when you try playing mr brightside but it's actually beethovens 9th symphony

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Martin Godoy : "Everybody loves hearing this absolute banger at a party. Mr. Brightside is also pretty cool"

Bruna's One Girl Band : How did it end up like this??

MostlyIrishCarGuy : God has joined the server

thewinterizzy : Why... did this make me laugh so hard? I started having flashbacks to my piano rehearsal days lol.

Elidan : I laughed. Love the idea. Subbed!

Jayden Hammer : How do you not have more subscribers? Edit: This comment was a rhetorical question meant as a compliment for those of you who don’t seem to understand. He had like 8k at the time I commented.

Rodrigo Lorenzo : I hate when i'm playing and an orchestra suddenly appears backing tracking me

gredangeo : Ah, so I'm not the only one that noticed this connection. I was blown away how smooth Beethovens 9th managed to be referenced in Mr. Brightside.

Grace D : This was all I had to see to know I needed to subscribe to this man.


Lika : I'm so impressed that I just can't look

Jessica : ode to brightside

Matuz : Inb4 this guy becomes one of the big bois

Turtle Avenger : *Confused Headnod Intesifies*

Jared Dines : Lol

decentradical : I honestly thought I was the only one who kept hearing that in that song. Awesome execution.

Cameron Pearce : You should collab with Kmac2012

Joseph Bastidas : Lmao that was actually pretty good

tjoen : I hope Obama sees this one, godspeed my dude🖖

Richard Aspden : You should collaborate with Seth Everman!

Chris P : Subbed, that was perfection.

Umnity : Could you do a full cover of Mr Brightside? It sounds absolutely amazing with just the electric guitar!!

Binaya Raj Gaire : Every Musicians have their own signature looks. His is utter confusion 😂😂

Lewys Cousins : Damn that was smooth

ThisIsJoshpel : Great way to end my night, with a smile and a laugh ahaha. Thanks for this video

Bella Pearce : 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

Kактус : So the anthem of European Union is actually Mr Brightside?

Dion van Beeren : Do something with that bald piano guy

Caitlin Lucia : hahahhaah this is so great

Banana Guy3334 : Neat

SCLeith : im here before 10k bois we boolin huge

Denise van Wijk : So greaaaat


Charles Simons : On that notification squad

Lynn Wallish : More, please.

Felix Garcia : Hahahaha that was great!

DecimusYna : OH FUXK

rele venti : Killer(s), dude!

James Blenkinsopp : You're like Seth everman if he was active. (That's a compliment by the way)

snowball platypus : i love you already

Sarah GH : I never buy merch from youtubers. But if ever does some, I bet his is going to be hilarious. I can already see his Beethoven's 9th symphony "everybody loves hearing this absolute banger at a party and mr brightside is also a cool song" shirt.

Shiro : lol I hate/love it when I'm playing a song and I figure out how to play a song I never cared to learn xD

Jeanie EJ Ahn : i want you to play every songs in the universe

png : ok subbed

Gonzalo Valdez : Grow ma boi groooooow till the point where you can collab with some other memesters

Ryan Gorton : That transition is flawless

Another Zephyr : A minute of my life I don’t want back

Robert Harris : Gotta intonate that guitar and maybe put on heavier strings.

aaa : Can you please please share a longer cover of Mr. Brightside? Just you and the guitar. So wonderful I keep replaying it hahaha

magz : ugh now i won’t be able to unhear this 😂