Regular Show - Gary's Synthesiser Battle

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Freddy1210 : Gary must be a king, he not only perfect discord music, hr harmonize it with his David’s tune.

Damaris Payne : It both sounds good together

Alexander Nagy : I never watched this show, but I have done acid. I’m noticing some striking similarities.

Drakelash : What strikes me about this is that, they both seem upset to have to do this. It's literally like a battle of destiny they both seemed to have rather avoided. A shame really, they could have made such wonderful music together.

BedBug : am I the only one who sees that gary is supposed to be david bowie

Null Ledge : this is probably the most beautiful shit ive ever seen in my life in American cartoons.

Petite Explication : post more of regular show moments

scourgonaught : When you feel like a badass but need some 80s techno vibe to take it right past that 11

Mannyindahouse : Anyone who thinks what happened in the scene is impossible, remember, nothing's impossible through music.

JAMCastillo1 : Gary could take some fashion sense from his half bro tho. Dude is only in undies 😂

Ribbitio : I really want to learn how to make Gary's synth sound. It sounds like it would be loads of fun to make some jams with.

TheTsar ofAll : the perfect combination of music, harmony and discord working in unison, something few things ive heard in this world do.

Shiloh Janowick : This is unrealistic. A huge modular system like that wouldn't be polyphonic!

Pássaro Azul : Funny how you Synthizens and Gems have a lot in common with their race AND society. They're both Light Holograms, both have a core that support their life, Synthizens being their Synthesizers, Gems being their Gem rocks, both have a strictly caste society, which whoever breaks a rule ends up getting destroyed/shattered.

jeremy hearne : This what i like about this episode. Its still a battle but in your head. You are just jammin to funky 80s tunes

iKevin : if that synth gives him his form isnt that like playing yourself

Wind Wind : I'm so excited by this video i can barely contain myself.

Lamarcia Thompson : If Daft Punk was in it will be good

Griffin Bahr : Gary’s part is so smooth.

I'll Subscribe To Anyone : I love the music

Sirzechs Gr : Even David doesn't look satisfied with his own tune , so i don't know how he expected to win.

Marishad Rana : I love this

David Neal : I've watched this like 30 times now... and just realized that Gary and David have 4 fingers. Just another neat little detail this show doesn't make a big deal out. You could say it's almost... a regular thing.

Ace Regualos : david's music is better

Novern Flare : Why did they stop it in only 2 minutes I wanna hear it as a full song

Đ.M O-C : Great music!!!

Angel Martinez : Kinda felt bad for him the way he died

Gio Grimalt Vergara : freddie mercury and david bowie lowkey

JamporkFilms : This episode single handily made Garry one of my favourite characters in regular show. such an incredible concept for a character.

Ario : The melody was actually surprisingly amazing applause to the producer

Luis Urbano : Gary looks like a girl

Half Alive : Proof of how analog is better than digital XD

Theodoros Kosmidis : one of the best beats I have ever heard. Have it put as my ringtone.

Wicked Amoeba : So, is this Daft Punk's home planet?

CloudHiro : I think I instantly grew a mullet watching this.

shahaman noodah : Harmony and discord. Both are against each other. But they work beautifully together.

Donito YT : David: Wizard Remix Music Gary: Vaperwave.

Purple_Bytes : This the type of music to be in a old Van Dam movie

Owen Ball : 0:58 someone make this a gif

Mannyindahouse : "Let music guide you for the rest of your days." Such deep words of encouragement. I'm taking them to heart.

Mybigbut Ballbag : RIP David 😢😭😢


Lamarcia Thompson : Good Music

Marcos Orduno : Top 10 anime fights

rudest _dudest : David was really good tho

Jan Alonso : This music is awesome

Christian Sagastizado : smh david had a better beat

clod : i want a synthesizer so bad now.


Fan Gamer : Best song ever!!!! I WILL alaways listen to this amazing song and my favorite moment is 1:28.Like if you agree. Edit:Thx