Why is Everybody Mad About Everything?

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Phart Phayce : what r u dr phil or somethin, show me logan paul memes

Eliza Pii : Did you actually think that we would believe there was a separate person playing the landlord? It was clearly you in a different outfit! Haha how gullible do you think we are?

chloe moriondo : u literally are the funniest person ever and u put everyone’s frustrations into words perfectly

Reader B : you remind of john mulaney lol

GoatOnA Fence : I'm offended, I lost both of my arms in a childhood vacuuming accident and you talked about it like a joke. You may be asking how I typed this, well I'm using a pencil and my mouth like a dog. Now I'm offended that you asked how I typed this out.

Father Rhyme : I didn’t even get the presidential alert, which makes me even more mad. I’m a cool guy, do people in the government think I’m a loser? Is it because I constantly talk shit on Trump? I just want to know why I wasn’t included.

Leon Lush : I gotta be honest Boo you're really milking this one I had to stop half way through to call the police, have fun in jail.


Puff Productions : I will now be able to brag about how I subscribed before he hit 1 million.

FusioN : This video was too long and now I’m angry

Nineflames : That detective thing everybody has going on is far too real. Everybody is out to prove that they've get THE HIGHEST INTELLECT for whatever reason. I guess you could just say it makes me so mad. IT MAKES ME MAD, DREW. AGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

24 Frames Of Nick : You were just mad Danny got a new house so you got a new house

Geoff Blundell : I dont know why, but I always thought you were Canadian

FFIXMaster : Okay so this is a funny video but did you guys notice that he was searching for pictures of moon-girls? It was at 2:28 in case you missed it. It was pretty easy to miss, I don't even think he meant to put it there at all.

Lindsey Miller : He sounds like John Mulaney and I can’t unhear it

x : the garfield cultural appropriation is so true in today's world *OOF*

illymation : “People are so entitled to have their free content exactly the way they want it.” GOD YEAH

Poopah : I rememeber when i lost a toof so i put it under my pillow and when i woke up it was still there!! So i went and asked my parents why the toof fairy didn't visit me. And they said because your 26 get out of my house.

Nicrap : Just noticed he was using an Xbox controller playing Speederman

x : i hate when people don't understand sarcasm, especially dry humor.

Benjamin Dragon : my disappointment is immeasurable . . . and my day is ruined

Alia McBride : People really take one look at you and think you're an absolute idiot who puts his shoes in the fridge and thinks the Vin Diesel wax figure was real.

W C : Wait a second, that WASN'T the real Vin Diesel? The deception!

Greg Wycliffe : There's a million little stinkers drew. Time to do a video about Drake

Joseph Hutton : Congrats on a MILLION subscribers!!!

Marj Echevaréz : Simple. The world is not getting better. It's getting worse.

Grunt Nation : Why does his land lord look so much like him. Twins🤔

Tazza m8 : playing spiderman with an Xbox controller? I DONT THINK SO

All Purpose Fl0ur : I'm triggered that he's playing the new SPIDERMAN GAME ON AN *XBOX ONE* !!!

jim havouski : hey! That landlord is not a different person! it is Drew or his brother! open your eyes idiots its acting.

Scott Thomas : *Plot twist:* Drew Gooden is mad at everyone trying to be mad

your bootyhole is your beautyhole : GARFIELD WAS NOT ITALIAN

Joshua Pawlak : The only thing that makes me mad is that the “Hey Little Stinkers” sign is out of focus

eva dubasak : The beginning of this video felt like a bill nye video, like the whole "but *why* do we do this?" part gave me a flashback to my seventh grade science class

Melanie Anne : I'm so pissed that this video was so hilarious and so true! 😠 Grrr!

Faeth Hypeski : Around 7:30 in this video, you officially became one of my favorite youtubers right next to @leon lush. One of my fave videos of yours yet. I know you don’t need me to tell you this, but don’t let people & their opinions get to you, you’re awesome and always post quality content. I think most of the people hating don’t have the best sense of humor & aren’t capable of keeping comments to themselves 🤷‍♀️

dræming. : I think I look for things to upset me because that's the only emotion I feel other than the bottomless pit known as depression.

Jacob Beaudway : Hey, congrats on one million subs man, if anyone on this platform deserves it it’s easily you. (Still more Gregs though lmao)

Kayla Perchal : I can say I was here before 1 mil because he's only at 996, 000 so far

Alanna Tobias : “What would the moon look like if it was a girl from Nantucket?”

Langfocus : This video is too g*ddamn short. WTF, make it longer, as*hole! MOAR, come on!

nzl sft : Congratulations you hit 1 million

Lindsey T Mitchell : I feel this drew, i really do.

Dog Guy : Happy 1 million!

hob : I love the way you read your hate comments. You're brilliant

Rob Reyes : why are you john mulaney

war1ock241 : Wheres the comment that said Malcolm in the Middle called they want you back, Drew? Why are you hiding that one? lmao love the vid #roastdrew

Bob Knickers : u are my friend!

I only eat Brains, Dummy : People legit go looking for something to be offended about nowadays. (Most) Feminists are the worst. And I've kept myself from offending someone over a blanket statement.

Uriah Major : Wow, you have smaller fingers than me and I'm only 140 lbs.