No Friends

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Luke Mahoney : Hey everyone. I swear things got a little better since then. God bless.

Old Crappy Couch : I laughed my ass off. The genius is really in the simplicity.

The Dude : the funniest 47 seconds on youtube. or saddest. im not sure

Baco_ : Me irl

Luke Mahoney : I tried replying to one of your comments but accidentally deleted it! My apologies. If that was you, feel free to share your thoughts again.

amputech : This is art.

John Inge Erlandsen : This is so cool.

VidiLux : i love you

Back Up : Please dont shoot up a school

Lumbridge & chill : le reddit army has arrived xd

John Collins : dude are you okay? you need a hug?

Key 6 : I laugh at you! But at the same time I'll be your friend :D

massacre soldier Killer : still a better love story then twilight

pkhitch1117 : I can't tell if this is ironic or dead serious. Either way this was certainly something.

pielord928 : This would probably be funnier if I had ever watched friends.


Arnodude53 : Can someone please explain to me why this is so damn funny? xD

MashAllPotatoes : How'd you get this footage of me?

goldenhog : i know dat feel

Corporate Warrior : May the force be with you Luke! Do you have a sister ?

Evan Butler : me_irl

xHaya79x : i love u

falcon7350 : its called social anxiety disorder .. or all so known now as social phobia .. as i have it , it is every hear to make and keep friends ... not saying he has it but it comes to mind seeing a video like this

Sam Brown : ok this is actually super hilarious LOOOOOOL that's some good humor I can appreciate

Thenas88 : this cracked me up, thanks ^^

Ultradude : If you came up with this and put this up, you're the coolest guy ever.

Vidman : This one's funnier

DooDooBumMan : Goddamn this is good

Kingo of the soupe goodnes s : sicke man a

RAY-RAY ROBERTS : damn this is sad af

Suharsh Tyagi : That was genius !

Alexander Shelton : This house, like my soul, has only me to pay tribute to the axiom of its glorified requiem. As a boat winds down a dark river drifting further and further away from where I want to be, from who I want to be. An old philosopher once speculated that all things are born without reason, continue to live out of weakness, and die by chance. Over the prison wall, bother o' mine.

J&B Productions : So i added this to my playlist on AvaiGameing and well my friend did a try not to laugh to it and he got a strike becase of this song so i just want to say good job :3 we laughed about it for awile

Artyom Alexandrov : I'll be your friend

LMMSkits : It's okay kid

BOB ZILLA : Hahaha funny

Cody Chase : and after looking at your channel, just wait a few years. the way you play keys will lead to more empty sex than you ever could have imagined

Jacob Augustynowicz : i started laughing but then just watched the boys face... feel sorry for u

Sam Archer : you were cute back then

Gabriel Venegas : Uh... Bro hug? You have plenty of internet friends anyway.. That counts... Right?

ontologian : you've got character my man. The cost of being an interesting person is being down like that and knowing that there's a payoff. rock on soul brother.

Savanah Ramirez : I haven't laughed at a video like this in so long

Scott Powell : Chin up kid... when you get older you'll no longer see all the people you go to school with and you'll be surrounded by the people that care for you

ok : I'm crying from laughter.....I'm so sorry

Cody Chase : this is sad and hilarious... I'm sorry little buddy, but at the same time at least you are funny!

royalflush9532 : Someone please rub my hinny and say it's different and special from all the rest.

Sphi Noyd : your comedic restraint is impeccable. i can't believe you made this at such a young age. excellent work

lolosaurus rex : Genius.

Five corners : hello

quantumcomputer : r/me_irl