Black Eyed Peas - “Get It” (Official Video)

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DEEPROT : *Where is the love?*

Mai Mohamed : U back guys😍 finally😍😍✨👌

Garrus Valerian : they are so much better without fergie.

Calm Studios : This is too good to go unnoticed

Cito John : people are commenting about the fact that donald trump started after the police brutality uproar, but the point they're making isn't that he's too blame... the whole video is shot from his window view, with the ending implying that he's not concerned with the racial conflict that continues to occur in our country...

Openingband : They went from world wide fame to releasing their videos on Noisey...

Tony Powell : Black eyed peas changed my life and also the music industry they need to come back

Magic Kicks : change needs to happen this video is so powerful



Simba : This is amazing!! I hate how people in the comments think they are doing some ”woke trend”, when they have literally been making this type of music since the 90s... they are the true og’s way before ”this is america”

Djan Maury YouTube Channel : 👏👏🙏🇧🇷🌎🇧🇷🙏✌✌


MARSHME LLO : No one commented "anyone "in 2018?????????

Waleah Sagt : I missed you guys so hard. Great song. Important message. Thank you ♥

JUMPtheBAPTIST : nah. this music video kinda wack still. its an important issue but its making it seem like they think this is some new deep polictical concept, the lyrics arnt even that relevent.

Natas The Second : Anybody who truly thinks that they're just trying to ponder to Hollywood I would say you have somewhat a valid point but you can't tell me that the world isn't getting progressively worse. It's at the point where so much shit is happening around us and we are so numb and so ignorant to actually change and help one another. We need a movement like MLK. Too bad the Gov't won't allow it.

CJ Carpenter : I just see a lot of people committing crimes and getting arrested lol.. It’s sad black people don’t try and change their culture. When I played basketball in the hood they acted like not being in a gang was an accomplishment. That’s sad. Being normal shouldn’t be celebrated. There’s a reason hoods are full of drugs, criminals and trashed out. I wish these celebrities marched and changed the world instead of playing the victim card.

wordswithpurple : Reminds me of the scene in Parks and Rec where April holds up her new painting of her killing the Black Eyed Peas.

lumia lite : victimization is BAD.

Nabil Iman : shoulda put claire de lune at the start on spotify too

Release Me : No Fergie voice ! :(

Jonathan Vachon : The song is as bad as the videoclip. Typical dead group trying to get back to life with lefties propaganda. Eminem 2.0

ARTskill : This is America (c) Black Eyed Peas ver. LOL :)

xxlclusiveman : None other than the BLACK EYED PEAS❤️✌🏽✌🏽

Tim Lyall : WOW dam strong game.. there back

mighael van as : Where is Fergie?

1997Loyalty : BEP the old elite.

Josh Blanchette : God I love cops and our president!

djef ardeur : freedom is not free!!!

agevivoku : And seriously nobody mentions the "clair the lune" debussy sample ? genious

Mateusz Mati : Nice information manipulation. These are the events and information that took place during Obama's presidency, not trump. BEP sucks

Genial Jay : guess who's back... back again... TØP is back as well as Black Eyed Peas

Rene Baan : This song is legit raciest to white folks, your projection them a certain way to fit your narrative. Which is also ironic considering the song but oh well I guess.

Костя Киба : Гангстеры тащат)

Fabricio Gonzalez : increíble !

Костя Киба : Заебись

Bamb!i : Man The Black Eyed Peas don't get enough credit!!

geHaros : Where is Fergie??

Ms NoBuntu ZA YouTuber : This is my groove right here!

vida tu vida : music video on point

Jason Milton : Trumpism at it's best..

MouthPiece : Lyrics had nothing to do with the video and tbh was pretty boring, this generic anti establishment bullshit is old now

NYRS : *TO 1M!!* 😊

Gracie Lex : this is so real.

Krx : Strong video

Laura Quintero : this has gotten 0% of the attention it deserves

Trung Nguyen : All of a sudden everybody wanna make a video like "this is America". First B.o.B, now BEP 😒

Sebastian Oyaneder : just 900 k ?

Carlos Sanchez : Good video