Pink Floyd - Dogs - w/lyrics
Dogs by Pink Floyd is such a damn good and surreal song that sometimes I dont feel worthy enough to even listen to it

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Pink Floyd - Dogs Animals (1977) *No copyright infringement intended.


jaysims528 : Doctor : You have 17 minutes to live.... Me: listen to this.

Rage Man : The greatest 17 minutes of my worthless existence.

Ankit Singh : Listening in 2019. Gonna listen to it forever.

parrytonneath : How the fcuk can this sound have 280 dislikes? even my dog loves this song. Are cats voting this down?

Andaman Production : Dogs Echoes Shine on you Crazy Diamond Too long? Too short

Miller Davidge : This came out when I was 13. A friend's older sister bought the album. It was the first Floyd I ever listened to. It has been my favorite album ever since. Some years later I played "Pigs on the Wing" at my wedding...The reason I'm listening to it today is that we are "fostering" a dog that we want to adopt and I needed to be sure of something. He gave the exact reaction to the barking dogs I wanted. He went from sound asleep to "protect" at the first set of barking dogs. We'll keep him as long as he lives.

1973stefant : Pink Floyd learned me the difference between listening to music, and hearing music. Those are worlds apart

david kingRAIDERS : This guitar solos the most captivating guitar solo I've ever heard in my life

43mackmobile : I did not know Pink Floyd until 1979, I bought Animals, Dark Side of the Moon and the Wall in one wack at Target in Memphis and the world has never been the same.

David Cox : the entire album reflects every aspect of human nature. basically violence in an orderly fashion. brilliant

Gary Clark : this is one of Floyds darkest albums. and one of my favorites

Scott Teague : Just sayin. Gilmore is the greatest.

Blister Chicken : Animals is perhaps their most under-rated album.

Víctor CM : 3:40 - If u do that again I'm gonna pass out 14:06 - I DIED

Terry Tyler : Dark Symbolic Song that used to haunt me over my anger and past abuses. You got to throw that stone of hatred off before it drags you down.

Jeff Viola : One of Gilmore’s best weeping guitar lines ever. Wow. In concert amazing.

Metemi : You've got to be trusted by the people that you lie to.

Dave Watson : been listening to this record for over 30 years, and it never gets old. Pink Floyd forever!

Chris Brown : Gilmours heart is in ALL his notes. Genius.

an8248 : 0:00 Part 1 3:41 Part 2 7:58 Part 3 11:38 Part 4 14:07 Part 5 15:17 Part 6

kim : I love how each instrument just goes off and does its own thing, yet still fits so perfectly well together!

Víctor García Vargas : Masterworks like this should be excluded from thumb-downs.

Awas : all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others

Memy Selfandi : I've been hearing them since I was a teen , 57 now.

Marcos Brandão : You don't need drugs to enjoy Pink Floyd, because it is already a great trip.

B Caldwell : Best 17 minutes I've invested in YouTube so far!

Christopher Roncone : This song is so far out, I’m already listening to it in 2020.

Angelo Busato : This song gives me an existential crisis.

Spooky Obama : I am not a person that cries often. But this songs makes me cry

Dino Davis : Head phones.....falling asleep looking at stars Nuff said

Jim O : Sweetest guitar at 3:42. No doubt, some of Gilmours best work.

1958Shemp : @ 14:07: The saddest electric guitar motif (that "cry") in history!

Amanda S : If that is not one of the most heart breaking guitar solos ever, I don't know what is

Nikolay Katin : I honestly think that the 'Who was...' part is probably one of the most powerful moments in rock history

Wakaz : The Drumming In The Song is fantastic. It's honestly amazing, I'm surprised people aren't commenting about it!!

Javon Funchess : That was a quick 17 minutes.

sstocker : 17 minutes of heaven in earth !!!!

Massimo Fiacco : ❤ ❤❤ ❤❤❤ SEMPRE PINK FLOYD ☺

Robert Barnes : I can't express in words the impact this song had in my life. At once, both uplifting and harrowing. Truly one of the most unique and beautiful pieces that formed my mental ambiguity. Floyd forever. By the way which one is pink?

Dorian Grey : Floyd are unbeatable! Never thought it´s so deep and dark, listening to it as a Youngster in the 70ies. Now I understand thy lyrics much better.

MinatoOnimaru : 2018 anyone...? BAH! i would listen to this song until the day i die, and my descendants too, and their descendants...

fatboytig : I was in my teens, reading the lord of the rings, playing this album in the background on 8track, the album constantly repeating as I read the story. The 2 are forever linked to me. Truly one of my favorite albums of all time.

logan griffin : This song is a masterpiece. That first verse is perfect, I get chills at the first guitar solo. Everything about this is perfect

bluestate69 : I will always remember this song, and associate it with a janitor from my work, Cruz. He was from Guatemala and didn't speak english. One night I was working late, and had this album playing, and after the guitar solo, I heard Cruz sing, "And when you lose control, you'll reap the harvest you have sewn". I thought that was really fucking cool!

Hector Arias : Who was born in a house full of pain? Who was trained not to spit in the fan? Who was told what to do by the man? Who was broken by trained personel? Who was fitted with colar and chain? Who was given a pat on the back? Who was breaking away from the pack? Who was only a stranger at home? Who was ground down in the end? Who was found dead on the phone? Who was dragged down by the stone? Who was dragged down by the stone?

M C : This isn't a 17 minute song, it's a 17 minute experience.

Shanon maire : This song makes my floyd pink

HIPPOSTOMPER : If you've studied your Floyd properly you'd know that pigs could fly

John Acosta : 21/11/2018 Bogota Colombia!!!