No Friends

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Luke Mahoney : Hey everyone. I swear things got a little better since then. God bless.

Baco_ : Me irl

Old Crappy Couch : I laughed my ass off. The genius is really in the simplicity.

VidiLux : i love you

John Inge Erlandsen : This is so cool.

The Dude : the funniest 47 seconds on youtube. or saddest. im not sure

Luke Mahoney : I tried replying to one of your comments but accidentally deleted it! My apologies. If that was you, feel free to share your thoughts again.

Lumbridge & chill : le reddit army has arrived xd

Corporate Warrior : May the force be with you Luke! Do you have a sister ?

Back Up : Please dont shoot up a school

John Collins : dude are you okay? you need a hug?

pkhitch1117 : I can't tell if this is ironic or dead serious. Either way this was certainly something.

MashAllPotatoes : How'd you get this footage of me?

massacre soldier Killer : still a better love story then twilight

falcon7350 : its called social anxiety disorder .. or all so known now as social phobia .. as i have it , it is every hear to make and keep friends ... not saying he has it but it comes to mind seeing a video like this

xHaya79x : i love u

Key 6 : I laugh at you! But at the same time I'll be your friend :D

goldenhog : i know dat feel


Suharsh Tyagi : That was genius !

Ultradude : If you came up with this and put this up, you're the coolest guy ever.

Kingo of the soupe goodnes s : sicke man a

Arnodude53 : Can someone please explain to me why this is so damn funny? xD

Evan Butler : me_irl

pielord928 : This would probably be funnier if I had ever watched friends.

RAY-RAY ROBERTS : damn this is sad af

DooDooBumMan : Goddamn this is good

amputech : This is art.

THE MAORI WARRIOR : Hahaha funny

Ивайло Савов : a masterpiece

Sam Brown : ok this is actually super hilarious LOOOOOOL that's some good humor I can appreciate

Vidman : This one's funnier

知識之家 : What Is This Song?

LMMSkits : It's okay kid

Harleen Quinzel : okay why is so me when I still have friends at school damn

quantumcomputer : r/me_irl

Plat Crab : good shit

matheusrl : it's because of the soundtrack

boolin' on em : yes

Luke Mahoney : "Is there a problem with your keyboard?' -Guybrush Threepwood

Luke Mahoney : i n0 s@rry guyz I d0nt now howw 2 fixx it lolz :(!!1

GuardRabbit : Genius piece of work here

dreck : mood

Sphi Noyd : your comedic restraint is impeccable. i can't believe you made this at such a young age. excellent work

Thenas88 : this cracked me up, thanks ^^

Dinda : can i be your friends please lol

lolosaurus rex : Genius.

Lame Game : This is the most relatable video on youtube

lbgundead : I lol'd

ShickDits Bubberbits : Sure, I have friends. Season 2, on DVD.