The Sopranos - ''You're looking at them asshole''

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Scott McAninch : Who notices Tony was wearing sandals like a Roman Soldier? So much was in the details with this show.

davidjacksonsr : Hey we're just cutting balls over here

JohnLoCicero : I wish they did more with the 900 Jews. They were favorite characters on the show.

Yolo Swaggins : "Get the bolt cutters" - Things you don't wanna hear when being held captive.

Stackin fiddies Suckin tittys : Im here with my non shellfish eating friend

Alan Page : I wish they had done more with the bolt cutters from out of the truck. They were my favorite item on the show.

Ice G : "For 2 years 900 jews held their own against 15000 varsity athletes. They chose death over the shine box."

Norm Bolduc : Tony to the Jew..."Yeh, hold that thought"...LMAO!

Kris Bland : Mad props to Hesh for being half-asleep and still able to put a smile on Tony's face. LOL

Pd Lc : Tony shows up in his bathrobe.

Henny Oldman : It's always funny how these khazars think they're the ancient Israelites.

aepr84 : tony really gained a lot of weight by the last season

Ed Do : Tony never had the makings of a varsity mohel.

JIMJ32X : I'm gonna go get the bolt cutters, get the bolt cutters

OCTOBER DUSK : 900 shine boxes held out and chose death over enslavement

vic dman : "didn't i tell ya keep away from these fanatics."

Trout Slayer : "hold that thought"

Bruce Wayne : Oy vey its a nuddah shoah

Novak Ingood : Yeah, but what have the Romans ever done for us?

Shane Jampole : “We’re going to plan D” holy shit...just realized the pun lol

S. SESTRIC : "Here we go! We're going to Plan B."

Rostam Amirzadeh Alef Male : I find hilarious how these fake wannabes are always bragging about their "Italianess" yet they are unable to speak one single word of Italian. They might be ethnically Italians but when it comes to culture and language they are Americans.

Pascal Paps : Even though i like this scene and all the dialogue there are so many things wrong with this scene, i dont even know where to begin. 1. They are doing this at Satriales which is one of their headquarters. They are supposed to know this location is supposed to be under surveillance and they still do it there! Makes no sense because you dont shit where you eat. 2.You cant tell me that 3 career criminals have no clue how to torture someone to get their way! 3. A mob boss will never call an associate and ask for torture advice EVER! That is the same as losing face. 4. A under boss will never call a mob boss to ask for help with something this insignificant and the mob boss will never show up to the crime scene and a mob boss will never call the house phone of an associate and talk so openly about torture advice. 5. An under boss will never be assigned to do this job. This is a task for soldiers only. 6. How the hell does Hesh know about this job? This deal was made between Silvio and the jews. Hesh should have never known about the deal and especially not about the specifics which are; torturing a man to get 25% of their bussiness. This should have been a secret. 7. This guy was barely even touched! I mean look at him. Not tied up to a chair, can still stand if he wanted to, hands and arms can still move, barely any bruises. This looked like 3 kids who tried to be savages on their first job for the mob who fucked up and called in a helpline.

Tropical Magic : 2:08 "didn't I warn you to keep away from the fanatics?"

Did Ye Aye ? : "The Ballcutters" lol

8trigrammer : The title could also have been "yeah hold that thought"

R Hirshi : Hesh is a dark horse when it comes to torture

King MultiGenre : What the hell are Tony's Sandals made of? Uncooked Lobster tails??

Blair : What a crying shame. Tony got called away from cheating on his wife to deal with a guy who doesn't want to divorce his wife. I hope this point isn't lost on anyone.

EVIL UBUNTU : Imagine if Meadow married that Jamal Ginsberg she dated in Season 3. All the eeeeeeeyyyys and ooooooooooh's and oy vey's and MOFUGGGAS and DAYYYUUUUUMS at the wedding would have caused a seismic shift.

MetaMetaphysician : The romans imported slaves from all over and made them into Romans. Wouldn't modern Italians just be cocktail of everyone they took back to Rome? With 1700+ years of separation it makes it more difficult to argue that they have remained an ethnically distinct group.

Miles Beler : Tony has pepperoni nips.

Sam S : You Know Most Guy I Know Would Be Happy To Get Rid Off There Wife - Anthony John Soprano.

Pretty Virgin Flaka : I wish they would have done more with that sub Silvio is munching was my favorite snack on the show

Mark S : so a mobster needs to be told about the idea of torture? lol.

2serveand2protect : He!he!he!he!He!XDXDXDXD... That was some show! :) The BEST I've ever seen among those hundreds of stupid TV-series, that's a "PEARL" you will never forget... :)

Triggerboy85 v : Funny thing is the Italian are not what the romans were lol

lifenane1 : And thus tony became a rabbi cutting of willies in a mily.

chazz LUCAS : your looking at them... one of the best lines on the show

Here's Johnny : Arial....we're going to plan B !!! Lol

Kris Waters : Paulie, get the bolt cutters from outta the trunk.  lmao

Alan J : That Jew’s balls were my favorite characters on the show. I wish they did more with his testes.

Dennis Fritz : I think The Sopranos provided every Italian-American wannbe tough guy with a vicarious 8-year high.

STUPID HUMAN : In the end, they didn't take his manhood, he just lost it.

Jesse Moreno : Bet you would not say anything like that about mobster to there face guy, yeah dude gots alot of hart

Navis A : Can someone explain this conflict? Why Tony and the guys are doing this to him.

roughtake : give him his bris

RubHerSoul1 : Be a moil. Finish his Bris. 😄😣😄😣

yoshi lorak : Where the Romans at??? You're looking at em, the descendants of a proud empire succumbed to disgrace and slum life while the Hebrews are prospering in modern day Israel. A nation a thousand times stronger than modern day Italy.

@ngel0fdeath : spaghetti and meatballs, anyone?