Why is Everybody Mad About Everything?

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Phart Phayce : what r u dr phil or somethin, show me logan paul memes

Eliza Pii : Did you actually think that we would believe there was a separate person playing the landlord? It was clearly you in a different outfit! Haha how gullible do you think we are?

chloe moriondo : u literally are the funniest person ever and u put everyone’s frustrations into words perfectly

hob : I love the way you read your hate comments. You're brilliant

x : i hate when people don't understand sarcasm, especially dry humor.

Scott Thomas : *Plot twist:* Drew Gooden is mad at everyone trying to be mad

24 Frames Of Nick : You were just mad Danny got a new house so you got a new house

Doqie : I love it when dumb people try to educate people who are acting dumb on purpose, in order to make themselves feel better. Oh and btw Drew that was a wax figure, not the real Vin Diesel :)

Sugar Wolf : I know someone who literally tried to diagnose a bunch of people around her, most of which she barely knew, as sociopaths thanks to Shane's video. I expressed my opinion that maybe that wasn't such a great idea as it's not nice to call everyone sociopaths for no reason, but I feel like I was her "seeing the worst opinion ever" that day cause she got super angry and blocked me hahahahahaa

Nicrap : Just noticed he was using an Xbox controller playing Speederman

Anna Beth : Sorry Drew, free content isn't immune to critique. Just because Shane is putting content out there for free, doesn't mean that he has the right to irresponsibly depict mental illness to millions of people. And yes, I am fully aware of the irony of my comment on this video.

Leon Lush : I gotta be honest Boo you're really milking this one I had to stop half way through to call the police, have fun in jail.

00Cryptic : Drew Gooden and John mulaney are the same person


sadiebaby : *7:18** FINALLY* SOMEONE I CAN RELATE TO ON THIS.. _none of my friends understand_

andie : deleted my twitter a year ago and now i'm zen lol join the party

illymation : “People are so entitled to have their free content exactly the way they want it.” GOD YEAH

Greg Wycliffe : There's a million little stinkers drew. Time to do a video about Drake

Ryan Steele : we're all mad bc we don't try to understand eachother as much as we should, misunderstanding creates hate.

jim havouski : hey! That landlord is not a different person! it is Drew or his brother! open your eyes idiots its acting.

Horror Game Central : it’s ironic because he is raging over other people raging

Tala Bear : I am enraged, how could you think a size 10 would fit you!? Drew I dont think this viewer to youtuber thing here is gonna work out, you make me too infuriated

the woilds yer erster : But the real question is..... where did he park the batmobile?

jagdo Rawr : why did you start talking like john and hank greene????? i dont want to feel like im watching crash course dammit

Molly Mc : So true. People ok the internet be like: *HOW DARE YOU KILL THOSE ANTS! ThEy hAvE fEeLiNgS 😔😔* Actin Like they don’t step on them all the time on the side walk 😂😂

Alia McBride : People really take one look at you and think you're an absolute idiot who puts his shoes in the fridge and thinks the Vin Diesel wax figure was real.


Tala Bear : "It fits perfectly! See you next month!" *goes into trash bin*

Walker Hummel : tbh your analysis on pop culture Is commendable and I value your opinions they make me lol, there are some ignorant/naive critics out there who can’t relate. thx drew keep doin you

Jordan Daire : *critiques people for being mad at everything* *gets mad at other people for 13 minutes straight* -ok then-

Grunt Nation : Why does his land lord look so much like him. Twins🤔

Jake Da Apple : this man has eyebroewas

Tazza m8 : playing spiderman with an Xbox controller? I DONT THINK SO

May Robinson : I think the issue with Shane Dawson's video, was that he basically gets paid for every single person that signs up for betterhelp. I'm just not a fan of the mix between money and mental health. And if you really research betterhelp it's very sketchy, and not reliable, which is scary because it's a app for therapists.

《PattiRose》 : You only hate yourself *SOME* days? Pfft amateur I hate myself *everyday*

your bootyhole is your beautyhole : GARFIELD WAS NOT ITALIAN


TheBrazilRules : Now I know why I click on vídeos with titles that are the opposite of my oppinion LOL.

Buudosa Sama : Algorithms have recognized that anger breeds slaves and zombies.

Sheep_Police : You remind me of John Mulaney and it’s amazing

Rob Reyes : why are you john mulaney

DrawWithCaroline : ur literaly John Mulaney! which is great

NegaBois : Drew played the SpiderMan game with an xbox controller, looking for batmobile. Now that's a 200 IQ

Chuby pants : You explained that part about making a joke and people not understanding it’s a joke VERY well, my humor is a lot like that where I’m doing something dumb for a joke and the people not getting the fact that I was making a joke but people instead treat me like I’m an idiot and I’ve mastered this look that sends the message, and I quote, “WOW, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING SOOOOOOO HELPFUL! ...you absolute retard” it turns my day around when someone’s smiling after they had just “corrected” me like they’re the smartest person in the room and BOOM I whip out the face or some witty comment, all of a sudden they aren’t the smartest person in the room and they never get to hear another one of my jokes again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Apologies to anybody who spent the time to read this, hopefully no one will even find it. Just another one of my landfill worthy mistakes...

W C : Wait a second, that WASN'T the real Vin Diesel? The deception!

Zackery Cowan : Drew, I thought you would be better than this. Why randomly target those of us who lost both arms in a vacuum cleaner accident? All for laughs? You should be ashamed #unsubscribed

Malaya Perez : This video is a whole big r/wooosh

Rebecca Nolan : You’re videos are sooooo much fun to watch drunk

nzl sft : Congratulations you hit 1 million

Gorgeo Armani : 5:01 sounded exactly like coach Steve from big mouth and I'm here for it.