Lucas the Spider - Spinning Webs

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Brig McMullin : “... so I can have a new friend!” Buddy if you have that attitude you are going to starve

Artroid00 : Baby boy, what you've made is a dream catcher.

DerpPop 10 : Aww give Lucas a friend! 🐛🐜🐝 1 👍= 1 friend

Sereng Alva : Lucas: "Somebody told me that because I'm a jumping spider, I can't spin webs. Which is a really unfair thing to say." Me: Who said that?

Mia Uvalle : *Im gonna be really mad when he hits puberty...*

Meme Insider : I’ve never felt so much suspense in my life, holy moly.

hrpang : Does no one notice he bounces to the intro music?

Mike Daly : The worst people in the world are the ones who disliked this video

fairy tale forever Lily : I love Lucas but I'm deathly afraid of jumping spiders

Lily Steele : They should really make Lucas into an Emoji. 😍😍😍

Someday I'll Sleep Autism Vlogs : Well this is like, the only spider I've ever seen that I hear talking about wanting to "catch friends" and want to volunteer to be buddies with. The cuteness continues.

Sienna Diamond : The best 44 seconds of my life

Helen N : I saved a baby spider from my bathroom sink #pleasedontsquishme #lovelucas

bitty kitty : i loove jumping spiders i had one on hands a few times and theyre cute! maybe not as cute as lucas but they have theyre own beauty~

Abhishek Mishra : well..... u r not from Pixar studios....r u.!? ....!

Lexi Cast : maybe I should use Lucas' tactic of making friends...


JWBro Brody : Lucas we are your friends 🙂


JWBro Brody : Lucas we are your friends 🙂

Adhemar : this spider always on trending lmao

Sugey Torres : Realmente adorable 😍😍

Justin Zheng : I think you won’t be able to get your friend out of that web Lucas xD

paco ramon : The poor kid is gping to starve.

Potato Tomato : I like my own comment ‘cause no one else will

Dave Rucci : There’s a polar bear... I’m gonna go boop him on da nose..... BOOP!

Brenda Leon : I always want to be your new friend Lucas: D and you will always have me if it were not for Facebook I would never have met you

•Itz Q7RAYA• : “Don’t trust spiders.” They said “They will kill you.” They said Lucas the Spider. 😊

Joel : Me: Hey Lucas Lucas: What? Me: wanna see me do a backflip? Lucas: Sure

Noodles Ramen : 0:39 the little fly is foreshadowing...verryy clever....

Can we get 5000 subscribers with videos? : this is the only spider that i don't want to get a flame thrower and burn to death

Sebastian Trujillo : Porq no pones Subtitulos en español 😭😭😭🕷️

Theresa Nepia : Can you make more of these videos including a Christmas one

AwareSpring708 : Who would Dislike this.

Jodi Gustaman : Kinda dark But who cares??

Hating me is conforming : I'm suprised the movie rights to this hasn't been sold yet

TheScarvedInsect : Crafty!

Robert Vozar : 😄😄💞💞. 👏👏. 🔔✂〽〽

Kaylah Harris : The first thing you see is an adorable spider holding a pair of scissors bigger than he is...........................SO DANG ADORABLE!

Elani Aniyvwia : Who told Lucas he can’t do anything?? They are mean!!! We love you Lucas!! You can do anything you want to do!!!

Princess Tatyanna : I wish that all spiders were like Lucas

Royal Diva : (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)


ShadowOfTheHorizon : he's so cute, legit tears came out because of his cuteness :,)

Karolina Rocks : I rang the bell and you CAN make a web, don’t trust people they are called haters(say hay-ters)

Zach Choi ASMR : *This was cute and morbid at the same time*

Adele Marini : Hi Lucas you're so cute aww make other vids so cute Lucas make more


thejkhc : Yo guys.. chill on the email notifications. I got like 5 this morning.

Dimitri Pollard : Why haven't we received the plushies that we preordered MONTHS Ago??? I was patient when they had the setbacks. I didn't mind that the original date of Mid-October got moved to Mid-November. But after weeks of radio silence I'm beginning to wonder if I'll get this before Christmas. What if this was meant to be a birthday present?? This is highly unprofessional and it's beginning to feel like a scam. And seeing this Lucas video hasn't brought me my usual joy just more anger that they can be advertising even more money grabbing merch, and putting out new videos, but can't ship me the plushie I paid for.