XXXTENTACION - Look At Me! (Official Video)

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Draco Dubstep : bet yall didnt know where the original tune to this came from Mala - Changes


Tyler Copeland : This is just sad .... Edit : If you know the backstory

Tyler Copeland : Damn, this guy knows how to rap, AND FAST

NQFD : Well it's definitely something new

Erik Puig : After the song ended I was honestly thinking that I'd just see more racial tension throughout the rest, but I was pleasantly surprised with the way he talked at the end. I really didn't expect that maturity about how murder is murder reglardless of race, and because of that segment, I'm glad I gave him a chance, I saw a YouTuber comment on the video and he talked about how this just fuels violence, but he never showed the speaking segment. So, I'm just gonna wrap this up and say I've gained a new respect for you.

Hugo Massonneau : X > All

Churkendoose : RIOT is so good and it has so much meaning behind it X actually raps about things that matter

Caleb The Porcupine : I feel like I'm one of the few people who noticed, that, when the child was being hanged, well, there were two kids, one of African decent, and another of European decent, Or a black kid and a white kid. The black kid was wearing white clothes and the white kid was wearing black clothes, the white kid with black clothes was hanged, I feel he did this with their clothes and attire to show what it's like to be the other race, for a white person to experience being black pretty much, to be killed for no good reason at all. Anyways, this is what I think. Thank you for reading.

Squid- UncuTz : Before the drop: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) After the drop: ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙

CJ Van Sligtenhorst : I feel bad for that teacher

YoungBoy YT : 2018 who is seeing this

CoryxKenshin's Mustache : *LOOK AT ME HANG THIS KID*

xCVRSESx : Everybody talks about the Child being hung. Nobody talks about the few hanging bodies when riot started, murder is murder, regardless.

Rayan El Bouyousfi : aye

Christian Lopez : This song lit

Dominic Perro : WTF!!!!

FaZe Spider : @ 0:51 I actually thought my phone died lmao

Canal Thwys : *Brs?*

Rap maroco : 😬🔥🔥

supremeking21 00 : I'm super surprised this still on YouTube but it's fire

ҜÃȵعᶄĮ ツ : *ОХ ЕБАТЬ*

Mr. Engineer : What a disaster that part of the video. You people don't know the real meaning behind this video.

Mikala Jones : This song makes me want sing it out loud

Goku Black : #GiveXa1v1 #FuckMigos

Dope boy Jacoi : You guys should subcribe to Jaden Mayfield and x

chicagokid : Something wrong with this man and hanging a that kid

Yana Kudryavtseva : *S P A I N*

Leslie Ponce : I understand all the hate coming from towards him "hanging a kid" look this was just a way to show how racial differences are affecting the world, yeah he probably could've done it another way but tell me, what other way can we possibly stop racial harassment, murders, crimes, suicides, etc there are no ways to stop this or to inspire people to do the right thing. Might as well sit back and give him a hand for trying to inspire the youth and more. Jahseh's intentions were well.

Mysti Layne : January 2018?

Hibana : 1:20 Even after hearing this song multiple times, it never ceases to give me goose bumps.

Taryn Davis-Jenkins : the fact that he used his most popular song to attract views just to convey a message...genius

League Gank : Yall dont talk about black dudes hunged,but you ALL talk about white kid being hung,and you act smart...cmon

Veronica Brown : 2018 still watching this🔥🔥(the way x is now and was )got me like......TF😣😂

tata Santos : Boaa brasileiros kkkkj Manda um salve pro x

Silas Arscott : He is hanging a kid what the heck

Lucky Man : JAHREIN ADAMDIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clorox Bleach : teacher told me to find x Found it

ARBPDoesStuff : Whoa! Big juice stain in my pants! Don't you ever make something so cute ever agen!!!!!!! >:(

yeve the awesome homosapien dog : this is the best click bait

woplex : People are like " omg he just clickbaited us with look at me " but you guys cant get intro the idea of the whole video and the music.. Dont hate him because he send some respect !

Mouad El Marci FooT : Wooow

Gamer Squad : ... what did I just watch? Lit song tho


J. Gwilty : That kid took 7 months to get the spliff out of his nose

Savion Kent : I miss ignorant X


Tyrone Crayton : Isn't the next song "Riot?"

j : "Philando Castile: white on black" Err... the cop's name was Jeronimo Yanez...he wasn't white. Labelling all shootings as racist regardless of the circumstances does not help anyone it just breed resentment on both sides, and belittles the injustice of the ones that actually were.