XXXTENTACION - Look At Me! (Official Video)

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SilentKiLrr23 : Yo wtf is this. Fucking satanic shit. You need jesus my friend.

phuckitdoe : Let's all listen to the homicidal woman beating and life threatening scumbag preach about peace. Go to jail. Stop supporting shitty humans. Think of the example YOURE setting in society by supporting this. There's other talented artists who do not condone and act on violence.

Bob Landers : Hey dumbasses it's called the law. Lol a message. Just an excuse for these sick X fans to watch kids get hung

Larry Scary : X should have put this story in the video. Flashback: 4 Blacks Torture, Kill White Couple All four, including, Miss Coleman, then engaged in an orgy of rape and violence. They anally raped Mr. Newsom, and orally, anally, and vaginally gang-raped Channon Christian. They brutally beat both victims and poured cleaning fluid down Miss Christian�s throat. They killed Mr. Newsom, leaving him with �multiple gunshot wounds,� and set his corpse on fire. They also killed Miss Christian.

Griffin Jordan : When is some gonna cap this fucker he's ruining the rap game

Sleasy OFtwoXL : people saying "he's hanging a white kid to prove a point" are fuckn stupid. what if it was a black man hangn a black child to prove a point? is that swag cause you woke dipshits say so? if you don't think hanging ANYONE (especially a child) is fuckd up and wrong then you need your head examined.

Fábio Lopes : Capital STEEZ would fit in this track

iiRewindd : What's the meaning of the kid getting hanged?

zahra Z : So the white little boy was acting as if he was hung and you guys are getting offended. And this shit happens to us coloured people in real life and no one cares so deal with it !!!! And also take a moment to think even if it was real that it was a child. A child! Not a white child or a black child or any other coloured child. It was a young innocent child

PokeKai : What's the name of the other song in the video?

Reno : Ok you know what people have been saying if a black man hangs a white kid it's okay but if white man hangs black kid it's racism. I mean yeah it is but look we're all humans we have feelings we were made by god and it does not matter how we look so yeah we are all humans so don't treat white people like that there humans like you only different color slavery ended a long time ago....bitch

Lisa B : I get this whole video & I agree full heartedly. I like... no.... I LOVE that black people are standing up for themselves. BUT... what kind of attention are you look for is my question? There are black who shed light on stuff, educate RESPECTfully & get their message across successfully. & there are others who go too far with hate & crime being disrespectful.. assuming ALL the white race is out to get them... etc etc. there is a huge difference. I live in Memphis (#1 most dangerous city in world) . Our leaders-police (ALL blacks) gave blacks 1 day . 1DAY! not to committ a crime bc lots of black people came forward on what they wanted to change in the community, how they felt, & how they are being treated by law enforcement...... & they couldn't last an hour without killing THEMSELVES. Personally, I feel if you want to be get your point across you gotta respect yourselves. You all want the same things so stick together/ unite .. that's 1st step. Then you got to PEACEFULLY educate the ignorant people.. so nobody can't say you went crazy had riots create mobs to beat/kill people, destroyed businesses during protests etc.... ALL RACES fuck up equally but when you wanna prove/want something you gotta back it up . Why spread crime/ hate to others what you don't want that for yourself is my point. Be the example of what a good American PERSON is that you deserve to be heard , be respected, & show these stupid people they're the ones that are fools not you .

Kobe Smith : Nigga I'm just trying to figure out what the name of the 2nd song is

S. Scott : so's to Mala

Michael Brown : You just demonstrated a black adult killing a white child with another black child watching? Are you playacting revenge from 50-150 years ago? This is wrong on many levels. Blacks are not slaves anymore. How long before the black community stops being the victim and steps into society? This person/musician , is neither. like all rap, its loud, repetitive, and any melody is usually stolen. But the real problem is the message.

Viet Luu : That's a lot of views

iGlitch4CodHD : *"Everyone is shocked that the white kid was hanged"* ...Or it's because a kid is being hung

Cody Fisher : So hanging the white child isn't racist. Interesting logic.

Ankur Mukhopadhyay : I honestly expected the music video to be on "Riot" because of the posts he made on Instagram

Sergant Ijzerhand : This fucker just showed the lynching of a kid to create racial equality, what a fucking dickhead

potato bake : Sid and Dina Brought me here and wow am i annoyed that this doesn't have more views

Hurri Hawkson : I don't think you guys understand any of the plights of anyone but yourselves tbh, and I'm talking about everyone here: black, white, asian etc. People's perspectives are confined to what they go through in their life, and people with similar lives to them. Thing is everyone is different, everyone here has had different experiences growing up and living their lives. Problem is we think we know about one another because of media, internet, etc. We assume because we have one side of the story we understand every aspect of someones life. That one violent black guy that murdered that one person on the news isn't every black person, that one racist white man that killed those folks isn't every white man. So on and so on. We as human beings are quicker to generalize than to recognize contrast. Netflix Documentaries, Personal Accounts, even statistics that's just one side of the story. You never truly understand until you yourself experience it.

Yondo Pink : Meh tyler the creator ate a cockroach and made alot of money... this is basically shock value trying to get relevance cause lets be honest if your not 14 u probably dont listen to rap

Laslo Personne : Where can i find the second part ?

Jo Je : What an idiot. Filth, like this, makes it much harder for black people to fix their communities. Police keep the neighborhoods safe from criminals such as this extremist.

Ying allbesogono : How is this going to stop all the black on Asian violence in USA? Search Youtube: Your worst nightmare" -- Black on Asian crime spree in Houston.

Roblox n' Stuff : Wtf why he hang the white kid and let the black kid just watch his friend die no hate on X but this video triggers me

TrustYourGut : "this generation will be loved heard and understood" while the video shows the opposite

Gawky waif : as an x fan i can say that he has been taking this crazy shit too far

Michael Townley : He really do sound like eminem

Nigel Powers : WTF. I hope you freaks and racists get what you deserve. The white man looks nice and tender. But keep fucking with us and we will fuck with you. You know what whites are good at? WAR and WORKING. Sick of this anti-white racist shit.

XxYung HadesxX : though he click baited us on the look at me vid he realized this would be how he would get the attention of all or at least most of us to spend time on this topic. it seems that we would rather focus on unimportant subjects neglecting the fact that we all live in a hateful society in which creates a divide between people based on the color of skin each of us behold. we have to realize that we are the change, if we contain a one superior race mindset we send ourselves to damnation. but if we unite and have a realization that we are one race, the human race, which even with our differences we still in one way or another are the same, we can conquer all obstacles as powerful force.

Oak Cliff raise : Kodak comes out with "tunnel vision" video and X wants to send a message too lol

cporter1NOVA : emmet till was at his uncles house, not his moms. your marketing is genius though as far as getting hype off ignorant shit then putting this in the middle of the video

Curtis Cunning : Yeah, I guess the "Bell Curve" was right after all. How dumb

worm attack : Whoever produced the first part was obviously going for a blown speaker sound.

I'm vixella : Look how sexy he his here but now it’s juss wow

Star Phoenix : Who ever disliked this isn't intelligent enough to even deserve to bang this tune out.. smh

Mihaele Zalac : bro can seriously rap though his flow and the shit he is spitting is dope

Sohaib B : We were all expecting a legit Look At Me music video. This taught me a life lesson: NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER or you'll get click baited..

amgod : Was the kid actually killed

Jay Green : Tbh I understand what he was trying to show bt it's a little inappropriate to hang some innocent little white kid😂bt I don't knokk him it got everybody's attention which helps get his message #boldstatement

Aquil McKenna : Ok so after all the b's. My opinion is X, I know a lot of ur turnt go dumb tracks. Riot I had no idea was a track. I loved riot the moment I hard it the beat was nice but the lyrics 👌. Went back and listened to his catalogue theirs tracks of him being lyrical. Now I jam to his dumb shit and the woke shit. Also I don't give a shit what he looks like . I also like his album.

the 7th grade emo phase : brought me to tears, amazing message

Christopher Payne : Kendrick Lamar, when are you gonna jump on that second beat and make it banger of the year?


Phillip Guerrero : His mind is very dark ☠️

Chris Butters : what is this way to far

isthatbre : Damn. I came to watch it fully ready to hate. But, I can't.

Kiing Koldd : I wish in the video, instead of the black kid watching the white kid get hanged... he rushes to the white kids legs to try and hold him so he doesn't die...