XXXTENTACION - Look At Me! (Official Video)

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Brooke Bivings : The second song is very strange and kinda creepey

Ninten gaming : all the haters either don't know the message x is trying to show or there just retarded

Lauren's Life : don’t comment before watching the whole video

RA MsC : 95% of this comment page is braindead people who don't see the imagery and message hes trying to portray

juliaxoxo _ : People stop hating listen to the words and understand the visuals of the video

Anikaofsutton : Okay you have caught my attention and millions...and counting...well done, a very powerful message in this video and well directed (aside from some of the comments made). #alllivesmatter I was choked up watching this - why? It hit the TRUTH...

Rafael Medina : This shit is just plain retarded if you really think about it, How in the actual fuck are we, the fucking Human RACE arguing about killing a certain race is worse than murder against race, murder get over yourselves lmao

Banannarama Banannarama : What is that song called after look at me

Angelica Maness : Oh my God did he kill that white kid

BecauseICan : Is 1:23 part of a different song or something I really like that part

JoJiJoJo : I understand the message but some of the facts are wrong and this is not the raight way to potray that message

Steel Play : Why you so suicidal bro? Just live your amazing life and leave that weird shit. God bless you 🙏

Filthy Hanzo Main : when you pay attention to the lyrics on the second song... its fire.... but when you dont... its fire....

YRN_ Trent : What’s the song at 1:20!!??

Mirko dimitrivio : this video is so genius

deebz : This got zero media coverage on cable television. Why is that?

Nebzy : Why do people categorise other people like we're tennis balls and base balls, you might have an opinion over which one is better, you may like the other one more than the one because you like the colour more or the shape or the texture... but in reality we still round asf ... "white" "black" we are all the same. Not matter what's on the outside, wether you black, fat, white or skinny, like reading books or sitting at a mac. Stop trying so hard to be little someone because the don't have the same beliefs, the same thought process, the same waist size. You have to ignore those who play ball with you, wether your the tennis ball or the base ball your still gunna get knocked. Then it's your decision wether you get back up or not. ~ Reggie

Alyssa Gibbs : Okay so I don't understand why some people say black people aren't racist but only white people, where I'm from I'm the only white girl in my whole school, everyone always points me out by my color, I'm not saying in a racist, but where I am at now I am hated on everyday.

Asj Green : His message is great, it's going to change the next generation for sure

Magnetic 3lue : It would've been fucked if either kid was hung. I get that racism is a problem but that shit goes both ways. The media makes it out like cops kill black people all the time but if you actually look up the fbi statistics, white people are killed the most. Most interracial crimes are black people attacking/killing whites. Then you might try ti say "well the ratio is higher with blacks" but then you gotta know that black people are 5 to 7 times more likely to be involved in crimes such as drug dealing, murder, gang violence and rape/prostitution. Even the current 30 years of black culture glorifies drugs, alcohol, prostitution, murder. (At least the music does.) Movements are started like BLM yet it doesn't promote togetherness but promotes segregation and supremacy. It's well documented that the very founders of Black Lives Matter were racist, black supremacist. Then you try to say "black people were stollen and forced to be slaves" actually they weren't, black people have been selling themselves as slaves for thousands of years. Beyonce claims black people were Egyptians, that they were Pharaohs yet she ignores the fact that the Egyptians had millions of slaves over thousands of years. Long before white people were involved. Even today there's still slavery in Africa. You don't judge everyone based off their worst but you can't help but notice a pattern. If you act negative and are aggressive you get attention. Racism is a horrible and ridiculous theology. Like Martin Luther King said, we shouldn't be judged by the color of our skin but by our actions, by whats in our hearts. Blacks are not entirely victims, and whites aren't entirely bad. There's millions of wonderful black people AND white people, people that aren't racist, that love others outside their complection. X has said he wasn't racist before and has said things like I've said, I just hope he hasn't filled his heart with hate, I'd like to know his intention behind this hanging.

Sycatic Lordz : This nigga on some weird evil ass shit x u juss lost a fan😂✌🏼

Shaquille O'Bryant : I feel like I'm the only one who came for the riot part of the video

AppleBob : i think in the riot part i think the story is he shows the two boys all of this stuff that's happened to the black community and in the end he gives the two boys the choice of who should die and i think it make the white boy "realize" that he's the one who should die because his race was the predator and the blacks are the prey.

pRiMa : I felt like look at me was not done

Dylan Curtsinger : Y'all weird niggas got y'alls lil group i can't fucks wit it he's a trashs raper that ant gonna get anywhere

Emma Montazeri : People be hating because the don't understand the message but X I don't understand why u would hang a white boy with you being black you know u would get hate for that but still love you

YAKU : ...y'all crying about a fake hanging, but totally ignore the cops killing off black folks? Sounds about white.

Aye. _avamoore : Omg this video is so STUPID

WaifuDragon : Can someone explain to me the whole hanging the white kid situation?

X Leite : Everyone dislike this shit this nigga hanging kids and is spitting devil lyrics on the cypher

Marcell Hunt : Notice the Colors the white boy and the black boy are wearing the black boy is WEARING ALL WHITE AND THE WHITE BOY IS WEARING ALL BLACK

Lavender Blossom : The video was created to enlighten the youth to speak up, to know that their voice matters, regardless of colour, creed etc. Everyone is so bothered about the *WHITE* kid. Let me say it again, the *WHITE* kid. That's what you see before remembering that there were 3 lynched blacks about 30 seconds into the video. Think twice before you comment "why did he hang the white kid, that's f*ed up", "how's this gonna end racism", "it's not just blacks that have it bad". Just proving to yourself how ignorant you are, you only see colour. You're trying to refute the very thing, you're proving of being yourself, a racist. It's just like looking in the mirror. The endless killings of black people in this era has become so normalised, we always have to ask "Which one?" each death has barely any significance to the public compared to any other "supreme" race. No doubt every other race has it bad, maybe in some cases worse, but the topic of discussion that hasn't had any light shed on it for so many centuries, regards the black race and communities. It's just sad seeing what the world has come to, but we can still make a change and voice our opinion, that was the point of the video. One of the best clickbaits lol.

Alishah Mirza : People are getting offended over the white boy being hung but dont even acknowledge the black teens that were hung/shot. What the actual fuck.

ABII : Always knew XXX had more to him

Kingdom Royalty : THE Biggest Click Bait of 2017

Pappy Jones : He chose this video to send this type of message because it's his most viewed

Jacob Bihlear intros : What kind of mother let’s their son participate in this type of video

Tyler Porter : I'm just scrolling and reading comments laughing my ass ofd

Senpai : You guys don't understand. X basically just used some click-bait to get our attention . there's a deep message behind this video

Marcus Selassie : X is the man

Eric Ramon : Jared Taylor interviews black race realist. Militant white hating Blacks listen up and learn and stop rioting and ruining the country and all the civilization that was given to you. #blackpriviledge

Shawn Sanford : Fr i get the message at the end when he talks about everything but can someone explain why he has to chose between 2 kids to be hung, why kids?? Jus seems a lil fucked to show a kid getting hung, fake or not


JCF 2017 : Hay dude can you make a diss track on a hater galaxy he is an mean person

swerve boy : I thought we was listening to look at me

Ryan Janssen : Fucking disgusting. People like x are keeping racism alive

Jordan Calomese : click bait is him standing by jesus🤦🏽‍♂️😂

Don TV : Best video 2017 it gone be at 1B by next year watxh

YouTuber : The other song is called riot for anyone wondering btw

JonnyC vids : the 2nd part is weird af