No Friends

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Luke Mahoney : Hey everyone. I swear things got a little better since then. God bless.

Baco_ : Me irl

amputech : This is art.

Old Crappy Couch : I laughed my ass off. The genius is really in the simplicity.

Lumbridge & chill : le reddit army has arrived xd

VidiLux : i love you

John Inge Erlandsen : This is so cool.

The Dude : the funniest 47 seconds on youtube. or saddest. im not sure

Luke Mahoney : I tried replying to one of your comments but accidentally deleted it! My apologies. If that was you, feel free to share your thoughts again.

SuperSpanishChicken : This hits way too close to home.

John Collins : dude are you okay? you need a hug?

Back Up : Please dont shoot up a school

Corporate Warrior : May the force be with you Luke! Do you have a sister ?

pkhitch1117 : I can't tell if this is ironic or dead serious. Either way this was certainly something.

massacre soldier Killer : still a better love story then twilight

xHaya79x : i love u

Key 6 : I laugh at you! But at the same time I'll be your friend :D

goldenhog : i know dat feel


Suharsh Tyagi : That was genius !

Ultradude : If you came up with this and put this up, you're the coolest guy ever.

willdogg666 : Brilliant

Jack : Art.

Evan Butler : me_irl

RAY-RAY ROBERTS : damn this is sad af

Strawberry Clock : you're my best friend

Artyom Alexandrov : I'll be your friend

LMMSkits : It's okay kid

dreck : mood

rkey16 : i have nobody~ i have nobody~

Gayle Brescia : Dude, I grew up like that for a long time. When things change (and they do), it changes quickly. Reach out to me if you want to.

lolosaurus rex : Genius.

Savanah Ramirez : I haven't laughed at a video like this in so long

quantumcomputer : r/me_irl

Five corners : hello

Alexander Shelton : This house, like my soul, has only me to pay tribute to the axiom of its glorified requiem. As a boat winds down a dark river drifting further and further away from where I want to be, from who I want to be. An old philosopher once speculated that all things are born without reason, continue to live out of weakness, and die by chance. Over the prison wall, bother o' mine.

Timothy Guan : Looks like C9 sneaky during puberty

lionxhearted : Subscribed to be your friend <3 God bless

911bodysnatchers322 : Slow clap

Irover18 : I'm here for you so long as my heart continues its pained beat, da-dum, da-dum-dee dum.

213213yoyo : Too funny! Keep it up!

Xtremenator2 : Yup

Jonathan Hickey : Joeys smile is always there for you

Hunter Butler : this is really cool

Lame Game : This is the most relatable video on youtube

Tim Bright : I don't get it

Vidman : This one's funnier

Zeidra Senester : Also you have not much eyebrows.

Arnodude53 : Can someone please explain to me why this is so damn funny? xD