Why is Everybody Mad About Everything?
Why is Everybody Mad About Everything

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Thanks to Audible for sponsoring this video! Head to http://www.audible.com/drewgooden or text "drewgooden" to 500-500 to get a free audiobook with a free 30-day trial. It seems like everyone is always mad about everything, even when there's nothing to be mad about- and it PISSES ME OFF. Why are we like this? Why am I like this? And has it always been like this? Idk, but I have a few ideas. here's links to the things I talk about: Shane's Jake Paul Series - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bpkr91p2xY&list=PLDs0tNoNYTz1P3dO8m5Wdv0WE2lPTQSJm My Vin Diesel video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJvHHgGerJg My tweet about last week's presidential alert - https://twitter.com/drewisgooden/status/1047561178300522497 here's some merch, if that's your thing: https://www.drewgoodenshop.com/ follow me: twitter - https://www.twitter.com/drewisgooden instagram - https://www.instagram.com/drewisgooden facebook - https://www.facebook.com/drewisgooden twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/drewisgooden lick and subcribe!!!


DØVYDAS : "Sloth from ice age but three feet taller." That part killed me

bel nome : But the real question is..... where did he park the batmobile?

truly greg : i feel personally attacked but he's not wrong

Doqie : I love it when dumb people try to educate people who are acting dumb on purpose, in order to make themselves feel better. Oh and btw Drew that was a wax figure, not the real Vin Diesel :)

Paige : Drew, absolutely love this video. Only one suggestion... maybe forget youre recording and put your phone in your pocket halfway through the video??? Just a thought.

《PattiRose》 : You only hate yourself *SOME* days? Pfft amateur I hate myself *everyday*


Sugar Wolff : I know someone who literally tried to diagnose a bunch of people around her, most of which she barely knew, as sociopaths thanks to Shane's video. I expressed my opinion that maybe that wasn't such a great idea as it's not nice to call everyone sociopaths for no reason, but I feel like I was her "seeing the worst opinion ever" that day cause she got super angry and blocked me hahahahahaa

Tala Bear : I am enraged, how could you think a size 10 would fit you!? Drew I dont think this viewer to youtuber thing here is gonna work out, you make me too infuriated

Safia's Useless Acc. : 🌝 👚 👖 this is what the moon would look like if it were a girl

NegaBois : Drew played the SpiderMan game with an xbox controller, looking for batmobile. Now that's a 200 IQ

Loki INTroP : The entitlement when it comes to anger is so freaking spot on. Even the part about redirecting frustrations in places where it doesn't even make sense. I usually watch your videos to laugh about how nonsensical the internet has become. But this was actually a very accurate social commentary. And people wonder why trolls exist. Roflmao It's because you give them the power to turn you into their own personal circus. The Vin Diesel vid was dope. Love the channel man. Subscribed.

Nuclear Nerd : I'm not mad.... *I JUST FIND IT FUNNY THAT*

24 Frames Of Nick : You were just mad Danny got a new house so you got a new house

Tala Bear : "It fits perfectly! See you next month!" *goes into trash bin*

Leah Daniels : Him and John mulaney are like twins

Isaiahthesage : how all these Facebook level intelligence people finding you lmao

Jojo Siwak : Does it anger you?

Official Comment Patrol : This guy is so dumb. He’s angry at people for always getting angry. That doesn’t make sense 😠

Walker Hummel : tbh your analysis on pop culture Is commendable and I value your opinions they make me lol, there are some ignorant/naive critics out there who can’t relate. thx drew keep doin you

GeekyGrace 10 : Shane Dawson’s series wasn’t interesting, but I didn’t understand all the hate or anger. Vin Diesel is kind of a weirdo, his fans need to chill. And the presidential alert just left me confused lmao but the memes were funny 😂

Ethan Fleming : Has a wife Has never worn or bought a ring ????????

IJustWantToBeACat : it’s ironic because he is raging over other people raging

Leon Lush : I gotta be honest Boo you're really milking this one I had to stop half way through to call the police, have fun in jail.

Miranda Jane : I just realized that Drew's voice is a perfect mixture of both John mulaney and Hank green.

Alexia Kelly : I have also been told I look like Sid from Ice Age before so at least you're not alone

Lucy Billings : I scroll Pinterest..... *I SWEAR IM NOT A SOCCER MOM*

Life of Luxury : Congrats on the wolf ring, bro! Looks really cute on you.

Scott Thomas : *Plot twist:* Drew Gooden is mad at everyone trying to be mad

Leo Valdez : 7:19 my ace best friend just screamed ‘FUCKIN THANK YOU’ and yeeted a pillow across the room

Azra Humayra : I lost it when that guy said drew looked like a sloth. He actually does but in a good way.

S u n F l o w e r : first time i’ve ever heard someone say *milking* episodes so casually

Ryde Mk : Don’t let this distract you from the real question *when did this turn into beautiful world?*

Krista Korzeniecki : Drew: why is everyone angry? Also drew: rants the entire video

Gorgeo Armani : 5:01 sounded exactly like coach Steve from big mouth and I'm here for it.

you're cute : Watching drew rip apart the people who supported vin diesel's disgusting interview made my daaaaay

Ethan Pierce : Playing a PS4 game, with an XBOX One Controller. Playing a Spider-Man game, and looking for the Bat-Mobile. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

Mark Titus : drew’s landlord is my favourite mcu character

Connor McCreary : I release my anger by getting on the road and complaining to myself about how many people dont use their turn signals.

Alice Fogg : why do people click on a video titled "Vin Diesel: king of cringe" and then get mad about it???

Four : Hey, *I* lost both of my hands in a childhood vacuuming accident!

DrawWithCaroline : ur literaly John Mulaney! which is great

Anton Gureev : Your landlord looks like a youtuber Drew Gooden, except at the end of the video you can see that landlord is much more masculine and cool. Also I hate you upload schedule because it not exactly the way I want it to be. Once in two weeks! It does not make sense!!! You suppose to play Fortnite, not upload once a fortnight. You can't even milk Youtube right.

CoalForChristmas : Drew just explained to my whole family why I scream at them in full blown rage.

Marie : Wait, why do you have a WMATA map? I just got home from work on it & was triggered lol

Jakenissic 13 : Drew: Plays Batman Arkham Asylum “Hey, where’s my shield”

Severus Lovegood : Omg Drew how could you put your shoes in the fridge. That makes me so mad😡😡😡😂😂

Alia McBride : People really take one look at you and think you're an absolute idiot who puts his shoes in the fridge and thinks the Vin Diesel wax figure was real.

Rozzy Rose : I like that during the add he’s just playing with his wolf ring