Black Eyed Peas - “Get It” (Official Video)

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Mai Mohamed : U back guys😍 finally😍😍✨👌

Djan Maury YouTube Channel : 👏👏🙏🇧🇷🌎🇧🇷🙏✌✌

Simba : This is amazing!! I hate how people in the comments think they are doing some ”woke trend”, when they have literally been making this type of music since the 90s... they are the true og’s way before ”this is america”

Alejandro Sandoval : Trump supporters getting mad

Renan Oliveira : Where is Fergie?

Danaila L. : I miss the old Black eyed peas 😢

NoRecordSnobs : I was really hoping to hear Fergie's stance on the state of America. I'm sure she's hella woke..hahahahahaha

Calm Studios : This is too good to go unnoticed

DEEPROT : *Where is the love?*


Andy Scott : 2:10 me reacting to this song and video

Злой Таксист : 🇷🇺 Ну такое

Patricia Saluti : Awesome. Great. Thank you. BEP

Koala_Penguin : Watching this at 44 views 👀... Now let's see it get bigger

Brandon Castillo : Whooooaaa soooo woke and edgy

Naz Senoglu : the production of this video is crazy good. love for all

CJ Carpenter : I just see a lot of people committing crimes and getting arrested lol.. It’s sad black people don’t try and change their culture. When I played basketball in the hood they acted like not being in a gang was an accomplishment. That’s sad. Being normal shouldn’t be celebrated. There’s a reason hoods are full of drugs, criminals and trashed out. I wish these celebrities marched and changed the world instead of playing the victim card.

Patricia Saluti : Beautiful

Rodrigo Braga : Yes! ✊

Patricia Saluti : Love it

William D : Shameless cashing in on the 'righteousness' of the moment, rehashing of lazy old imagery, lifting of Gambino's flow which is a derivative of others, all together predictably lame

Josh Blanchette : God I love cops and our president!

Rene Baan : This song is legit raciest to white folks, your projection them a certain way to fit your narrative. Which is also ironic considering the song but oh well I guess.

Yohji Yamahomo : YASSS


Natas The Second : Anybody who truly thinks that they're just trying to ponder to Hollywood I would say you have somewhat a valid point but you can't tell me that the world isn't getting progressively worse. It's at the point where so much shit is happening around us and we are so numb and so ignorant to actually change and help one another. We need a movement like MLK. Too bad the Gov't won't allow it.

Josua Damanik : Playing victim?

Release Me : No Fergie voice ! :(

IAmWeideman : guess who's back... back again... TØP is back as well as Black Eyed Peas

Jonathan Vachon : The song is as bad as the videoclip. Typical dead group trying to get back to life with lefties propaganda. Eminem 2.0

G -DRAGON : *what has happened to the world..sad*

Garrus Valerian : they are so much better without fergie.

djef ardeur : freedom is not free!!!


Mateusz Mati : Nice information manipulation. These are the events and information that took place during Obama's presidency, not trump. BEP sucks

Fulino Fernandes : SE é loko pesadissssimooo

lumia lite : victimization is BAD.

Dalek Green : OMG, what a horrible try for This is America :D

Make Black Men Great Again! : We know they are Killin us. What are the solutions?

fezaj : "singlish is my second language" 🇸🇬

XD Goulart : Look, Black-eyed Peas at Noisey? I thought that here was a channel for the dissemination of new artists, famous artists already have their own channel, I only heard of the clip because it appeared and disappeared at the beginning of their channel, is this an attempt to sink their own career? Sad, because I love the Black Eyed Peas, i never thought I would deslike it in a clip of this group that is wonderful!!! And this propaganda against Trump was the end, I thought that you would not do such a stupid thing, because I loved Where Is The Love, but unfortunately you are leftists deserving all the deslike of the world in this clip!!!

Daniel Conceiçao : saudades desse grupo😦

Cody Achter : Anyone else realize it was trumps view while driving by the whole time then he rolls his window up at the end?

Bamb!i : Man The Black Eyed Peas don't get enough credit!!

Magic Kicks : change needs to happen this video is so powerful

waywardchicle : I really hope americans will realize they are trying to brainwashing you guys into a race war

Pekeño Jo Official WMG : awesome!!! i love it!!!!

Cabeza de Tarro : is there Fergie? _ nop _meh....

ARTskill : This is America (c) Black Eyed Peas ver. LOL :)

WhetZaddy : I love the atmosphere of this 👌