What's Actually the Plane of the Future

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Wendover Productions : Hey I hope you enjoy this new video! Some 370 of you got to see this early as I accidentally pressed the button that I didn't mean to press so the video was live for about a minute this morning, but here's the real version! Make sure to check out Squarespace because this video *literally* would not have happened without their support.

THE GRUMPY DRAGON : Lol, I was waiting for this

Paul Paulson : Any plans to make a video about SpaceX plans with the BFR earth to earth?

Turqoise : crowded unhealthy seating will not 'always be the way of the future' - it will be the way of the future under a corporatocracy - let's not 'over' predict

FRANTIC Vlog : Can you please make a video about Cryptocurrency? Maybe you can explain it clearly. I just love how you make videos.

Sam : You could make a second channel for aircraft. Call it Wendover Airlines.

Mark Deavult : I'm curious, what is the rationale to start a second channel and split content? One would think that gaining subscribers is difficult and it would be more advantageous to grow a single channel unless the content is radically different. Thanks!

Zamolxes77 : Lot of assumptions here. In short range market a plane can only beat a train if they get there faster, including embarking. For a train I buy a ticket 5 minutes before departing, climb on and off we go. For a plane, any plane, is driving for 30 mins to airport, then embarking for an hour, security and all the jazz, only then take off, so in most cases, train is faster, at least in Europe.

Igor Bosco : Wendower production= plane orgasm

Ben Peltola : I want to put some things out there: -Airbus and Boeing both make planes. -Airbus and Boeing's planes both fly people to places. -Airbus lacks a middle-of-market plan. -Addressing the fact that Airbus lack a plan for a mid-market aircraft does not make one a "Boeing Fanboy" and does not equate to hating Airbus.

Adrien Perié : I'm amazed by the fact despite Airbus already having solved this problem with the A330 family to you it isn't solved until boeing makes such a plane ? Talking to you somebody would think Boeing owns the global market for airliners and that Airbus is some small company barely holding on... In many areas of the market Airbus dominates...

James Cusack : Of all the airlines I’ve traveled on, United had always been the absolute worst airline to fly with... I honestly would be grateful if their company goes bust

MounatinAviation101 : what if Piper is making a large long range jet?

Lp Vien : The answer should have been Bombardier's C-series...

Landrin30 Gamer : Its gonna be the a350

Real Engineering : Making fun of me and my video doesn't even show up in the related section. Thanks YouTube. (edit: I forget sometimes that people don't know that Wendy and I are friends)

Matthew Brown : The claim that this is "the plane of the future" is ridiculous clickbait. Sure, it's _a plane_ that will be designed _in the near future,_ but it's not like it's going to upend industries or anything like that. 90% of the disapproving comments come from the misleading title. Had the video been called something like "The 797 is Real" and focused more along those lines, it would have been great.

zuerichspotter : The 757 <3 My all time favorite

Subaru the Whovian : So electric planes... Does that also mean we get propellors back?? Those were the most beautiful...

snowben837 : Why is Boeing obsessed with using 7s in their model numbers?

NO : Flat Earthers: The earth is flat. Literally Everyone Else: The earth is round. Wendover: (((SQUARE SPACE)))

RookieN08 : The most important question we should ask ourselves is when will commercial airplanes start flying at supersonic speed? With the rise of globalism and sustainable energy, it is inevitable that most people will be able to afford to fly globally in the future. When there is a drastic demand increase for long-hour flight, it will be very cost inefficient for flight companies to let their passengers stay in a plane longer than 10 hours just to travel about a quarter of the world. Someone eventually has to figure a way to produce a more efficient Concorde.

pomare kaire : What about the Boeing 767, I'm pretty sure that the Boeing 767 was replaced with the Dreamliner, but they can't just the "797" as the plane. We need the Boeing 767 back with passenger's between 190 and 260. The 2-3-2 aircraft configuration is perfect for this market. PLEASE BRING THE 767 BACK!!!

Nathan .W : Wheres the future of airplanes? All you did was go on a tangent about how aerospace companies aren't filling a certain sector properly

Xpress Air-Canada : I bet Boeing is not gonna do the 797 project because of the CSeries situation, at least not in 2025 for sure, CSERIES ftw

Dusty vHD : The Plane Fetish Continues!

Zman Gaming : 0:33, that lady who's just standing there on her phone

Kris : This kinda sucks I like the look of the 757 but I guess airlines don't......

Jeffrey Williams : It interesting that Boeing are still focusing on this North American trans-Atlantic route, when the fastest growing region in the world is Asia.  Basically they are thinking about building the craft of tomorrow for the heavily congested routes of yester year. Aircraft  of the future will be driven by what the airlines demand and Boeing should be thinking about building craft that can serve North America to Asia route or Middle Eastern to Asia routes.

ERJ 145fan : Bring back the 757!

Rafael Alódio : What about other companies like Bombardier and Embraer? Only Boeing have a plan to fill this gap you mentioned?

tdRftw : nvidia is to linus as to boeing is to wendover

MrHinch : You had my attention until you cited hyperloop as a possible replacement to air travel.

nismo007 : So the 797 is just an A330 Neo?

Jackson Sims : And airplanes again

Kevin Yeoh : Honestly all I want from a plane of the future is an all you can eat buffet.

Aidan George : 0:34 she was probably writing a 5 paragraph hate comment on facebook that started with, "wow"

Sean : United's new name should be nited, because they will kick u out

Ben Dover : Hyperloop

_Bob McCoy : *Welcome, to yet another **_Bendover Productions_** video*

geryon : Finally a Wendover Productions video about planes.

Saule Karavirs : Problem with the Electric planes for local rout argument. (I would actually be interested in your response to this) Trains have one major advantage over electric planes. Time not traveling. Have you ever noticed that a train pulls up, stops, off loads, on loads and leaves within a minute or two? Tell me about one time you've seen a plane come in from a flight and take off withing 10 or 15 minutes. Trains don't have to fill up with fuel, or recharge batteries between trips. Trains also don't have to go though pre-flight checks, or safety inspections at every stop they make. The one major inefficiency in trains compared to planes has been friction with the rail. But comparing diesel trains (just because I happen to know this) to other methods of haling freight, planes and trucks are both more expensive, due to fuel consumption. Boats are the only thing that can hall more tons of goods per galleon of fuel then trains. There just is not much friction between steel rails and steel wheels. I acknowledge that the trains we are talking about are not diesel. But we were moving in the direction of electricity already. So with the addition of Mag-Levs and Mono Rails, this inefficiency is being reduced ore even fully eliminated. Modern people carrying trains are also electric and receive their power though the rail or overhead wires rather then having to carry the eminence weight of batteries with them. An added benefit of this was mentioned in my first paragraph, they don't have to stop and recharge or refuel. That leads me into my next point. Recharging an electric plane would take so long that any economic efficiency gained in flight, wold be lost to time sitting on the ground charging. Time is money, if your expensive equipment is just sitting there not making you money, it's loosing you money. Just how long wold it take to charge a plane, That does depend on a lot of variables. I have done research into electric cars in the past. Some of the cars that have a reasonable charge time of *just a few hours* are tiny short range one seater city cars. Most electric cars take between 10 and 20 hours to charge enough to travel over 200 miles. In order to have an electric plane leaving as shortly after the previous one got in, would require so many more planes then is economically feasible because you wold have to have several charging at each sight while one it flying each route. Trains are also capable of running the same number of engines during rush hour as during non rush hour, while not worrying about the number of seats filled to the same degree that a plane wold have to worry. The train can simply add more cars during rush hour, and remove some to conserve power when less people will be riding. (not saying that this is done, just that it is possible) I have watched your video explaining why Trains are more costly then plains, (personnel and long rails), however, you yourself did state that for these local distances, trains are more cost efficient doe to low maintenance costs when compared to planes. So in conclusion, for local short range routes, trains wold be more cost efficient for a company to run then electric planes. Trains are also more convenient to consumers for short local commuters due to their orderly and regular arrival and departure times. ******************************************************************************************** Alright, so how did I do writing a counter argument. I could have put some more time and research into it, but I have dynamic homework to do. So I don't mean this comment to be an attack, just a counter argument to one of the points you mane in the video. Thanks for reading, and I hope to get a response from you Wendover Productions. Your content is great, you get a like on this video from me.

Reese Hummel : I laughed my ass off as soon as you mentioned Hyperloop. What a joke. Zero credibility confirmed

FennessyMusic : Wooop Shannon, and in Ireland you Americans get pre flight clearance so when you land back in the States you can just show your passport and go

Dj Mastermind : A350-1000 my dream plane

santinieve 1 : YESSSS PLANE VIDEO

kalidilerious : The future of planes is already here, its the Boeing 767. Seats around 250-300 passengers, and the range is over 6000 nautical miles.

Денис Веркель : Video starts at 6:00

Matty C : I got a Virgin Planes ad

Michael O : Hyperloop is never going to happen in it's current form. Its a shame it gets all the attention when more practical solutions like maglev traditional trains would do well in their current form, and even better with some new money and research infused into it. I am also surprised a hydrogen fueled aircraft isn't more seriously considered.