Why is Everybody Mad About Everything?

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Phart Phayce : what r u dr phil or somethin, show me logan paul memes

Leon Lush : I gotta be honest Boo you're really milking this one I had to stop half way through to call the police, have fun in jail.

Eliza Pii : Did you actually think that we would believe there was a separate person playing the landlord? It was clearly you in a different outfit! Haha how gullible do you think we are?

24 Frames Of Nick : You were just mad Danny got a new house so you got a new house

Alia McBride : People really take one look at you and think you're an absolute idiot who puts his shoes in the fridge and thinks the Vin Diesel wax figure was real.

illymation : “People are so entitled to have their free content exactly the way they want it.” GOD YEAH

Grunt Nation : Why does his land lord look so much like him. Twins🤔

chloe moriondo : u literally are the funniest person ever and u put everyone’s frustrations into words perfectly

your bootyhole is your beautyhole : GARFIELD WAS NOT ITALIAN

Zackery Cowan : Drew, I thought you would be better than this. Why randomly target those of us who lost both arms in a vacuum cleaner accident? All for laughs? You should be ashamed #unsubscribed

Dedman223 : drew gooden confirmed for cast in Ice age 6

Langfocus : This video is too g*ddamn short. WTF, make it longer, as*hole! MOAR, come on!

Rob Reyes : why are you john mulaney

leathershirts : The fact that you described my morning routine so well actually kinda scared me.

John Hill : Wow dude, I can’t believe you think it’s my responsibility to avoid my own pain and misery, it’s every one else fault that I engage and you can’t tell me other wise. Edited: great video

lyon. : never clicked so fast and the first thing i see is drew looking like an old man squinting at the screen

Potato Inc. : I have been watching since 100k and I just want you to know you have and always will be my 2nd favorite YouTuber.

Marisa Jane : It's good you know that was actually a wax figure of Vinny D BUUUT do you know that you're pretending to be your own landlord? Hahaha

Grunt Nation : Wait I thought you were still at 300,000 but shit your almost a milly

Kelsee Mortensen : The only thing I'm mad about is that I can't turn around and do a brand deal everytime my rent is due

B & E Life : oh wow we’re early for once

Joe On a Boat : Great spider man body movements and you can trust me

Reader B : you remind of john mulaney lol

RoryTheDiglett : God this is AWFUL. I payed 0$ for this, and it was GOOD CONTENT. Unbelievable

Paige : Drew, absolutely love this video. Only one suggestion... maybe forget youre recording and put your phone in your pocket halfway through the video??? Just a thought.


Fatimah Iqbal : not to be racist or anything, but doesn't Drew look kinda like his landlord?

Mark Titus : drew’s landlord is my favourite mcu character

Graeme Caldwell TV : This guy calls Vin Diesel stupid but he doesn't even realize he's his own landlord

GARDNSOUND : Hey Drew, it's ok. Here's a hug. I think your content is great and I like to show it to my friends when they're over at my house.

Tim McGowan : I like that this video is good

cameron wood : You explained the shane dawson part so well props to you:)❤️

Ivens Pinheiro Ivens : That was not your land lord, it was a wax figure you idiot

BKRsport : I'm starting to get a fishy feeling that his landlord isn't exactly who he says he is...

Cheryl Wayte_ : "If you think that's how to flirt with a woman, you are part of the problem." WE STAN A LEGEND

guuuuuuurlyoucrazy : Thanks for addressing Vin Diesel’s sexual harassment towards that interviewer again. Idk how so many people swiftly moved past that either.

Maya Betancourt : I know respecting women is such a low bar but seeing Drew firmly say "No thats sexual harassment and gross" was so nice. More than Ive heard most men say on the subject unfortunately

kendrick whitty : Everyone knows to put you shoes in the fridge to give them that crunchy flavor

yeety yeety lemon squeezy : people these days do NOT get angry at everything. actually i think people are more chill than ever now. i don’t understand how you could have the audacity to post such a video. i personally am VERY chill. you are just jealous you have anger issues. you should think more before you post a video like this. also i am not entitled !1!1!1!! people say that to me all the time. does my dad buy me whatever i want? yes. does he buy me a new yacht every year since my third birthday? yes. but this doesn’t make me entitled !11!!1!1!1

Cory Mck : *_"Guys, it's youtube. Have you ever watched a video on Youtube that wasn't too long?"_* --Vine Propagandist Drew Gooden

Left_blank robot : "Sex is scary and gross and I don't wanna do it" -Drew Gooden 2018

Michael Edwards : Hey drew change your username to large malnourished sloth boy. Not a request.

Anton Gureev : Your landlord looks like a youtuber Drew Gooden, except at the end of the video you can see that landlord is much more masculine and cool. Also I hate you upload schedule because it not exactly the way I want it to be. Once in two weeks! It does not make sense!!! You suppose to play Fortnite, not upload once a fortnight. You can't even milk Youtube right.

Lexi Johnson : Does this free content make me angry?? *uh yeah?? I sure hope it does*

Celina Costa : "people are so entitled to having their free content be exactly the way they want it. 'I payed $0 dollars for this content and I had to fast-forward briefly' " honestly, this is such a good-ass point, we as viewers have become so entitled to artistic works that we sit there and complain when it's not what we wanted. This isn't a movie, you're not paying for it. Sure, constructive criticism is welcome, but oh my god, are you seriously complaining that there's TOO MUCH content???!! With how the ad-pocolypse affected youtubers these past few years, we as viewers should be a little bit more aware of how content creators now have to make videos in order to keep afloat. We know the Youtube algorithm prefers longer videos, with high engagement. We know this, and yet people still complain? People like that are honestly so entitled and unappreciative, it's unbelievable. These creators dont owe you anything, unless you regularly donate funds to help their channel, but even then.....IT'S YOUR OWN DAMN CHOICE

VoxRationis : I honestly thought that the joke in the tweet was that your wife got so angry about the shoes in the fridge that it escalated to the government nonchalantly testing the presidential alarm system.

Andrew Swanson Films : we’re mad you haven’t hit 1 million yet

Lukas _ : Hey Drew can I come over? Danny said I can't go to his house so maybe we can hang at yours?

Srishti Verma : *Drew Gooden being mad at people for being mad at stuff for 13 minutes straight*

Chase Kellow : Drew, this video was too long My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined