What's Actually the Plane of the Future

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Wendover Productions : Hey I hope you enjoy this new video! Some 370 of you got to see this early as I accidentally pressed the button that I didn't mean to press so the video was live for about a minute this morning, but here's the real version! Make sure to check out Squarespace because this video *literally* would not have happened without their support.

MR,PINCER & FRIENDS : Lol, I was waiting for this

Paul Paulson : Any plans to make a video about SpaceX plans with the BFR earth to earth?

SlightlyCrusty : can you convert the miles into Toyota Corollas please? thank you

yixnorb : I heard United is removing carpeting from aisles so it will be easier to drag out customers.

Ben Peltola : I want to put some things out there: -Airbus and Boeing both make planes. -Airbus and Boeing's planes both fly people to places. -Airbus lacks a middle-of-market plan. -Addressing the fact that Airbus lack a plan for a mid-market aircraft does not make one a "Boeing Fanboy" and does not equate to hating Airbus.

Yøunis Tøp : Wendover? You could've named it Bendover 👀👌🏽

денис дроздов : And not a single word about Sukhoi or Antonov planes.

Vol 0324 : Please make more videos about planes! I love them!

kerFooz : The fucking aircraft can reach max speed if it were to except they choose not to because it's more fuel efficient.

santinieve 1 : YESSSS PLANE VIDEO

Igor Bosco : Wendower production= plane orgasm

MounatinAviation101 : what if Piper is making a large long range jet?

Adrien Perié : I'm amazed by the fact despite Airbus already having solved this problem with the A330 family to you it isn't solved until boeing makes such a plane ? Talking to you somebody would think Boeing owns the global market for airliners and that Airbus is some small company barely holding on... In many areas of the market Airbus dominates...

Tushar Maurya : Damn a very biased video

geryon : Finally a Wendover Productions video about planes.

Heli QQ : Comments contain almost 100% boeing vs airbus fans war

FRANTIC : Can you please make a video about Cryptocurrency? Maybe you can explain it clearly. I just love how you make videos.

Landrin30 Gamer : Its gonna be the a350

CrazyMinecart12 : I wish airbus developed a a310neo

NO : Flat Earthers: The earth is flat. Literally Everyone Else: The earth is round. Wendover: (((SQUARE SPACE)))

Lp Vien : The answer should have been Bombardier's C-series...

zuerichspotter : The 757 <3 My all time favorite

Maxvolume123 : I actually flew on a 757 from LA to Kona Hawaii, as well as from Honolulu to Pheonix just a few months back. Very interesting video!

Subaru the Whovian : So electric planes... Does that also mean we get propellors back?? Those were the most beautiful...

Shitty Anime Lover : 0:33 jesus woman if you're texting that long sit down or something.

Matthew Brown : The claim that this is "the plane of the future" is ridiculous clickbait. Sure, it's _a plane_ that will be designed _in the near future,_ but it's not like it's going to upend industries or anything like that. 90% of the disapproving comments come from the misleading title. Had the video been called something like "The 797 is Real" and focused more along those lines, it would have been great.

RookieN08 : The most important question we should ask ourselves is when will commercial airplanes start flying at supersonic speed? With the rise of globalism and sustainable energy, it is inevitable that most people will be able to afford to fly globally in the future. When there is a drastic demand increase for long-hour flight, it will be very cost inefficient for flight companies to let their passengers stay in a plane longer than 10 hours just to travel about a quarter of the world. Someone eventually has to figure a way to produce a more efficient Concorde.


Phantim3dx : This is why I subscribed to you, you do amazing work!

Qwertyuiop Qwertyuiop : I love that Wendover's videos are always *PLANE* and simple

Xpress Air-Canada : I bet Boeing is not gonna do the 797 project because of the CSeries situation, at least not in 2025 for sure, CSERIES ftw

Jared Lam : Hi there is smth called a A330-300 at 300 seats with a range of 11750km/6350nm(in the middle) and the A330-200 at 246 seats with 13,450 km/7250 nm the new ones expected to first fly sept of this year A330-800neo will have 257 seats with 13,900 km/7,500 mmi while the A330-900neo has 287 seats with a range of 12,130 km/6,550 mmi. The A319 is not the one airbus tried with but the A321 is the one now with neo(new engine option ) with 240 seats and 6,500 km / 3,500 mmi with the long range model at 7,400 km / 4,000 mmi they have sold 1,429 A321 neo aircraft as of date.

Nathan .W : Wheres the future of airplanes? All you did was go on a tangent about how aerospace companies aren't filling a certain sector properly

Musty Fan : Am I the only one who thought this was going to be a Family Guy clip?

Webeo Transportation : What about the A321LR?

Jeffrey Williams : It interesting that Boeing are still focusing on this North American trans-Atlantic route, when the fastest growing region in the world is Asia.  Basically they are thinking about building the craft of tomorrow for the heavily congested routes of yester year. Aircraft  of the future will be driven by what the airlines demand and Boeing should be thinking about building craft that can serve North America to Asia route or Middle Eastern to Asia routes.

Jackson Sims : And airplanes again

Moses D : future? the world is going to ww3 .what future are you talking about :-)

Zman Gaming : 0:33, that lady who's just standing there on her phone

Ben Dover : Hyperloop

Zamolxes77 : Lot of assumptions here. In short range market a plane can only beat a train if they get there faster, including embarking. For a train I buy a ticket 5 minutes before departing, climb on and off we go. For a plane, any plane, is driving for 30 mins to airport, then embarking for an hour, security and all the jazz, only then take off, so in most cases, train is faster, at least in Europe.

UraFlight : I'm just flew from Edinburgh to London Gatwick 45 minutes. In your video you say is 79 minutes to Heathrow which is closer than Gatwick. Turboprop flight is much longer on this route

James Cusack : Of all the airlines I’ve traveled on, United had always been the absolute worst airline to fly with... I honestly would be grateful if their company goes bust

Bob McCoy : *Welcome, to yet another **_Bendover Productions_** video*

Cressida Person Thing : I'm want for Airbus to make an A310 neo or an A360 to compete with the potential 797. Then I think that airlines could have an all Airbus fleet. The A330 neo is too big and the A321 LR has a range that is too low to have any chance of competing with Boeing. Airbus won't want the 797 to sell like hotcakes so they need an A310 neo to compete

Concerning Reality : Loved the video, aviation has always fascinated me. I just started a similar channel making video blogs about different topics! Nowhere near the the quality of Wendover Productions, but I'm slowly learning and working on improving my skills. It'd be awesome if a few people went and checked it out. Thanks!

mamakris04 : This kinda sucks I like the look of the 757 but I guess airlines don't......

Anand Nair : Putting *FINAL* in the title won't stop you from making more plane videos You plane freak

Dj Mastermind : A350-1000 my dream plane