Joe Rogan 's Ari in China Moment

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Sanjuro Shinjitsu : These are seriously awesome, please do more of these and if you gain enough popularity I am sure Rogan will reach out. Keep up the good work mate!

Diego Augusto : just wanna thank whoever invented the toilet.

SparksDrinker : "two steps out of the bathroom and I was like,   oh yeah, diarrhea"

Reid Thomas : I live in China, it is really like that everywhere, except the toilets are MUCH dirtier than the animation here.

Sweet Dreams : I just found it now and i am binge watching EVERY EPISODE THIS SHIT IS GOLD

logical fruit : That would test your resolve 😂

Pietje Puk : I remember going to a bathroom like this in France on a camping. So there was this guy who was literally sitting on the ground and half his legs were coming from underneath the door. So I called my friends over and one of them pulled his feet towards him. His back and the back of his head were just completely full of shit. It was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen.

Dakota Abeyta : Please make more holy shit these are so funny and good.

Selftest : These are so, so good. I love them. Thank you so much.

Yin Yang : dude that is so damn good -- especially at the end when he stands up .. I know it happened in real life but it's just so much funnier with this animation.

Evolucion 85 : I wish Rogan hired you to make these every time he brings a comedian on the show. Powerful Paulytoon!

Sir Sebastian : I love what you do, Pauly. You truly make me smile. Thank you so much!

CHR1SV1DS : Wow. You are getting really good at these. Love the mannerisms and hand movements along with shot movement. Ari's face in the beginning was hilarious. Keep up with the good work. Can't wait to see more. Would love to see one with Bert Kreischer

Mack Aroni : Keep on making these, they kill me!

kaine duckworth : These are fucking great. I've been showing everyone. Keep up the awesome work.

M.Jacob Rhymes : I hope these blow up.

gregdoh : All of these are incredibly well done. I hope you do this professionally

Justin Latham : how am I just now finding these videos. honestly I found this page about 1 hour before he tweeted out the link to this video. Paul your doing Gods work son!

∂ß.✗ Omerta : this is so accurate its ridiculous

magimagi : this is awesome man please do more

Kyle Miller : Every single one of these is solid gold. Thanks for making them.

toobalkain : Those 3rd world toilets are nasty, no doubt, but it's anatomically designed and cleaner in a sense, you don't get to sit on the material previously occupied by some unwashed tribe member. Having said that, some nations, especially in Asia, are on average a lot cleaner than us, the Japanese for instance, or Thais, and neither use toilet paper. Thais borrowed the idea from the Moslems and have their toilets equipped with a water hose, while the Japs have high-tech seats with a mini douche spraying warm water with a perfect aim, the whole thing is moving so the entire area is cleansed, which is followed by a gentle blow-dryer thingie with scented air drying the area. Paper is barbaric in comparison, it just spreads fecal matter on the hair. How can people be walking around with fecal matter hanging off their ass hair like it's nothing?

Infowarrior 08 : MORE!!!!!! :)

Brandon Scott : this shit is amazing. pretty sure I pissed myself watching this.

Old Soul : This is the hardest I've laughed from any online content in a while. This stuff is halarious!!!!

Ralph Keenan : you keep making these chief and ill keep clicking the like button....hats off on a great job


dwd ded : Who ever animated these is really talented

Super Nintendo Chalmers : This might be my favorite

dwd ded : This was really funny animated

MCG Productions : These are awesome Pauly!!. Keep up the good work

musicus77 : please do more

Tyler Durden : holy shit. great work man

Vasilijan Nikolovski : I thought everyone knew this, I'm from eastern-europe and most of the public toilets are like this :D

Bob Boblaar : This cat is seriously talented.

Myk McGrane : What a great find! I've loved this moment from the episode so much. It's so good, lol, I've listened to it so many times.

Tyler Morash : lmfao i love this one

Frank Friesen : These are amazing animations right down to every facial expression.

Mr. Green : Is this really how it is over there hahaha

Blake Folgado : This is the best thing on YT right now

JavaKnight : is this before aris stand up special where he did this as a bit? because if he did a bit on the podcast thats like a hack red flag

Lewis Alexander : That’s the moment I lose interest in international travel. 😂

rayc056 : These are the greatest! Thank you for the laughs....brilliant!!!!

Tito Denino : These are better than the live ones helps me with the imagination

Aristotle Theo : These are so incredible. Been binging these for like almost an hour lol

undead stories : im gonna spread your channel around bro

Felipe Castro : Dude this is great, cracks me up everytime. Please keep doing them

Paul Sutherland : Dude amazing animation though so good so so good

CHR1SV1DS : the best rendering yet. facial expressions were perfect

Richah : Make more! I love everything about these!!! Great style and everything