Ditching veganism to raise grass-fed beef for the environment

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Liam Gutierrez : Since I've started my critical thinking, I've never met a meat eater that made sense to me.

Brick : Saw a really beautiful cow on the front of a farming magazine today. What kind of world do we live in where farmers behold the beauty of their animals yet still send them to the butcher?

Unlikely Ally : Please do a whole video where you read actual animal abuse justification-quotes in supervillain voices! 😂

Alex : You're so smart, and you don't just yell and blurt out unjustifiable things like many other vegans do. You sound so smart and actually provide facts. You're the best Mic

MadeManⓋ : meat addicts are just grasping at straws now

Clemence C. : I don't understand why you don't have more subcribers. Your channel is much more informative and critical of veganism than any "plant-based food blogger" out there.

Han Boetes : Thanks for doing my homework, Mic!

El Vegano Políticamente Incorrecto : It just seems that people would do anything and would find any excuse possible in order to kill animals...FOR F**** SAKE

Philip Guyott : Great video. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the plan to feed seaweed to cattle. Supposedly this will reduce methane emissions by 99%, which is good news. The only problems I see with this is (to name just a few): 1. Growing and harvesting enough seaweed to feed all cattle. 2. This does not address the water usage issue. 3. This does not address the pollution caused by animal waste. 4. This still does not address the ethical issues relating to animal agriculture.

VeganRevolution : Do you send your videos to the people you are disputing?

Meow Glab : YAY another great vid. Thanks Mike

Fruitariana : so complicated. why can't people just be nice and not kill?

Abby Rose : Mike you've slayed once again

n0pulse : Thank you so much, as always. The Serial-Killer voice over was really funny XD

saintⓋearth : When ever you see a Youtube vid where some authority stooge is crying about climate change, be sure to comment about the problem/ issue of subsidizing the animal industry.

Zach Morris : Wetlands produce 90% of worldwide methane emissions. Your statistic is misleading and a red herring. If you don't think so, please feel free to lead the charge in destroying wetlands.

Classic Nostalgia : lmao the serial killer voice really brought home how horrid killing animals really is.

Devon Young : Mic, you seem to keep forgetting that HUMANS ARE ANIMALS. So maybe you could say "other animals" when referring to other animals so as not to continue the psychological dissociation between humans and the rest of the animal kingdom

Miko : Omg that villain voice was spot on! Lol. If only these people could hear what they were saying like that, they'd really stop and think about their thought process.

br0wnpunk : The methane production in the FAO paper you cite ~2:09 is based on feedlot cattle that eat corn, not grass eating pasture cattle. Methane levels are different based on the animal's diet and grazing method. Not only does grass sequester carbon, it also sequesters methane. The North American plains once sustained millions of bison, and never had a methane problem. This is due to ruminants eating what they're supposed to, grass, and grass absorbing methane released by the animals.

Taylor T : A common narrative in the Florida conservation world is that ranchlands are the saving grace for wildlife. The logic is that if these areas weren't cattle ranches, they might have become urban developments. I agree that a cattle ranch provides way more benefits to wildlife than a development, but I don't think that means we should be celebrating and promoting cattle ranching. Ranching if just a "lesser evil", if you will.

Old Earthling Carl : This is still an argument I hear so often, thanks for another great explanation :).

1ivi35 : You're amazing. I appreciate this channel so much.

Jandoor Thumpinbrushwheel : Please don't take this the wrong way, but why do all vegans look so scrawny and sickly?! It's not a good selling point for veganism - makes me want to eat a couple of steaks right now just in case....

Dan R : Most of the world remains in denial.

tamcon72 : *"We can be part of that sacrament."* What the Baphomet? Never mind a movie villain voice; I'm hearing the theme music from "The Omen" at that part. I think I've said elsewhere that people like the Engleharts are so delusional--they were prone to woo-y pronouncements for years--they should be pitied. The delusional reasoning of all these grass-fed-livestock-will-save-the-world advocates taken together points to a collective psychosis. Meater Derangement, let's call it. TFP!

bandwidthzero : I'd love to see you like in depth debate someone about morality and philosophy as you usually just use facts and science. idk It'd be interesting

StarTheAngel : in the UK dairy and beef farmers kill badgers.

TheNewHope : Vegetarian is the most idiotic ethical stance that you can knowingly take

Aarthémuse : My cat controls 100% of my house. Symbiosis my friends, leaving the dream :)

Akalion : 1:15 Oh the superior Christian morals...

da gawd : Looks like we've got a phd over here. Watch out, this guy knows EVERYTHING

jonjo O'Brian : veganism has been debunked already.

Vegan Footsoldier : Another superb video

Arvid : Love your channel! Good job. 0/

audiogarden21 : Proof that having a PHD/Degree or other type of higher learning does not mean you're intelligent. On a side note; that's quite the magnanimous beard you got there Mic.

Danny Sheppard : Hi Mic , danny again , after watching a couple of vids I have a question , After 45 years of meat and dairy I am worried that I am too far gone to repair ( i have been tested and nothing to worry about ) ..but if i continue my veganism can I repair any damage done prevously??? ..thanks in advance for you reply

ProPhilosophy : I was just thinking... hmm, been a while since Mike released a vid. BAM uploaded 25 mins ago. Thoughts read. Video liked.

SunzOffski : That farmer would be apart of isis if he lived in the middle east. It's gods will, therefore it's justified.

Todd Warner : So. You are saying that... The zillions of acres of grassland that require ruminants and herbivores to maintain naturally should be maintained by... Oh wait. Darn it. You have no idea what you are talking about. Moving on.

kbkesq : Vegan for a short while here In dry California. Totally agree with the thrust of this video. However, we have dry grasslands in rural areas. These are used for cattle grazing (and after they’re grain finished so not technically grass fed) economically on seasonal basis (after winter rains). However, without these grazers, the grasslands would have to be mowed - many thousands of acres. My question is whether livestock, perhaps goats or sheep are better, are useful for this wildfire prevention purpose on balance, not counting eating them obviously.

Andrew Stuhr : wait at 2:26 you quote methane has 23x the potential as CO2, but you multiply it by 32 at 3:58. You may have made a mistake. Anyways, keep up the good work. I always get excited when you post a new video!

Cristina P : How can I remineralize my teeth? I've read Ramiel Nagel's book Cure Tooth Decay and he says we need fat soluble vitamins, diary, meat and organs among others to heal cavities. Does anyone know how can I remineralize my teeth the 'vegan way'?

TheMatron'sMilitia : AGROFORESTRY maximum water retention, carbon sequestration and yield

Ο Ασβός : Damn man. Was it a Hannibal - Anthony Hopkins voice? Spot on video mate, as always!


Mitchell'sMadness : I noticed a colour change in between shots, remember to take a moment before speaking to let your camera to adjust

Highlander : grass fed beef is excellent, great health benefits, glad for those farms, they produce great stuff. And again this vegan guy shows his mental disorder like the other vegan youtubers , good entertainment but sad also 1 single solitary volcano lets off more methane than any cows , cars and factories in the entire world, damn do your research idiot

Alex Farrell : weird, i just read an article on this today and wondered why I hadn't seen any vegan youtubers make a video about it. great, informative vid as usual :)

Enigma Cipher : Last I checked the Global Methane Initiative animal agriculture only accounted for 4% of global methane production, rice farming alone made 10%. Silly vegans.