Joe Rogan 's Ari in China Moment
Poopin in a hole in China

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Ari talks about his trip to China on JRE #515.


SparksDrinker : "two steps out of the bathroom and I was like,   oh yeah, diarrhea"

Wilson Reese : Big fan of toilets! Was in Mongolia at a festival- to take a dump, you crossed over two narrow planks sitting atop a 20-foot pit filled with excrement. I reached the middle, the boards are bowing down, I'm starting to get vertigo and my only thought was- "Is this really how I'm going to die?"

Sanjuro Shinjitsu : These are seriously awesome, please do more of these and if you gain enough popularity I am sure Rogan will reach out. Keep up the good work mate!

Reid Thomas : I live in China, it is really like that everywhere, except the toilets are MUCH dirtier than the animation here.

Evolucion 85 : I wish Rogan hired you to make these every time he brings a comedian on the show. Powerful Paulytoon!

Mack Aroni : Keep on making these, they kill me!

Abhra neel : Funny how they don't have any idea about the hole they are talking about

Sir Sebastian : I love what you do, Pauly. You truly make me smile. Thank you so much!

Selftest : These are so, so good. I love them. Thank you so much.

Tyler Durden : holy shit. great work man

MCG Productions : These are awesome Pauly!!. Keep up the good work

dhl671 : Redban looks like a junkie.. Very accurately portrayed.

Kyle Miller : Every single one of these is solid gold. Thanks for making them.

Bob Boblaar : This cat is seriously talented.

gregdoh : All of these are incredibly well done. I hope you do this professionally

Old Soul : This is the hardest I've laughed from any online content in a while. This stuff is halarious!!!!

Danny Magallanez : THis is amazing work!!! :D What happened to your Patreon Link?

Justin Latham : how am I just now finding these videos. honestly I found this page about 1 hour before he tweeted out the link to this video. Paul your doing Gods work son!

Paul Sutherland : Dude amazing animation though so good so so good

Gcal1956 : Omg!!! I can’t stop laughing!!! Hahahaha Shitting on pants ?! Lolol

Boofer T. Washington : Paul, you're a genius. Keep 'em coming!

Josh Loomis : you gotta take your pants all the way off and hold em above your head.

Super Nintendo Chalmers : This might be my favorite

musicus77 : please do more

Tracy King : These are all great! Definitely looking forward to seeing more keep up the good work!

HugMyNugs : Please make more!!!! So many JRE to choose from. These are GREAT! #IWantMore

JonCarta4Prez : Awesome man, I've heard that one prior but your cartoons are too perfect man!

Benjamin R : These animations are terrific, thanks for your hard work dude!

bfull22 : great job on these animations. the timing, expressions, portrayals are all perfect. I am constantly scouring your channel for more Rogan clips. Thanks and keep em comin!

∂ß.✗ Omerta : this is so accurate its ridiculous

Billy Pham : awesome keep it up!!! definitely more funny with the excellent animations. you're on point!

kaine duckworth : These are fucking great. I've been showing everyone. Keep up the awesome work.

Blake Folgado : This is the best thing on YT right now

Jason Harris : The animation is incredible. I don't know who is doing these or how but they are amazing!

Tom Crowl : Outstanding. We need more

Dakota Abeyta : Please make more holy shit these are so funny and good.

Tango Bango : I have never seen anyone laugh so much as dog Rogan!!

mmalovr57 : “That would work your resolve.” DEAD

Ben Underdown : that was absolutely the best one so far haha i hope joe gave u props..deathsquad!!

Carlos Ramirez : Dude this is so funny! Please make more. thank you!

bryanshabadaba : Love it! Keep them coming!

AwesomeAlex! Adam : These animators and voice over actors are G-spot on Funny as Hell

Robert Fouch : In love with these!!! Keep them coming 😂❤️️

Dan LaMorte : when joe puts his hands on his hips and says "supposedly" lmao

Ralph Keenan : you keep making these chief and ill keep clicking the like button....hats off on a great job

ew Cash : The pants are supposed to be above the knee on the thigh but clear the area. Assuming you are wearing underwear they should be somewhere in the pants. For old people and people with bad knees you'll see that they have either specialized canes or they ask for those little weird u-shaped seat stool looking things. If you ever find one of those and go to use it and it stained be skeptical be very skeptical.

herarte : Holy crap! Where have I been? Excellent cartoon man, really funny as usual. "Look at his face"!!

mutthius1 : these are great! You captured the guys personalities very well! How does one learn this craft? I'm always looking for a new creative hobby! You've inspired me with your talent! I'm going to have to watch them all now that I know this exists!

magimagi : this is awesome man please do more