Why is Everybody Mad About Everything?

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Phart Phayce : what r u dr phil or somethin, show me logan paul memes

Eliza Pii : Did you actually think that we would believe there was a separate person playing the landlord? It was clearly you in a different outfit! Haha how gullible do you think we are?

DØVYDAS : "Sloth from ice age but three feet taller." That part killed me

hob : I love the way you read your hate comments. You're brilliant

Scott Thomas : *Plot twist:* Drew Gooden is mad at everyone trying to be mad

Doqie : I love it when dumb people try to educate people who are acting dumb on purpose, in order to make themselves feel better. Oh and btw Drew that was a wax figure, not the real Vin Diesel :)

24 Frames Of Nick : You were just mad Danny got a new house so you got a new house

00Cryptic : Drew Gooden and John mulaney are the same person


hotel? trivago : But the real question is..... where did he park the batmobile?

Sugar Wolf : I know someone who literally tried to diagnose a bunch of people around her, most of which she barely knew, as sociopaths thanks to Shane's video. I expressed my opinion that maybe that wasn't such a great idea as it's not nice to call everyone sociopaths for no reason, but I feel like I was her "seeing the worst opinion ever" that day cause she got super angry and blocked me hahahahahaa

andie : deleted my twitter a year ago and now i'm zen lol join the party

truly greg : i feel personally attacked but he's not wrong

Tala Bear : I am enraged, how could you think a size 10 would fit you!? Drew I dont think this viewer to youtuber thing here is gonna work out, you make me too infuriated


Leon Lush : I gotta be honest Boo you're really milking this one I had to stop half way through to call the police, have fun in jail.

Ryan Steele : we're all mad bc we don't try to understand eachother as much as we should, misunderstanding creates hate.

sadiebaby : *7:18** FINALLY* SOMEONE I CAN RELATE TO ON THIS.. _none of my friends understand_

《PattiRose》 : You only hate yourself *SOME* days? Pfft amateur I hate myself *everyday*

Greg Wycliffe : There's a million little stinkers drew. Time to do a video about Drake

chloe moriondo : u literally are the funniest person ever and u put everyone’s frustrations into words perfectly

Horror Game Central : it’s ironic because he is raging over other people raging

Not Sorry : how about the fact that he was using Jake Pauls supposed mental state to shill a scam to mentally ill people? i have reasons to believe he did this whole series because he got a sponsorship with Better Help. I say this as a long term fan of Shane who normally loves his work and not a Jake Paul hater or fan.

NegaBois : Drew played the SpiderMan game with an xbox controller, looking for batmobile. Now that's a 200 IQ

Walker Hummel : tbh your analysis on pop culture Is commendable and I value your opinions they make me lol, there are some ignorant/naive critics out there who can’t relate. thx drew keep doin you

illymation : “People are so entitled to have their free content exactly the way they want it.” GOD YEAH

Molly Mc : So true. People ok the internet be like: *HOW DARE YOU KILL THOSE ANTS! ThEy hAvE fEeLiNgS 😔😔* Actin Like they don’t step on them all the time on the side walk 😂😂

GeekyGrace 10 : Shane Dawson’s series wasn’t interesting, but I didn’t understand all the hate or anger. Vin Diesel is kind of a weirdo, his fans need to chill. And the presidential alert just left me confused lmao but the memes were funny 😂

jagdo Rawr : why did you start talking like john and hank greene????? i dont want to feel like im watching crash course dammit

Isaiahthesage : how all these Facebook level intelligence people finding you lmao

Grunt Nation : Why does his land lord look so much like him. Twins🤔

Tala Bear : "It fits perfectly! See you next month!" *goes into trash bin*

Gorgeo Armani : 5:01 sounded exactly like coach Steve from big mouth and I'm here for it.

Jake Da Apple : this man has eyebroewas

Loki INTroP : The entitlement when it comes to anger is so freaking spot on. Even the part about redirecting frustrations in places where it doesn't even make sense. I usually watch your videos to laugh about how nonsensical the internet has become. But this was actually a very accurate social commentary. And people wonder why trolls exist. Roflmao It's because you give them the power to turn you into their own personal circus. The Vin Diesel vid was dope. Love the channel man. Subscribed.

Zackery Cowan : Drew, I thought you would be better than this. Why randomly target those of us who lost both arms in a vacuum cleaner accident? All for laughs? You should be ashamed #unsubscribed

Rebecca Nolan : You’re videos are sooooo much fun to watch drunk

RAY ENG : "where did i park the batmobile?" playing spider-man BEST INTRO SKETCH EVER!!!!!!!!

Leah Daniels : Him and John mulaney are like twins

DrawWithCaroline : ur literaly John Mulaney! which is great

your bootyhole is your beautyhole : GARFIELD WAS NOT ITALIAN

TheBrazilRules : Now I know why I click on vídeos with titles that are the opposite of my oppinion LOL.

Sheep_Police : You remind me of John Mulaney and it’s amazing

Dope Kicks : That first comment was so hypocritical. He is literally complaining about someone complaining

snow white’s sister : *critiques people for being mad at everything* *gets mad at other people for 13 minutes straight* -ok then-

leathershirts : The fact that you described my morning routine so well actually kinda scared me.

Joey Salads : Drinking piss aint that bad

Ezra F. : It's really sad how I can't scroll Twitter for more than 2 minutes without seeing something political, when all I'm there for is fanart, memes and complaining about 1st world problems that will be waved off because I'm young.

Alexia Kelly : I have also been told I look like Sid from Ice Age before so at least you're not alone

nikki d : hey, drew, that’s a good question! what *wOuLd* the moon look like if it was a girl??? better yet, a girl from nantucket!? oh, the *pOsSiBiLiTiEs!!*