Why is Everybody Mad About Everything?

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Phart Phayce : what r u dr phil or somethin, show me logan paul memes

Eliza Pii : Did you actually think that we would believe there was a separate person playing the landlord? It was clearly you in a different outfit! Haha how gullible do you think we are?

Stephanie Baker : ummm IM a fAn Of viN DiEseL aNd yOuR rInG iz lame

AchmodinIV SWE : I saw this video for 0 dollars and this was shit so I want a refund

Tragic-fuchsia : Everyone is mad at everyone about everything all the time - vaguely what John Mulaney said who you remind me of a lot

Leah Daniels : Him and John mulaney are like twins

Leon Lush : I gotta be honest Boo you're really milking this one I had to stop half way through to call the police, have fun in jail.

Drwgonsarereal 1 : Idk why but at the start when Drew yelled “coming!” I just imagined him in a sweater vest in a fancy living room and yells “coming mother” and runs away and has a hunch back and a limp. There might be something wrong with me

Laureen Berger : I'm actually extremely rarely mad at things. And you're right it is because I hate myself. That makes more sense to me now why I don't really feel anger. I'm just angry at myself. It's sad but it's good to know.

Aaron J : I also like the DC Metro

Eveerulzz123 : aaaaaaahh this free video is to long and hard to watch im so hungry

24 Frames Of Nick : You were just mad Danny got a new house so you got a new house

Matthew Mitchell : Where is the Reviewbrah collaboration?

Seth Grimes : It not so much that people are entitled it’s that millennials are entitled

creme shaver : Guy watches 1 video of his channel (13mins long at the most) "who are you to judge someone you don't know based on 20 minutes of analysis.

creme shaver : Youtuber/psychoanalyst

chloe moriondo : u literally are the funniest person ever and u put everyone’s frustrations into words perfectly

NoNotBecauseWe'reGay : i'm mad bc i'm still alive like, if someone kills me that's one less angry person. get ur assassins on it please

pretty odd : Drew do a face reaveeeaaallll

Maggie : what would the moon look like if it was a girl

Ammon stringham : 6:14 My goodness... He does look like Sid…..

illymation : “People are so entitled to have their free content exactly the way they want it.” GOD YEAH

wallycyder311 : Where did he park tho?

Telila giraffe : ur mad because people are mad????

Sherman Stevenson : You are one of the Vine asylums that have ended making great content on YT me and my girlfriend are hype whenever we see a new video!

Madeleine Dawson : this guy is like a reincarnation of john mulaney except god didnt want to wait for john mulaney to die first bc we're all having such a shit time already and what the world really needs is two john mulaneys

Alia McBride : People really take one look at you and think you're an absolute idiot who puts his shoes in the fridge and thinks the Vin Diesel wax figure was real.

Ben Rudd : What kind of freak doesnt charge their phone over night?

TheNoobQueen : 1066992

Grace Deree : I hate this video. His shirt is ugly. Why do you you have a computer? Some people don’t have a computer! Disgusting......

Lucy Poynter : I hate this free video content, my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined!

Grunt Nation : Why does his land lord look so much like him. Twins🤔

Bri Cereske : What would the moon look like if it was a girl

Cassie Colgen : You've officially restored my faith in humanity

Nicole Smith : “That’s a top tier roast” 😂👌🏾 Yeah vin diesel harassing that girl was freaking horrible. I feel bad for his wife.

moist turnip : hey this childhood vaccum accident thing is suuuper realistic. it happened to me. im typing this with my feeth Feet*

Dedman223 : drew gooden confirmed for cast in Ice age 6

《PattiRose》 : You only hate yourself *SOME* days? Pfft amateur I hate myself *everyday*

Daniel Degeratu : I got a 11 fingers tik tok ad

Devin Laker : Cody Ko and Drew are hands down the best people on YT. They respect women, are funny and are just nice!!!

Marcel : What does this guy expect? If its claimed to be "free" then its obviously bad quality! stupid dweeb.

your bootyhole is your beautyhole : GARFIELD WAS NOT ITALIAN

Jan elle : Please roast Vin Diesel some more. Or Tyrese, do Tyrese! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME!?!?!?!?

NO BuenoBum : This video made me mad for Some raisin

Slack Starfish81 : 11:38 No. Oh you kept talking even though I didn’t have the chance to state my opinion... Now I’m really mad.

Evie Fable : "Sex is scary and gross and i don't want to do it" me too drew

Rob Reyes : why are you john mulaney

Lewis Gibb : Hahahaha Michael Moates is literally a paedophile

DrawWithCaroline : ur literaly John Mulaney! which is great

Danny Diaz : bro why you got a map of the DC metro on your wall