What's Actually the Plane of the Future

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Wendover Productions : Hey I hope you enjoy this new video! Some 370 of you got to see this early as I accidentally pressed the button that I didn't mean to press so the video was live for about a minute this morning, but here's the real version! Make sure to check out Squarespace because this video *literally* would not have happened without their support.

MR,PINCER & FRIENDS : Lol, I was waiting for this

Paul Paulson : Any plans to make a video about SpaceX plans with the BFR earth to earth?

Webeo Transportation : What about the A321LR?

SlightlyCrusty : can you convert the miles into Toyota Corollas please? thank you

yixnorb : I heard United is removing carpeting from aisles so it will be easier to drag out customers.

Mark Deavult : I'm curious, what is the rationale to start a second channel and split content? One would think that gaining subscribers is difficult and it would be more advantageous to grow a single channel unless the content is radically different. Thanks!

Abdul Adeshina : The real question is what comes after the 797?

Heli QQ : Comments contain almost 100% boeing vs airbus fans war

FRANTIC : Can you please make a video about Cryptocurrency? Maybe you can explain it clearly. I just love how you make videos.

kerFooz : The fucking aircraft can reach max speed if it were to except they choose not to because it's more fuel efficient.

Kevin Yeoh : Honestly all I want from a plane of the future is an all you can eat buffet.

KerbalTube HD : they should make a 757-8, using the GENx engines

Ben Peltola : I want to put some things out there: -Airbus and Boeing both make planes. -Airbus and Boeing's planes both fly people to places. -Airbus lacks a middle-of-market plan. -Addressing the fact that Airbus lack a plan for a mid-market aircraft does not make one a "Boeing Fanboy" and does not equate to hating Airbus.

Yøunis Tøp : Wendover? You could've named it Bendover 👀👌🏽

денис дроздов : And not a single word about Sukhoi or Antonov planes.

Dusty vHD : The Plane Fetish Continues!

the guy on every future house video : Hyperloop is Bullshit

Jared Lam : Hi there is smth called a A330-300 at 300 seats with a range of 11750km/6350nm(in the middle) and the A330-200 at 246 seats with 13,450 km/7250 nm the new ones expected to first fly sept of this year A330-800neo will have 257 seats with 13,900 km/7,500 mmi while the A330-900neo has 287 seats with a range of 12,130 km/6,550 mmi. The A319 is not the one airbus tried with but the A321 is the one now with neo(new engine option ) with 240 seats and 6,500 km / 3,500 mmi with the long range model at 7,400 km / 4,000 mmi they have sold 1,429 A321 neo aircraft as of date.

Sam Roman : You could make a second channel for aircraft. Call it Wendover Airlines.

Vol 0324 : Please make more videos about planes! I love them!

Rafael Alódio : What about other companies like Bombardier and Embraer? Only Boeing have a plan to fill this gap you mentioned?

James Cusack : Of all the airlines I’ve traveled on, United had always been the absolute worst airline to fly with... I honestly would be grateful if their company goes bust

dtoften : The energy density of jet fuel compared to batteries is around 100:1. Until battery technology improves, this will be the major roadblock for large electric airplanes. Lilium has a concept that might work for transporting people for shorter ranges.

Zamolxes77 : Lot of assumptions here. In short range market a plane can only beat a train if they get there faster, including embarking. For a train I buy a ticket 5 minutes before departing, climb on and off we go. For a plane, any plane, is driving for 30 mins to airport, then embarking for an hour, security and all the jazz, only then take off, so in most cases, train is faster, at least in Europe.

Sebastian Bruhn : Planes <3

Igor Bosco : Wendower production= plane orgasm

MounatinAviation101 : what if Piper is making a large long range jet?

Yanuar Fahmi : Mask on, f*ck it mask off (in the plane)

Landrin30 Gamer : Its gonna be the a350

santinieve 1 : YESSSS PLANE VIDEO

BliTZarD : Is this a Boeing commercial?

zuerichspotter : The 757 <3 My all time favorite

Maxvolume123 : I actually flew on a 757 from LA to Kona Hawaii, as well as from Honolulu to Pheonix just a few months back. Very interesting video!


geryon : Finally a Wendover Productions video about planes.

Eno Hlaalu : Fuck I want a plane

Tushar Maurya : Damn a very biased video

UraFlight : I'm just flew from Edinburgh to London Gatwick 45 minutes. In your video you say is 79 minutes to Heathrow which is closer than Gatwick. Turboprop flight is much longer on this route

American : Bull Shit video. i don't give a fuck about price just get me from point A to point B in no time like concord. stop wasting our time posting these crap videos jesus

YT best Men : Everybody: Hyped for the new iPhone, Wendover: Hyped for a new plane.

CrazyMinecart12 : I wish airbus developed a a310neo

Phantim3dx : This is why I subscribed to you, you do amazing work!

rc xb : I don't see the problem. The 757 is only a hair higher capacity than a 737 Max 10, and a hair longer range... Sounds like the 737 will see many more years of service.

Subaru the Great : So electric planes... Does that also mean we get propellors back?? Those were the most beautiful...

MisterFO Prod. : personal, I don't think there is a need for the 797 right now. Like the Boeing 767 does the job. Delta uses them a lot. They are fuel efficient and is perfectly in the middle of the 737 and the 787. Also these planes have low maintenance cost since their D check just have been done.

Lp Vien : The answer should have been Bombardier's C-series...

Jackson Sims : And airplanes again

Andrew Corpus : Yes a plane video sponsored by Bend-Over productions. Finally

Ben Dover : Hyperloop