Rod Temperton - BBC Radio 2 - The Invisible Man - The Rod Temperton Story

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oxumare27 : Believe it or not, I heard of the name of Rod Temperton and his story for the first time tonight. The group Heatwave was very popular in Germany in the 70ies. I never imagined that a white guy from the UK would be the composer of such hot funky music and much more stuff which produced smash hits in the US and elsewhere which made MJ and others world-famous super stars. Rod - what a musical genius you were! I pay my respects. RIP

Simone white : One of my Heroes!

Colin Hotham : Why has there never been a Rod Temperton BioPic? Just think of all the music and the humble beginnings!!

Paul Hay : RIP, Rod your a Genius and thanks for your sounds.

Todd Mitchell : A legend

Mike Frame : Rod Temperton. A beautiful musical mind.


Damone Russ : I really have so much respect for this man,he is also one of my musical inspiration.

Andy M : Songwriting is the thing missing in today's musical artists. It's a greater art than musical ability imo.

Chris Fielding-Martin : Soundtrack to my school days, idolising the singer, fascinated by the songwriter, and dazzled by the production, simply stunning music that stands the test of time

darrell mfume : Rod. Your music has stood the ultimate test of time. And thank you for the great music you shared with us. We are grateful. And thank you to whomever. for this documentary on Rod's great career.

Derfunkmeister : So nice and yes, Rod was one of the best song writers, wonderful melodies. Not too straight but just right.

Joe Elvin : Wow your songs as blown me away all my life , and I didn't even know you wrote it, Legend.

Ron Young : A magical, musical master!!!!!

McOscillator : A huge loss. R.I.P.

Munesh Ramkumar : legend.