People in this comment section who is focusing on the fact that they are OK and showing empathy for them. And fuck all you assholes who keeps complaining about the woman - who is actually a high School girl is crying. she has the right to scream in a situation like this. her house is litteraly being ripped apart by a tornado that could easily just take them too. She was alone in the house With that man - her dad. her mom and siblings were out of town. she is a high School kid With her dad - an adult. he had to stay calm or else she would think it was even worse. as a parent you need to try Your best to stay calm in bad situations for Your kids. he had to show her that he had Control - even tho he probably didn't. but he had to pretend like he did. so don't compare her to that man. she was a kid With her dad. there is a reason it is called a ''near Death experience''.. they could have died if they were in the wrong room at the wrong time- in the beginning of the video they stood in that very room you saw at the end. what if they stayed in that room? they would be dead now. so don't fucking tell me that this girl needs to calm tf Down. she. almost. died.! and not 'all women'' tear apart like this. it Depends on age, personality, previous experiences and situation. i bet ya'll would be deadass crying your butt of if this was you. at least women can handle pain better than men. lol it's scientifically proven too. and don't tell us that women tear apart easily when a woman brought you to this world by doing what science has proven is the second most painful thing a human can experience - giving birth. i have seen men act like the girl in this vid. so gender has nothing to do With how You hanlde Things. men and women are the same. it's just humans being different from each other. (my English suck but you get what i'm trying to say)

Glennn7 : I'm very curious as to where this footage was taken (city, town, state) as well as EF rating.

jrag1000 : Wow......

flashy5150 : Gosh, I'd love to watch this video, but some Microsoft/Youtube peckerhead has decided to fuck up my weekend again.

Gregory Edwards : God just spared you and your family and you curse Him.......Toilet Mouth fool.

Plague Doctor : Jeez, this video is so intense!